I Want You to Break All the SEO Rules and Write This Article

Last Update: March 03, 2022

First things first - for those of you who didn't upgrade to Premium Plus, don’t worry, you’ve still got ME (kinda like a booby prize/wooden spoon, but I still luv ya).

Plus, as I’ve mentioned many, many, many, many, many times, Kyle is at heart an affiliate marketer (he wants your money, not your love, LOL), and the dude sure knows how to sell.

So, don’t despair if you’ve missed out on “March Madness”, I can see some of the following in the near future:

  • April Absurdity
  • May Mania
  • September Stupidity
  • November Neurosis

And of course, Delusional December.

DISCLAIMER: For those who either hate or don’t understand my sarcasm, please don’t send me 10,000 PMs next month asking when April Absurdity kicks off!!

Right, let’s get to it.

Buckle up… coffee… sleeping bag…

And so I’ll begin.

Let’s Write the Most Authoritative Article in Your Niche

When it comes to writing blog posts and ranking them we typically target longtail keywords.

As I’ve mentioned before, “longtail” does not actually have anything to do with the length of the phrase that you target.


Longtail to me means a phrase that doesn't have a great deal of competition.

Longtail means targeting a phrase that not everyone and their mother has written about before.

Longtail means that your article is easy to rank, but possibly won’t produce an avalanche of traffic (well, not initially, but give it time, and your “easy” rankings will eventually produce an absolute truckload of traffic).

With that being said, if you’re in this for the long haul.

If you truly want to build a full-time business from your website.

If you understand that this is going to take time and effort.


I want you to write the following article.

Oh by the way, if you’re a flash in the pan, if you’re lazy, if you’re delusional (not December), if you’ve just joined and have asked within your first 30 seconds of being on the platform “where’s my link”, if you think you can sit around all day after writing 1, 10, or even 100 articles and then be set for life…


In the nicest and kindest possible way - JOG ON!!

This blog post is for those of you that I have a GREAT DEAL of affection for.

The workers, the “never say die” people, the blood, sweat, and tears members.

Okay, have I made my point?

Right, the article I want you to write is simply going to target the SHORT TAIL keyword that is your niche.

So, from some of the websites I’ve seen and know:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Weight Loss
  • Drones
  • Baby Monitors
  • Copper Cookware
  • Trainers/Sneakers
  • Horse Riding Saddles
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Green Living
  • RVs
  • Muscle Building

I now want you to open a Google incognito tab and type in your niche seed keyword phrase.

I’m going to do this with you, so let’s do this for “drones”.

I then want you to scroll down to the “People Also Ask” section.

Unfortunately, due to current world events and the commercial intent behind “drones”, there doesn’t appear to be a “People Also Ask” section.

If this is the case for YOUR niche then scroll to the bottom of the page to “Related Searches”.

I’ve found “drones with camera” - perfect.

Now I can scroll down to the “People Also Ask” section.

Here’s what I’m initially greeted with.

What I want you to do is to click on each specific question and this will reveal more-and-more questions.

I’m going to keep doing this until there are about 30 questions.

What you’re basically going to do is to answer each question within ONE article.

However, you’ll often notice that some of the questions are fairly similar, so you’ll want to band these questions together.

I’ve been lucky here with drones, as none of the questions seem to be completely related.

But, as an example if you’re in the Weight Loss niche you’ll probably find questions like “How Do I Lose 5kg in 5 Days?”, “How Do I Lose 10lbs in a Month”, “How Do I Lose 30lbs in 30 Days?”

These are all very similar, so you simply choose the one that is the highest up in the list (the higher in the list of “People Also Ask” questions, the more potential traffic that question/phrase/keyword has).

Okay, you’re NOT going to write this MEGA article in one sitting.


Plus, for each question, I only want you to write a quick and to the point reply.

Basically, keep your answer to each question to 100-200 words.

So, in reality, quickly researching the answer to this question and then writing a 100-200 word answer should take no longer than 30 minutes (Some of you should be able to do this in 10 minutes or under).

What I want you to do is to open a Google Doc (or your writing tool of choice) and simply write the question and then your researched answer.

I want you to do one a day.

So, we have 28 days left in March, therefore you can spend 10-30 minutes a day doing this for the rest of March.

By the end of March you will have answered 28 questions, let’s say at an average of 150 words each.

This means you will have a 4,200-word article.

Let’s add an introduction and a conclusion, and now you have a 4,500-word article.

Oh you haven’t finished yet by the way.

You should then put this together over a day or two at the beginning of April.

Source your images and add maybe 2-3 relevant YouTube videos within relevant places in your article.

As for your title, you can use the FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator to come up with something snappy.

The Ultimate Guide to Drones (28 Of Your Drone Questions Answered)

This type of article can have many labels:

  • Pillar Post
  • Skyscraper Content
  • The Army Ants Method

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Have you ever noticed that Internet Marketers like to use labels and jargon to make things sound fantastic.

