My Favorite Part of Learning with WA

Last Update: May 26, 2017

One thing I was told when I first started out on WA is to not skip over any of the tasks along the way. So far I have learned quite a bit completing each task and have my website up with its own domain, email and a few blog posts so I really see how far I have come in a few weeks. I was able to pull this off with a full time job and two small children, so I think if I can do it (and I realize most of us all have very busy lives outside of coming online), most other people can too!

My task at the moment is to write a blog. Well I admit, I skipped over this one step, and went on to complete a few lessons ahead of this one, BUT I AM BEING GOOD AND COMING BACK TO COMPLETE IT :) : )

OKAY, yes i do have a FOCUS point IN THIS BLOG POST ------------> I want to write about my favorite part of WA so far. My favorite part of being apart of this online learning group is HOW FAST PEOPLE ANSWER YOUR QUESTION and if they can't HOW FAST SITE SUPPORT GETS BACK, and folks, I'm talking even middle of the night!

I do much of my online work within this group during my free time on my night shifts and sometimes I have been totally stuck on something, and I post a question to the community and walk away for a bit to unwind (BECAUSE I WAS MAYBE READY TO PULL MY HAIR OUT). When I return shortly I always have some helpful advice or often a solution to my problem from either online community members or if i'm still stuck site support. I have never struggled with a problem for more then 8 hours, and most often I have an answer or viable solutions within the hour.

So there it is. That is my favorite part of being in this WA community.

What is YOUR you favorite part?


ps. i'm taking my kid on a road trip with her gymnastics team for 4 days so if you don't hear from me or I DON'T ANSWER , i'm NOT being rude, i'll be back later in the week.

PSS. just a side question, why does this blog post make me tag 2 people in order to publish?

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mickeyb123 Premium
This platform asks you to insert two tags (keywords) not two people.

Thank you for all of the glowing words about getting the help that all of us get when we are struggling.
superman42 Premium
Be safe on your trip!!! This place is awesome!!!
JamesJB Premium
Hi, Ashley! I think my favourite part within WA, apart from the volumes upon volumes of learning material, is the community spirit. This I found to be absolutely wonderful.

otikoroASH Premium
yes! agreed, thanks for the hollar!
MoritzS Premium
Great job so far!

You're on the right track. :)

It's not people you are supposed to "tag" there.
It's more like putting related keywords there so your post gets categorised correctly and is easier to be found.

Have a great trip. :)
otikoroASH Premium
Okay. Haha glad I asked. I wonder if I can edit that now. These people are going to wonder why I tagged them.
CLoney Premium
I love the support too. Especially in live chat. I spend more time there than on Facebook.
Regarding your question, I don't think you have to tag two people. My tags are always about my topic. Like for this blog I would add the tag "Site Support is Amazing" or something close
otikoroASH Premium
Oh thats funny, I just tagged 2 random people on here becuase I thought I had to. That makes much more sense though! & Ive been on more than any other social media as well . lol