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Since starting here back in June 2016 I’ve been working really hard on my genealogy website. I’ve built a site that I can be proud of and it has earned me a decent amount of money so far.But since the birth of my 3rd child in September I have found it hard to get back in the game.I took time off to spend with the family. I wrote one post in October and I thought I was going to be able to keep it up. I then didn’t do anything until yesterday when I put a guest post on the site.
December 16, 2018
Hi everyone,Now that I have three little darlings under my roof I am finding it hard to post on my genealogy site. After my newborn was born I have only managed to write one post. And now yesterday one more, and that was a guest post.I'm thinking that guest posts maybe the way to go for me for a while.Within my About Me on my site I do ask for guest posts. I feel that I need to do more now so I can get guest posts on my site.So what shall I do? What is your approach?Would really like to hear ot
Hi everyone,I’ve hardly been around for the last three months since the birth of my third daughter. Life has certainly been busy for me.But I’ve been keeping tabs on my revenue streams and traffic. Even though I haven’t worked on my site for 2 months I’m getting a slight increase in visitors and money coming in.An unexpected opportunity!Recently I got an email from someone asking to do a video or telephone interview. The person who has contacted me has created a new busi
Hi everyone,A couple of weeks ago I had an email from regarding displaying prices on my site. And because of that I broke the rules and my account was closed.You can imagine that I wanted to rectify this straight away. I checked to see which reviews I needed to alter to appease their rules.I quickly changed those reviews and emailed them again. I eventually got a reply and they said the same thing again.I have many other revenue streams besides Amazon, so I do have prices for other p
October 14, 2018
Hi everyone,It's been a couple of months since my last blog post here, and a month since I've been active with my site.The reason ... I've become a father again for the third time.Layla Madison Couch arrived two weeks early on September 19th. She's a small baby, only weighing 2.1kg.She's putting on weight and both she and mother are doing well.Getting back to my siteI plan to get back to my genealogy site. I've done a bit of promoting but no new posts for a month, so I really need to start writ
August 10, 2018
Hi everyone,If you've been reading my blog posts here you will know that I have been working really hard on my genealogy site.For the past 5 months that is.The latest update that I am looking at is to change the color of my blue CTA buttons to orange.I originally chose blue because that is the color of my hypertext links, (and that is the color that people are used to). I wanted to keep that color consistent with my buttons.But I have read that going orange can improve your CTR about 30%. I thi
July 27, 2018
Hi everyone,Just another short update, (I didn’t want to put it in my last blog post).Another update I did today, spending 10 hours (with breaks), was to take out ‘nofollow’ code out of all my posts where it wasn’t needed.I was naive!I originally added them because I didn’t want to pass on ‘link juice’ as it’s called. However, I read that this can hurt your SEO ranking.The best practice is to follow authority sites and to nofollow your affiliate l
July 27, 2018
Hi everyone,I’ve been working tiredlessly on improving my site.My latest update is using icons on the pages of my site to direct visitors to various sections of my site.I tried it on my homepage and quite liked it so rolled it out across the site.This should improve the user experience for my visitors.Wish me luck.
On my genealogy website I mean!Hi everyone,Yesterday I informed you all that I had just completed overhauling my website after 6 long weeks. have spent the last 4 months or so improving my site wherever I could, and I had run out of ideas on what more I could do.I forgot about the buttons!A long time ago I thought about buttons but what with everything else I forgot about them.It's been less than a day since my site overhaul and I
Hi everyone,It's taken longer than expected but I have just completed overhauling my site.I wanted to redo all my 200+ posts breaking up paragraphs, adding subheadings and whatever else that needed doing to make my posts more readable and attractive.Took me 6 weeks to do, all while adding a review a week and doing some optimization along the way.And on top of all that I installed a new theme which needed alerting. Phew!Hopefully I will see some rewards come soon with all this hard work.