Affiliate Marketing In South Africa

Last Update: July 07, 2020

South African Affiliate Marketing.

After my 6 year stint in Sweden and having sold my first website for $38 479.00 during the end of 2016. Even though l invested some of the money into new websites, when l got home l was tempted to go back to my 8-5 grind. l failed to overcome the temptation of a guaranteed paycheck and the excitement of meeting my old friends.

Fast forward to January 2020, l moved with my family to South Africa. Due to the Covid 19 lock-down, l am back again 100% to creating wealth online. l started searching for ''affiliate marketing in South Africa'' hoping to find local affiliate marketing companies. My plan was to choose a niche, purchase a local domain, Write quality content and promote products or offers from affiliate marketing companies in South Africa.

l am glad l did my research because it left me wondering if the are any affiliate marketing opportunities in South Africa? From my research, l discovered that there are a few affiliate marketing programs than l had anticipated.

However, the industry is still growing and the best time to get started was yesterday. The lock-down restrictions have also boosted online sales which in turn substantially increased South Africa affiliate marketing opportunities.

Affiliate Networks In South Africa.

After searching for various affiliate networks in South Africa, l decided to use a a third party tool which estimates the amount of traffic to check the amount of traffic visiting each website.

Similarweb is not accurate, but l have used it successfully in selecting programs to review and promote Wealthy Affiliate. l would avoid writing reviews of programs which attract traffic from countries in which Wealthy Affiliate free membership is not available.

Remember, you can determine the source of traffic which visits your website. This will also determine the value of your website and how much money you make out of it. The very reason why you will notice that you have lots of clicks on your affiliate links but no sales. You are attracting the wrong traffic to your website.

Stay with me, l will share a few tips on how you can take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities in South Africa if your website indicates that there is a sizable amount of traffic from South Africa.

Best Affiliate Programs In South Africa.

Travelstart affiliate program.

One of the best travel affiliate programs in South Africa. Unfortunately, (as shown in the screenshot above) the traffic has drastically dropped to a bottom low due to travel restrictions brought about by the Covid 19 lock-downs.

The screenshot above, demonstrates the power of checking traffic to a website before one joins those hyped programs. However, in this instance Travelstart traffic was affected by the pandemic. If you are building a website in the travel industry it is the time to do so in anticipation for the likely boom when travel resumes.

Zaldo affiliate program

Very popular shop for clothing, sports wear, household and beauty products. Average traffic 945.50K (traffic includes customers). 5 - 6% commission and Cost Per Action (8 Rands for traffic that joins the newsletter).

Sell- SA affiliate program.

Relatively new online shop in South Africa. It sells a lot of products including electronics, appliances, clothing and toys. 6 % Commission on sales. Avarage traffic per month 129.20K.

Faithful To Nature affiliate program.

With the green revolution gaining popularity. Faithful to Nature affiliate program is for those who are addicted to nature. It sells natural and organic products raging from healthy foods, baby products, body and beauty. Estmated traffic 393.40K

AdMarula Affiliate Program.

Interesting name, Marula being a popular fruit in South Africa fancied by elephants. Unfortunately the traffic is too low and therefore Similar web can not retrieve traffic statistics. It is popular though and it connects affiliate marketers in South Africa with various merchants.

There are others such as Mentality, Loot, Bid to buy and so forth. A number of Web-hosting companies in South Africa also offer affiliate programs.

Best Affiliate Programs In South Africa.

Wealthy Affiliate in South Africa.

A platform that offers affiliate marketing training, tools and support for affiliate marketers. It boasts of 856.90K visits per month. Traffic from South Africa @ 5,71% ranks the second after the United States. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to promote all the other affiliate marketing programs in South Africa.

Unlike other African countries, one can get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free if you are joining from Soth Africa.

Great isn't it.

Amazon Affiliate - South Africa.

This is international and one of the popular online stores and is supported by an army of affiliates. The commissions were recently slashed but the platform converts very well.

However, if the traffic to your website is mostly from South Africa, l do not recommend only depending on Amazon affiliate program.

This is why;

Products take a lot of time to get to South Africa. This of course was worsened by Covid 19 caused travel restrictions.

If you visit the Amazon website from South Africa this message is displayed on the website;

''We are delivering to your region with limited shipping options. Please expect extended delivery time''.

Shipping and Customs charges can be exorbitant - l was searching for an air filter for my old Lexus HX400 Hybrid on Amazon. The price is $8.97, then shipping and customs charges $33.12. The supplier produces own version of the filter.

Given the time period it will take for me to receive the filter and the extra charges. l opted to drive to Adenvale Shops, in Johannesburg and bought the original filter from a Lexus dealer. It was more expensive but l got value for money.

Pro Tip:

1. Check your sources of traffic using Similarweb spy tool or check statistics inside Google Analytics. You can also use a plug-in called Monster insights. Below is a display of the sources of traffic of my new website on which l have posted 2 reviews so far.

2. If there is reasonable traffic from South Africa, join one of the local affiliate marketing programs which has offers related to your niche.

3. Create 2 two buttons, one with an option to 'Buy From Amazon' and another one 'Buy From South Africa''. Either way, you will earn commissions.

Thank me latter.

l learned it the hardway, as Kyle says, ''Do not leave money on the table''. By adding Amazon affiliate products to my website even though it was for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, l added $890.10 + per month to my earnings. Same traffic. Same ammount of content.

l will be posting regulary, now that l am back.

Which other South African affiliate marketing companies that l can add to the list? Let me know in the commentary box below.

Comment. Like and Share. To Your Success.

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