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I’m gonna get straight to it, as there’s a LOT to cover (You know I won’t, don’t you? Hahaha)

Okay, you know how I love to find User Generated Content on page one of Google as a sign that there are “weak” websites ranking for certain keywords.

If they can rank I can rank, and If I can rank you can rank.


And you KNOW that one of my favourite sites to find on page one of Google for a desired keyword is QUORA.

Well, I’m about to let you into a little secret of mine to find some great Quora questions that are ranking on page one of Google.

And remember

If Quora is ranking in page one of Google

YOU can rank on page one of Google.

Let’s Do This

Okay, this is going to be another “simply copy and paste the text below into Google, but remember to change MY niche/sub niche for YOURS”.

Here it is: bench press "1 answer" "k views"

So, you want to copy the above text and paste it into the Google Search Bar and press enter.


Remove my keyword/sub niche - bench press - and replace it with YOUR CHOSEN KEYWORD/SUB NICHE

Okay, what does this text actually mean?

We are saying to Google

  • Site:quora - we only want results from Quora please Google.
  • Bench press - we only want results from Quora pertaining to bench press please Google.
  • “1 answer” - we only want results from Quora pertaining to bench press that only have ONE answer please Google.
  • “K views” - we only want results from Quora pertaining to bench press that only have ONE answer and views in the THOUSANDS (k) please Google.

And Here’s the Results

Now, there’s TWO ways you can use the information you find, but let’s concentrate on the FIRST way for now.

Okay, I want to find a Quora question and answer that has thousands of views, the MORE the BETTER.

Now, the reason for only ONE answer is that if there have been a LOT of views and only ONE answer given, this will typically mean that this is a GREAT answer.

Therefore, you could actually use the answer given on Quora as part of your article research.

You should always also check the number of UPVOTES the answer received on Quora.

If this is in double, treble, or even quadruple figures, then this tells you that most people who read this answer agreed, and thought it was a great answer.

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you all this in a moment, so it will become much clearer.

So, I scroll down and I find this

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

And this question has had approximately 15,400 views.


Basically, even though the question has only received ONE answer, the question has been viewed by 15,400 different people.

That’s a LOT of interest, that’s the type of interest you’d like to an ARTICLE, maybe even EVERY article you write.

That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?


Plus, as you can see, the answer on Quora received 12 upvotes and has also been shared 3 times.

Believe it or not, that’s pretty decent, if you hit double figures in UPVOTES, this is usually a sign that people AGREE with the answer.

So, as I say, you can use some of the information towards your research.

Anyway, we're going to do some research on this keyword/question now.

First, I’m going to type the question into Google, my guess is with 15,400 views, this question is ranking on page one of Google (which means YOU & I can rank too).

63% of Quora’s visitors come from the search engines.

Over 50% of Quora’s TOTAL traffic comes from GOOGLE.

So, just playing devil’s advocate, and using a little simple maths (math to some of you, WHY????????!!!!!!), and just guessing with the law of averages.

This would mean of the 15,400 visitors to Quora for the question and answer

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

9,702 of those people came from the SEARCH ENGINES.

OVER 7,700 of those people came from GOOGLE alone.

This is a decent keyword, it’s not fantastic, but it’s a keyword I should be able to rank fairly easily for.

The reason I say it isn’t fantastic is because it doesn’t really lead anywhere.

What I mean by this is there are buyer intent keywords and purely informational keywords.

This is a purely informational keyword.

People will come to read my article, and think, “Hmmm, that was interesting” and MIGHT (there’s no guarantee) stay a little longer on my site and perhaps read a few more articles.

For me, and the way I mainly monetise my sites, this is FINE.

However, depending on YOUR website, YOUR niche, and YOUR form of monetisation, this type of article MIGHT not be a good fit for YOU.

For me, it’s GREAT!!

But, YOU need to decide which types of queries/keywords are good for YOUR website.

So, as we can see, Quora is ranking.

And look, here’s Reddit too on page one of Google, another user generated content article ranking.

What I quite like from the Reddit answer is that they have done a “fake comparison” between Dwayne Johnson and Terry Crews.

