My first month anniversary at WA

Last Update: August 15, 2018

Hello fellow WA friends and colleagues,

the second monthly payment for my WA premium membership left my account a few days ago. I guess I am officially in my second month and many more to go.

This post isn't to celebrate anything, but to share where I am with my learning so far. I have not sold a single thing (except getting my sister to get into affiliate marketing).

How did I get here

It would make sense to say a few words about why I got into affiliate marketing. I came to realize that some medicines prescribed to us by doctors cause more harm than good, especially when it comes to cancer and degenerative diseases. So I wanted to share that knowledge with as many people as possible and a blog was to me the best medium for that. Then I met a family member whose cancer was completely healed just by drinking this specific alkaline water. This got me to research the topic and then register with the company as an affiliate marketer. But I had no idea what affiliate marketing was about and the first 6 months were really hard trying to sell my alkaline water. All the company did was recommend a book. Of course, I never bought the book and kept relying on word of mouth for selling the alkaline water to people I knew. Despite promises, not many bought my product.

So I created a website from one of these offers you find out there on the internet that comes with a hosting contract with a specific hosting company (smart right? They were probably affiliated marketers for the hosting company. Lol). Of course what I got was a basic Wordpress website with a few dummy pages with photos and text that I did not know how to change. I must admit that it came with some "How To..." links. It was OK for me although the interface itself was totally new. Someone with less computer basic knowledge would definitely struggle. Everything took me longer to learn as I had to discover everything by myself.

I had a website now! But I still had no idea what affiliate marketing was about, so having a website did not take me very far. I kept searching, trying to download some "... For Dummies" books on the subject, watching some YouTube videos of some guys giving you the impression that with them you would become millionaire the next day. I even paid money to some of them before understanding what funnel marketing was about. Lol. I was then asked to pay an even bigger amount when I chose to read some review about the very specific program I was getting into and I discovered a review from John Cruz. The review was fair, only stated facts and very realistic at the same time. At the end of his review, he was recommending to try WA which for him was the best program out there. For his honesty and fairness, I decided to try it out and here I am.

Rating my progress

How would I rate my progress? After just over a month, I would say, I have learned a great deal compared to where I was before joining WA.

John warned me that affiliate marketing was not a "Get rich quick" thing and would take some work. He also said, if I was willing to put in that work then the rewards will come. That is what I have been doing. I have been focusing on the certificate lessons and writing my content. Some of my articles have been indexed by Google. I even received the big "G" badge meaning that some of my sites have ranked in Google (Still not on page 1 though). Which for me are real proof that I am not running on a treadmill, I am actually moving forward. I know and understand that it is going to take me sometime, months, maybe years but making money was never my initial goal and I am very happy to share the knowledge I have and if eventually the by-product of the time spent writing articles can pay off, why not?

I currently have three websites in my account. Don't get me wrong! As a newbie, this could be overwhelming I know. I focus only on one website right now, the other two being placeholders for other niche I would like to develop in the future, applying all the techniques learned from the first one.

Whenever I can convince someone to join WA I do so. But I know that there is no better way to get people to follow than to show them what you actually earned from your online activities. So far the only thing I earned was from getting my sister to become premium member here at WA. Lol. Still, a long way to go right? But it does not bother yet as I know it might be while.

Rating Wealthy Affiliate

WA and all it offers for $50US a month is just wonderful. Comparing it with the other products out there is even unfair as no one as far as I know offers such a complete package. It is almost like an all you can eat restaurant. All you need to bring is a strong will of success, and you don't even have to become a premium member(although you get a lot more when becoming one) to try it out. I won't list all the benefits here but no other platform out there holds your hand like WA does.

The interaction within the community here at WA is what got me to go for a premium membership. I felt like home, 90% of the communication exchanges between members were organic, not automated messages. As a new member, you are overwhelmed by the joy and helpful hand of other community members that don't even know you and you feel welcome right away. At least that is how I felt and I am sure many shares that feeling.

So for me WA is THE BEST if you want to give online marketing a try.


I am sorry. I did not plan to be this long but I talked from my heart. I haven't made much money from this journey yet but I have learned a great deal. The structure and the system I see here at WA can only make me believe that success is just around the corner and I am not going to give up before I have reached it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. It is certainly not as "wow-full" as a 5 digit monthly earning report but it is just the beginning, the first step.

If you have 5 minutes to spare and want to see what I've done so far, please visit me at:

I would also appreciate if you could leave some feedback. Thanks I advance.

I wish you and myself, lots of success on this online journey

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KayOSmith Premium
Hey congratulations on your achievements! You have such an optimistic attitude about it all! It’s so inspiring!
Thank you so much for your blog post!
Well done and keep up the great work!!!!
pascalN Premium
Thank you Kay,
An online business can drive thou crazy if you can't stay positive. I'm glad my post could inspire.
Wishing thou lots oof of success on your online journey.
Joel28 Premium
Hi Pascal!
Your achievement here in WA is quite amazing! you're only a days ahead of me but your premium members looks great!
pascalN Premium
Thank you Joel,
Just stick to the training and take it one day at the time.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for the share Pascal.
pascalN Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read Harvey
nsilva2270 Premium
Keep on truckin Pascal. Your hard work and determination will get you where you need to go. Best of luck to you!
pascalN Premium
Thank you Nancy
keishalina9 Premium
Congratulations & thanks kindly for sharing / posting, cheerio... :)
pascalN Premium
Thank you Keisha,
hope it was not too long to read