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I am excited for this new Gutenburg Editor because now images as you placed them into your wordpress will actually publish the exact way they looked within the dashboard. I don't know about you but I like to place my images very carefully, especially on my websites that I am selling my product and it drives me to near madness when I go to publish and the images are in completely different locations relative the the text. Also prior to the Gutemberg Editor it was actually quite limited as to h
Another senior WA member brought o my attention the fact that Google has something called the Top Heavy algorithm in which lowers the SERP rankings for websites that have too many ads at the top or if the ads are deemed too distracting for users."This means if you have any ads, images, banners and possible opt-ins your site could be affected." Recently I designed an image on (you can design cool stuff for free!) for my niche website, specifically, it was a header with the title of m
Hi WA, :)I feel like I accomplished something cool on my website today! Thank you to WA community member MarionBlack for recommending the site which enabled me to complete this task. (free, I used it to design this today free anyways!). I want to share this with everyone as I loved the process of designing my own header for my website and maybe it will be a tool some of you would like to use. If there are tools that you used to design your title feel free to share them below! Prior t
Hi, Everyone!I haven't been very active online this past week for 2 reasons.1. I had an impossible-to-please family member out of town guest staying at my house! lol2. I was intimidated to write a review for an affiliate I was approved for. It is the second reason I will speak to in this forum!My website niche is making recommendations on water toys for the pool or lake. I was able to get a really fun affiliate from a private company, which sells Mermaid Tails so that people can become mermaids
May 27, 2017
Well, I went further than I thought I would be at in a couple weeks. I think a lot of how I accomplished this is that WA breaks things down in manageable steps. I have a website up, my own domain, an email associated with with that website, and some blog posts up and some reviews up. (I like to call them "recommendations" ) WA asked if I wanted to do a "SUCCESS POST" on completing course 1. I say why not share this! Its good to celebrate little steps!
One thing I was told when I first started out on WA is to not skip over any of the tasks along the way. So far I have learned quite a bit completing each task and have my website up with its own domain, email and a few blog posts so I really see how far I have come in a few weeks. I was able to pull this off with a full time job and two small children, so I think if I can do it (and I realize most of us all have very busy lives outside of coming online), most other people can too! My task a
Hello everyone! This post may have been better suited for a question section but I'm having technical difficulties posting "questions" ... I'm hoping for some advice, maybe there are come other Canadians members like me here on WA who went through deciding the same thing. At the moment I have my website up now and a few blogs posted. I just signed up to affiliate program and linked my first product review with them. However Canadians use, as it ends up being cheaper for
thats good , i just got this notification. maybe its because i wrote my first blog for my site!
Hi Everyone, I have to thank this community today. That's right!!! BIG TIME. I had a job interview today for my dream job and I was able to answer some questions I normally would have BOMBED because of our lessons and this WA community. Questions I never saw coming and would not have been able to answer if I hadn't just learned about it 4 days ago in a lesson!!!!! Let me explain; Its funny how I even stumbled across WA in the first place, I was trying to learn about BITCOIN, anyone know about
May 07, 2017
I'm a little confused. the site is prompting me to share the success of adding my picture & a description which basically consists of me telling everyone that I have no idea what I am doing yet . hahaha well, howdy everyone. :)