Once more, I can use this in my article, e.g. “Over at Reddit there’s an extremely interesting discussion going on comparing Dwayne and Terry’s Bench Press abilities…” (Remember, you can use the information on page one of Google to YOUR advantage, by simply being GENUINE and discussing your FINDINGS).

Plus, remember one of previous blog posts about using chrome extension to view the domain authority of websites?

For me, if you see a website with a domain authority of 21 or under on page one, you’ve got a pretty good chance of ranking too.


You better make sure YOUR article is daaaayyyyyaaammm GOOD!!

Anyway, there’s another site ranking on page one of Google with a domain authority of 20.

I’m having this keyword!!


You have to be SENSIBLE in your approach to RESEARCH.

You have to bring the HUMAN ELEMENT into this.

One thing is GLARING at me and saying, “Don’t go for this keyword. You’ll rank number TWO on Google, perhaps even number ONE, but you won’t get much of those potential 7,700 visitors over the next few months).


I hear you all scream!!

Alright, Calm Down Wacky Affiliates, a little bit aggressive today, aren’t we?

Well, will you look at this MASSIVE result at the top of the page that GIVES THE READER THEIR ANSWER.


Now, a lot of people will search for something online, catch a glimpse of the answer and be SATISFIED that their search is COMPLETE.

They have their answer.

You can guarantee that the MAJORITY of people who searched

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

Didn’t even click through to the first result.

In fact, this would be even more people than the 7,700 that have visited Quora via Google.

So, you could say that this is a “keyword” that is probably searched for 15.. 20… 30… 50,000 times a month, who knows!!! (a keyword tool will probably say zero, but Quora’s internal analytics say DIFFERENT).

Suffice to say, you can pretty much be sure that there are a LOT of people searching this term on a monthly basis.


As I say, this HUGE Featured Snippet is going to take most of the traffic.

Even being one place below in Google, so even ranking number one you may only get 100 visitors a month maximum.



And don’t look at it like a demented and overly hysterically happy pigeon.

Don’t be happy JUST BECAUSE you found User Generated Content on page one


If there’s a big block of TEXT or VIDEOS or an ACTUAL ANSWER to a question, THAT TAKES UP THE WHOLE OF THE TOP OF THE PAGE (Above the Fold).

It doesn’t matter if you rank directly below, you WON’T be getting HUGE traffic.

If you want HUGE traffic, you somehow have to beat THIS WEBSITE.

Ouch!!! Domain Authority 66.

However, all is not lost, you’re about to get article research Partha-style.

Article Research

Okay, I’m not going to take this lying down.

There’s user generated content and low domain authority sites on page one of Google.

So, I know I can get there too.. I just need to work out how to beat a domain authority 66 website.

Let’s take a look at this apparently fantastic article.

Okay, it’s about Terry crews, his workout and diet plan, and a bio.

Can’t see anything yet about his bench press.

So, all I do is hit CTRL and F on my keyboard, which means “find” and I get this little box to show up in the top right-hand corner.

Now, we know that this article had the Featured Snippet with a massive 475, so I’m going to type 475 into the find box and press enter.

This then automatically takes me to the part of the article about

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

And will you look at that!!

A short FAQ section, the question is answered, but ONLY WITH 32 WORDS.

This site in ranking in the FEATURED SNIPPET for the phrase

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

And they have only written 32 WORDS on the topic and outrank EVERYONE ELSE.

Are you starting to see what is possible FOR YOU in years to come?

This is a domain authority 66 website.

It’s certainly possible to achieve this in 12-18 months, but it would require a really good OFF-PAGE SEO strategy.

For mere mortals, who blog and rely on ON-PAGE SEO (Yes YOU here at WA), you may never, ever get to a domain authority of 66.

But, you’re going to have to have been doing this for a number of years if you do ever achieve it.

And then, you can find EASY TO RANK KEYWORDS, that OBVIOUSLY have traffic (15.4K views on Quora, 63% of Quora’s traffic comes from the search engines, remember?), and write just 32 WORDS, and still rake in the traffic and WADS of money.