This is just typical Marketing spiel - it makes our Internet Marketing “Guru” sound impressive and you are blinded by another Shiny Object.

So, I’m just going to call this:

“Partha’s Really Long Article Method”

See, you get no BS from me, I’m not going to blind you with BS, and try to make myself sound clever.


No big words here!!

Where’s My Link?

This article is going to be your most authoritative article on your website.

It’s going to cover everything.

So, realistically you want many, many, many internal links pointing to it.

Plus, you also want to link out to your other articles (where relevant), and there will also be links to authority sources.

Let’s start off with 3 internal links to relevant articles and 2 external links to authority websites in your niche (you can even add an affiliate link if you like).

Then I want you to log into your website and for each question you’ve answered, type the main concept into the search bar on your website (What do you mean you don’t have a search bar on your website? Go and install it now)

This will then bring up all relevant articles you have already written around that phrase that you have already written on your website (Admittedly, you may have none if your website is quite new).

Click on the first article and then click CTRL and F at the same time on your keyboard.

You’ll notice a small search box appear.

Then type in the phrase again and this will highlight where the phrase is used in your article.

You can then use the phrase as anchor text to link to your MASSIVE article (Obviously, in the above example I have simply searched the word "drone", but you'll want to search for a relevant PHRASE, i.e. more than one word).

In effect, depending on how many articles you have on your website, you could eventually have 200, 300, 500, 1000 internal links all pointing to your MASSIVE article.

You are basically telling Google, “Yo Big G, this is the most important article on my website, give it some Google Love”.

You’re Not Finished Yet

I now want you to do the same in April, but let’s hit every alternate day.

So, you’ll keep clicking the questions in the “People Also Ask” section and find even more questions to answer.

Therefore, 10-30 minutes work for 15 days during April.

So, at an average of 150 words per answer, that gives us 15 x 150 = 2,250 words.

You’re then going to update your Massive article at the end of April/Beginning of May and add the new answers to the original article.

You now have a 6,750-word article.

Remember, images, videos, internal and external links, search bar. CTRL and F to link back to your new answers on your Massive article.


Don’t Forget to update your title too:

The Ultimate Guide to Drones (43 Of Your Drone Questions Answered)

If you want to do this in May, June, and onward, be my guest.

Who’s Gonna Read That & Will I Ever Rank

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking about the above.

Firstly, we will never know if someone will ever read an entire article, even if it’s only 500 words long.

In fact, the Internet, Social Media, and instant gratification has made us much more lazy, entitled, and impatient than ever in the history of mankind.


There are still those people who are fascinated and passionate about certain subjects and will devour every bit of information about it.

With that being said, with some of Google’s algorithm changes of 2020 and 2021, you will eventually rank for 100s of different phrases, and often for each individual question and answer.

What this means is that when someone clicks on a search result, rather than go to the top of the article, the reader will be taken to the specific section on that article.

You can actually make this easier for Google to do by ensuring you have a Table of Contents (I use the Easy Table of Contents WordPress Plugin).

Oh yes, Google will change your Meta Title and Meta Description (you know I don’t care about these), and even rank a specific subsection of your article.

So, eventually you could rank for 10 phrases for EACH of your 43, 57, 121 (however many you choose) questions answered.

It may take some time, but the potential is HUGE.

Case in Point - I have done this on both my externally hosted websites (sorry, I don’t share those, I have to have some secrets from you, LOL).

I wrote an article using this method and published it on December 9th 2019.

The first 3 months I received absolutely no traffic!!

Then I started to get a trickle of traffic from month 4 onwards.

The article has continued to grow over the years.

It stuck at around 500-800 views a month throughout 2020.

It hit a high of just under 3,000 views in one month during 2021.

Then BAM!!!! Something happened this year.

This ONE article received 13,977 visitors in January 2022.


21,006 visitors in February 2022.

My Google Search Console is showing that this article is receiving impressions from over 1,000 keywords, and actually getting traffic from 176 different keywords.

Imagine that - ONE article and ALL THAT TRAFFIC.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it took around 2 years for this article to really take off.

Although, receiving a few thousand visitors a month to ONE article while I was waiting for it to take off is still great.

However, to see an article really take off is FANTASTIC.

Plus, even though this is a massive article, it really doesn’t feel as though you’ve put that much effort into it (remember, answer one question a day, 10-30 minutes a day).

Now, I wouldn’t suggest doing this on a completely new website.

Basically, you want to get some traction in the search engines first by targeting longtail keywords that are easy to rank.

But, if you’re at least 6 months into your journey (I would hope you’re close to 100 articles published by this stage) then give this a go.

As you can see, there is no instant reward for doing this, but when you do get rewarded, it can be astronomical.

However, I also think it’s important to write this article if you’re serious about your website, your brand, and your business.

Why wouldn’t you have the most information-packed and authoritative article on your website if you’re serious?

I would also suggest that you add this article as a menu item, something like “Must Read” or “My Number One Recommended Reading List”, or “Drone FAQs”, etc.

You choose what you want.

