Bit of corundum as a Canadian linking affiliate programs. advice ?

Last Update: May 24, 2017

Hello everyone!

This post may have been better suited for a question section but I'm having technical difficulties posting "questions" ...

I'm hoping for some advice, maybe there are come other Canadians members like me here on WA who went through deciding the same thing.

At the moment I have my website up now and a few blogs posted. I just signed up to affiliate program and linked my first product review with them.

However Canadians use, as it ends up being cheaper for shipping and the option amazon refers us to if we live in Canada. we all have almost all the same products available. I don't want to close off all the Canadian purchasers who visit my site because I'm only linking

Of course I will be signing up with more than just amazon, but with many larger affiliate programs associated with larger corporate identities such as walmart, costco, there is the ".ca" version for Canadian

I figure I have a few options.

1. I cater to the US visitors to my site as there is more earning potential I presume

2. I take a chance on catering to the Canadian visitors on my site because I may be indexed higher on their search engines as I think that is how google works

3. I sign up to both .com and .ca affiliate programs for the larger departments such as amazon , walmart, costco and link both under the product

4. there is a solution I'm not thinking about, haha!

What are other Canadian members on this site deciding to do when starting to link affiliate programs to their websites?

Much Gratitude in advance for any helpful advice


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superman42 Premium
I think it would look really great if you provided both for convenience sake, but I also would be hard pressed to think that Amazon wouldn't immediately by default of the address being inputted immediately save on the shipping? Hope you got it figured out. Have a great day!!
abdul11 Premium
good for you and good luck
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
I think a lot of it will come down to where is the majority of your traffic coming from. If most of it's coming from I would use

I've heard of link localizer plugins that automatically changes your amazon link to match the country of the visitor, but I've never used them myself.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Hi Ashley, check out the tools recommended here: Tool Number 1, EasyAzon, this plugin apparently sends visitors to the Amazon version suitable to their location.

It is my guess that there are similar plugins out there to this one as well.