(And that by the way, is how people on the internet make $1,000,000 overnight, or in 24 hours, a week, etc. - you don’t hear about the previous 10-20 years of toil, blood, sweat, and tears they put in first to get them to the level they're at now - come on!!!! That stuff DOESN’T SELL, so it’s LEFT OFF the salespages!!)

Anyway, back to the point - can I write a better article that ANSWERS the question, remains RELEVANT, and provide MORE VALUE to the READER?

Hell yeah!!

Okay, I have checked a few other articles on page one for this same phrase.

I’ll save you the time.

Did you know that they all say the same thing, and in THREE CASES, the EXACT SAME 32 WORDS WERE USED (All you “duplicate content” screamers, bet you’re surprised, ain’t ya? Told you there was more to duplicate content than that, but did you listen to little old me?? NOPE!! Hahahaha!!)

Anyway, this is the real NICHE/ARTICLE RESEARCH you need to eventually learn.

Okay, so all the articles that are ranking have just a few words about

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

But those 32ish or slightly more words were enough to rank.

Realistically, there’s not much more you can say - “Terry Crews bench presses 475lbs”


I also have to figure in “searcher intent” and “niche-related searcher intent”

I will explain this now.

Google is ranking all these articles because they believe that the “searcher intent” is simply that people searching this keyword simply want to know how much Terry Crews bench presses, and a little bit about Terry, e.g. a biography, his workout, his diet, etc..

And yes this is true!!


I own a website and my niche is Exercise Tips for Intermediate Lifters (People who have been lifting weights for at least two years).

If someone who is interested in the articles on my website searches the phrase

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

Do you know what they’re ACTUALLY interested in?

They are more interested in the BENCH PRESS than they are about Terry Crews.

This is “niche-related searcher intent”.

The people who usually visit my website are MORE interested in the exercise than the person.

So, I will always try to satisfy BOTH “intents” - information gatherers about Terry Crews and gym-goers interested in bench press.

Here’s the scenario:

Lord Jeff of Brown has been lifting weights for about 3 years.


Nice Hairy pecs Jeff.

He has just watched an episode of the American sitcom, “My Wife and Kids”.

There’s an episode when the main character decides he wants beef up in the gym and Terry Crews happens to be his personal trainer.

Terry looks fantastic in it, he’s hilariously funny as always, but man, he looks ripped!!

There’s a scene when Terry gets under the bench press and there’s 225lbs on the bar.

And Terry bench presses it like it’s child’s play.

In fact, in the same way you would hold a 6-month child in the air, toss them gently and catch them, Terry is doing the same with 225lbs.

Lord Jeff of Brown laughs at the comedy, but also thinks to himself, “That was HUGELY impressive, and Terry looks HENCH. That was 225lbs and he made that look easy, so I wonder how much he can actually bench?”

So, what does Lord Jeff and his magnificent pecs do next?

That’s right, they head on over to Google and type in

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

Now, my article will be much more than 32 words.

I will speak a little about Terry, but I will concentrate the article MORE on what the people in my niche want to know.

This is also where knowing your niche, okay and I guess having some experience, helps.

I want to discuss how impressive it is or isn’t that a former sports star turned actor/comedian/entertainer can achieve a 475lbs bench press.

I KNOW that there is a website called StrengthLevel where people record the weights they lifted for just about every single gym weights-based exercise you can think of.

There have been over 5,000,000 contributors to the website, so there is a LOT of information.

But, something they do is to break down an exercise like BENCH PRESS based on

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height

So, I could use this information to see how Terry’s 475lbs Bench Press fares against others of the same (and differing) sexes, age group, height, weight, etc.

Then I could actually look up the World Record Bench Press for someone who weighs the same as Terry, and then again for the World Record for someone the same age as Terry.

These could be my "external links" for SEO purposes.

Remember, Google and the Internet in general is the largest encyclopaedia that has EVER been in existence in humankind.

Use this vast sea of information to your advantage.

Next, I’m going to pop on over to YouTube and paste the same question into the YouTube search bar

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

And this is what we see.

I like this video, let’s have a look.

