Has anyone had writers block because of an intimidating affiliate?

Last Update: June 09, 2017

Hi, Everyone!

I haven't been very active online this past week for 2 reasons.

1. I had an impossible-to-please family member out of town guest staying at my house! lol

2. I was intimidated to write a review for an affiliate I was approved for.

It is the second reason I will speak to in this forum!

My website niche is making recommendations on water toys for the pool or lake. I was able to get a really fun affiliate from a private company, which sells Mermaid Tails so that people can become mermaids & mermen. The silicon tails go for a few thousand dollars so being an affiliate for this company who is leading that industry can perhaps be a great opportunity.

The lady who runs the company is quite a remarkable person and someone I hope to get to meet one day. She is a fashion model, underwater model, and environmentalist. She has a very exciting bio (including winning Miss Germany International & Sea Star Girl) I wanted the recommendations I made for her products to be very good, and the very fact that I wanted it to be perfect is what stalled me from writing for so long.

Has anyone ever been in these shoes?

I finally stopped trying to be so perfect about it and realized I wasn't going to get anything done unless I just started writing! So I did and now at least I HAVE SOMETHING UP AND ONLINE NOW :) !

So that is good!

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Shalini1234 Premium
I was also taking time to write my contents trying to be perfect then I abandoned because it leads me nowhere. Finally I have written simple and it has become easy!
otikoroASH Premium
that is what i finally did in this case, but its hard to mentally push through BEGINNING posts I feel are more important than others! thanks for dropping a line!
abdul11 Premium
no not yet
otikoroASH Premium
that is a good thing!
spurway Premium Plus
Hey, don't worry no one is perfect. Sometimes to write simply is the better idea as people will easier understand it.
Practice makes the Master improve and work on your blogging slowly. That way you are motivated and it feels like fun to do it.
browzman Premium
Practice makes perfect, and WA is your forum to do all your practicing in order to perfect your blogs.
Skydancer1 Premium
Yes, Been there trying to be perfect in what we put online so much that we just stare at the screen. As they teach in the training, try not to be perfect, be you. Connect with readers by being who you are and show your personality in your writing. The skill and quality will come as you do more of it. I am certainly no expert but I am finding it much easier now to write than before when I first started.. You have a good niche. Follow your heart and put it in your writing and you will be fine.