I have this WA community THANK today! BIG TIME.

Last Update: June 03, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have to thank this community today. That's right!!! BIG TIME. I had a job interview today for my dream job and I was able to answer some questions I normally would have BOMBED because of our lessons and this WA community. Questions I never saw coming and would not have been able to answer if I hadn't just learned about it 4 days ago in a lesson!!!!! Let me explain;

Its funny how I even stumbled across WA in the first place, I was trying to learn about BITCOIN, anyone know about that? (If you know about it and want talk about it let me know , I still want to learn about it:P Anyways I googled it and there was an ad affiliate marketing. It was not WA, it as some other guy teaching it. I thought wow, this looks like it could be a promising way to make money. I looked into reviews and this community got the most reviews so I signed up! Anyways i was only through course 1 as of yesterday, i think its been only a couple weeks for me on here and just 4 days ago we covered keyword searches and checking the data on Jaaxy and other similar sites.

At the same time i got a call for an interview for what I would consider a dream job!!! Great hours, increase in pay, a supervisory position (i have always been a front line worker). I prepared the best I could, I read everything I could about the company and all the collaborative models and techniques they use. That is why you haven't seen much of me the last couple days! i have been using all my free time looking into this company.

Today was the big day of the interview. When they asked me technical questions. They asked about data analytics. Normally I would have BOMBED that. I am not a computer person. But I knew EXACTLY what to say. They even looked surprised the three people interviewing me looked up and raised their eyebrows. I guess not a lot of people nail that question. Normally I wouldn't have known what to say either. But i was able to explain it perfectly due to my online lesson 4 days ago!

well I just wanted to share that. I will cross my fingers until they get back to me about the job, they said next week they will be in touch.

With Gratitude to all here at WA and the awesome lessons!!



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sherlock77 Premium
That's awesome, Ash!
MKearns Premium
Even if it doesn't pan out it's great to see brow raisng and jaw dropping in your audience. Keep up the great work Ashley. You're going places!
MoritzS Premium
Care to share what the question was?
Or are you not allowed to?

otikoroASH Premium
it was a general question about my familiarity with collected data online, if I had any experience with analytical data collection. So I explained how I was building a website and collecting data analysis from sites like jaaxy.com. they seemed impressed, and the best part is I had something to tell them, I didn't just mumble that I knew how to use windows office and sorry I didn't know what they were talking about. haha. Instead I was excited to talk about my project and that I knew about data analysis :) !
MoritzS Premium
Good job! :)
GayleneNepia Premium
Awesome Ashley, I hope you receive good news about the job. Have a fabulous day :-)
ericcantu Premium Plus
How awesome is that! Great story, ash! Good luck!
otikoroASH Premium
Awesomess fluke EVER. ...or is it??? Lol. Im being a weirdo. Anyways yes pretty neat!!