Again, it’s a bio of Terry, but here they talk about Bench Press, and they use the EXACT SAME 32 words, but they have also done a comparison with StrengthLevel.

Nice, someone who thinks like me… you deserve some recognition.

This will be the video that I embed on my article

How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press?

More information for my readers, more views for the video creator.



(btw, can everyone check the phrase - How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press? - in Google in about a month - let’s see if we can rank this WA blog with some NON-RELEVANT KEYWORD STUFFING - How Much Can Terry Crews Bench Press? - Hahahaha!! NO!!! Partha, it’s not 2010 anymore).

Final Thoughts

Anyway, I don’t want to go much further this time, as I understand that this is a lot to take in.

However, the main part for you guys and gals is the copy and paste text to put into Google to find Quora answers with THOUSANDS (if possible, the high hundreds isn’t so bad) of VIEWS and only ONE answer IN YOUR NICHE.

Remember THIS: bench press "1 answer" "k views"

Don’t forget to change bench press for YOUR choice of keywords/phrases, etc. pertaining to your niche, e.g. affiliate marketing, website hosting, laptops, tomato plants, quilting, smartphones, labrador, etc.

Now, I did mention that there were TWO ways to use this information.

Above you have ONE.

And the OTHER…




I’m not giving you EVERYTHING!!



There are things in life which are just meant for ME, MYSELF, & I.

I’ve given you MORE than enough

Plus, you need to start using that entrepreneurial spirit, and your brain.

If you don’t have a brain, then this business probably isn’t for you.


I just happen to have extra brains available at


Thank You For Reading


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Thank you Partha for sharing so much valuable information with the WA family! I so admire you for that because it shows how generous you are and how much you genuinely want to help others succeed :) Thanks again!

And yes I clicked on the link at the bottom out of nosiness and yes I owe someone a cup of coffee, LMAO!!! You're hilarious!!


Thank you Partha.

I've not been able to work on my sites for a bit because we started doing foster care and our 8 year old boy takes a lot of attention. Thankfully, he is in a school routine now, and I can do some work.
I am studying and applying the wisdom of this article now.

But you did ask a question, and I found an answer! In Quora of course. You're welcome.


Hey Prince🤴 P,

One more time I'll say it, you're the man, although I know sometimes you wear a dress and put on makeup...Hahaha, but you're still the

All kidding aside though, you are right, and I'm not just talking about all the exponentially excellent info you provided!!!

What you give us is DEFINITELY MORE than enough, again I'm not just talking about the info, but also of your time as well!!!

So, if any of us can figure out the second way, we'll just get the bonus plan...Ha-ha

Although, I hope not too many of us do, because as you said, I really want you to be able to keep something for yourself!!!

As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to try to figure it that I could do it anyway...Hahaha

Your Loyal Royal👑 Supporter :)

Zach "The Prosperous View" aka Zach "The Xylophone"

Using your methods I attempted doing this for Internet marketing, Digital Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. As usual only high authority sites came up. Like DA's over 90.
So what do you do then? Ignore it and move on?
I know I am in a competitive niche but I rarely find good low hanging fruit or low-competition keywords.
It is really stopping me from moving forward. How am I supposed to write all these articles when I might find one good keyword a week. Am I not niching down enough?

keyword/phrases to try:

website traffic
impressions no click
clicks no sales
google search console
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website hosting
affiliate networks
amazon associates
share a sale
keyword research
low competition keywords
user generated content
high domain authority
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Wow! Thanks!

Well, if Lord Jeff of Brown can do it, so can I. I won't let Terry Crews outlift me! LOL

Of course, I had to click your link at the bottom... I will buy a cup of coffee on Wednesday morning for someone at the restaurant that I will be at.

As for the rest of the article, I love the idea and I will be playing with it to see what comes of it. In fact, I did copy your link into the search bar for Google and replaced it with my keyword and yep, it gave me results...

Best to you. Thanks for the humor and the lesson!



There's always ONE...

Actually, I've monitored who clicked the link... more than you would think, LOL.

Just read Diane's post. Wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate what you are doing for this community! You truly are a gem!


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