Going Orange!

Last Update: August 10, 2018

Hi everyone,

If you've been reading my blog posts here you will know that I have been working really hard on my genealogy site.

For the past 5 months that is.

The latest update that I am looking at is to change the color of my blue CTA buttons to orange.

I originally chose blue because that is the color of my hypertext links, (and that is the color that people are used to). I wanted to keep that color consistent with my buttons.

But I have read that going orange can improve your CTR about 30%. I think that was the number.

Anyway it's another change to my site that will take a while to do, as I have about 100 buttons on my site. I might though just change the color on a few of my posts and see what happens.

I am though wondering what other people think of this. Would appreciate others views.


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Vickic3 Premium
Any colour is great - it is up to the individual and how it looks on your site
Be a great change :)
OwainCouch Premium
Yep it will Vicki.
NickSkellern Premium
Interesting idea Owain. I hope it works for you!

OwainCouch Premium
Thanks Nick. Fingers crossed.
Swangirl Premium
I don't like orange (except in fruit) but this is an interesting concept. I have seen many studies on the psychology of color in marketing so this seems logical. I will be very interested to hear how it works for you!

OwainCouch Premium
I was a bit reluctant to try this as ‘once visited’ hypertext links change to orange. I don’t think that this would confuse the visitor but it doesn’t quite make my site consistent, I.e. my hypertext links are also blue.

Will give it a try anyways.
Labman Premium Plus
Give it a try, see if you see any results and evaluate from there.
If you can set up an A/B test, that would be the best tracking that you could do.
OwainCouch Premium
Yes I will be testing this out for sure before I roll it out across the site.
CalvinC Premium
I would suggest you do an A/B Split Testing with a Landing Page where you have your buttons in Orange and another Landing Page in Blue and you see how visitors react.

You will waste less time and can make all the buttons Orange or Blue once you decided on the color.

Some themes allow you to make this kind of change only once and it will affect all the button on all your pages.

It's a very clever solution, however, not many themes can do so.

Wish you the best.

OwainCouch Premium
Yep I’m going to test this with a few pages. Already have the buttons in blue. Did that a while ago.

I used dabuttonfactory to create my buttons.