Plus, as a menu item you’ll also create additional backlinks/internal links to your massive article.

You could even go one step further and use the ad inserter plugin, so that the article is linked to as the end, in the middle, or even at the beginning of every single article written on your website (or just choose which categories of article you would like to link to your Massive article).

Here’s Nathaniell’s training on using the Ad Inserter Plugin - Admittedly, a bit old, but still relevant (ooooohhhhh, an Old Fluff joke came to mind, but managed to control myself, Hahahaha).

Right, I’ve tried to keep this short and to the point (no hope).

So, I guess this may lead to many, many, many questions.

I will of course completely ignore your questions, and then eventually answer them in about 6 months!!!

Thank You For Reading


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leoemery Premium Plus
Hey Partha, loved this concept so I thought I would put it into play and see how things work out. First off I accelerated the process.

Over the course of 2 days, I created an article 5790 words long,
27 headings, 218 paragraphs, with 279 blocks.

I published it on March 7, 2022. And today March 26th my article is on page 2 spot number 10.

So in 19 days, I went from getting indexed to page 2. Now let's see how long it takes to get to page 1. No guarantees but it does prove to me this method does work.

Thanks for sharing
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Brilliant stuff ParthB, you never fail to offer great insight to SEO.
I have started to implement and started researching a list. The thing is the more I search the longer the list became now I'm wondering would it be OK to break it down into different articles for different aspects of the niche or keep it one very long FAQ? I have about 100 so far. I was working on this list prior to this post to do info posts on my sites.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Mark, from this method, I am doing 2 things:

1. Building an authoritative spine post (30-40) from my keyword research and,
2. Using extracts from my list to write additional posts for my website.

Hope this helps.

ParthaB Premium
I'll be doing a follow up post this week, as this post has spawned so many additional questions here and via PM.

But basically, depending on your niche, you can do quite a few of these types of articles based on your categories.

As an example, on my exercise site i'lll be doing one per body part, e.g. Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, etc. and also one EACH for specific exercises, e.g. Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, etc.

So, by the end of the year I'll have about 30-40 of these (as well as the "normal" articles I publish) .

Plus, when looking at individual questions, if you find something that you think tou can write more about, and it has low competition on Google page one, then write an individual article for that.

If you look on my site (in my profile) for the last 3 articles published, today's article had 5 forums on Google page one, so I just wrote a separate article for that anyway (easy rankings). And the other 2 FAQ articles are based on 2 different exercises.

Ssshhhh... Only you & Cassi are privilege to this information at the moment. Hahaha

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
This is one of the great benefits of stalking.

Thank you, Prince Partha.

ParthaB Premium
Hahaha!!! Diane would agree. Lol
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
For sure!
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Yes sounds like a plan Cassi
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Yes, Posts by Category sounds good. I am amazed I found so many already. Google autofill is great.

Ps dropped a comment on the website post to say thanks for the help.
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
How did I miss such goodness!! Another post that is printed and going to be implemented. (Actually printed 2, one for my son as well!)

I already have a FAQ post on my menu with questions. Maybe I should add to it or I could start a new one. I guess I shall see what questions are being asked.

I am around for the long haul! I am as excited as a kid in a candy store!!

Okay ParthaB, I hate to make your head any bigger BUT I think you have surpassed the Prince stage and are deemed King material!🤪😁😂
ZachK Premium
Hey, Prince🤴 P,

I hate to say this because I don’t want your head to get any bigger, but you really are gifted and great at this!

Your intellect is AWSOME and AWKWARD at the same time… Haha… just kidding… about the awkward that is 😊

Oh yeah, by the way, you forgot July jubilee… lol

Anyway, keep serving up the good stuff and I’ll keep eating it 😊

Your Loyal Royal👑 Supporter,

Zach “The Prosperous View”
ParthaB Premium

Thank you Xylophone, you're too kind.

Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
How did I just write my comment then look down and read your comment!

We both don’t want to make his head any bigger!😂😂
Dhind1 Premium Plus
I love it,

Awesome and Awkward.....ha ha ha.

Thank for that.

ZachK Premium
You're very welcome my friend and dare I say mentor from afar in this wacky🤪 world we call affiliate marketing :)
ZachK Premium
Yeah, we wouldn't want him to have to spend more on shampoo... Hahaha
ZachK Premium
Thank you and you're welcome, Alex :)

Prince🤴 P is definitely one of a kind!
ChristineDu1 Premium
When will April Absurdity take off and if I miss it, will I still be on time for Manic May? ;-) ;-p

Ok, now seriously, this was a great article. I often look at those Google questions when I do research for a question that is on my mind but not for an article. I will use this method now too for researching keywords for articles. Definitely!
ParthaB Premium
Hahahaha Christine,

You could always wait till next year for "February Foolishness".

Glad to hear it, I'm pretty sure with your writing talent this will work out great for you.

ChristineDu1 Premium
Thank you, Partha!

February Foolishness sounds like fun, haha. Sign me up ;-)