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l have been away from the online business for almost 3 years pursuing offline opportunities until when l was Locked Down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. l know a lot has changed but l am ready for the long haul. l will really appreciate your input.1. l bought the domain on the 27th of March, 2020. Created the important pages and installed a few plugins. No posts yet. It was indexed by Google on 19 April, 2020. Of course this is not a cause for confusion.2. When l checked inside Jaaxy keyword
Earning ''passive income'' is the goal of most affiliate marketers. After selling my first website for $38 479.00 0n Dec 15, 2016 on which l was promoting Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon products and had Google display ads my earnings totally ceased for the last two programs afer the new owner swapped affiliate links.However, Wealthy affiliate has continued paying me commissions consistently even though only three Premium Members joined WA in 2018 using my link (see screenshot above). This is what l
l have received a lot of inquiries on how to remove Wordpress 'Coming Soon Page' on one of my websites. Since l host my websites with Wealthy Affiliate, my websites never show this message. However, to help others, l decided to do some research and l found out that the coming soon page is displayed on websites hosted on Bluehost and Hostgator among others. So before you disable Bluehost, coming soon page let us look at how it comes into being.By default, some hosting companies install a plugin
February 23, 2017
Above are going to be the updated Amazon Associates Program fixed commissions rates. What a disappointment. Amazon has cut and capped rates of commissions. The commissions used to increase (from 6% to 12%) with the number of sales. Now you may get as little as 1% commissions in a lifetime depending on your niche. They have also removed the variable rates from their affiliate program which allowed high volume affiliates to earn more money as they saw a higher volume of sales.Here is the forme
Important: Please note that l have agreed with the new owner of the website NOT to publish its name. l will not be disclosing the name through Private Mail either. Even if you know the name of the website, it is important not to mention it in the commenting area.l didn't want to share this testimonial because l know there are many people making more money than me inside WA. My purpose is to encourage others who are still wondering if the training works.l don't forget the day when l received the
After my recent unplanned success with selling Amazon affiliate products l decided to put together a brief amazon affiliate marketing for beginners guide. In this amazon affiliate program review l will share with you how l went about it, screen shots of earnings and a few tips. l prefer using reverse engineering. So l will start with pointing out a few DON'TS of Amazon affiliate program.This way you will start of the right footing. l actually started making money first then went back to read th
This was one of the biggest regrets and mistakes in my affiliate marketing journey. Now l remembered Kyle emphasizing that 'You Must Not Leave Money On The Table' in the 'Get Started Course'. Of course, this was a little bit different, l had to think outside the box.l reviewed a lot of product based MLMs on my website and noticed that visitors who commented suggested better alternative products to each other. So, 3 months ago l decided to offer their suggested products using Amazon affiliate li
It has been a while since l published a blog post. This time l will offer only ONE tip why you are getting many clicks but no conversions on your Wealthy Affiliate links placed on your website. Don't worry though, l will give you a free solution.The answer is, you are bringing the wrong traffic to your website which will click but will NEVER convert ... HuhOne thing that you must know about Wealthy Affiliate's Free Membership is that it is not available in every country yet it is one of the sel
Paid my subscription for the whole year after upgrading membership in January. Now, l remain focused on my goals without monthly distractions. Tripled my traffic in 2 months. From 5k visits to 15k/month and still going as l try new hacks. Less than 45 posts to date.3 My 20 months old website was valued at $2 176 by and between Estimated Valuation Range: Low: $2,197.80 High: $2,686.20 by Empire Flippers .... and they want a me to put it on the market.... now anxious. Wish l had no
Bonjour! Hola!Wealthy Affiliate is international and any one can join irrespective of location whether you are in France or Español. However, Wealthy Affiliate training is only available in English but you can create your websites in any language that you want. There are many French and Spanish speaking wealthy affiliates creating wealth using Wealthy Affiliate tools.This is one of the Wealthy Affiliate complaints that it is not available in most other popular languages. l hope Kyle and