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Last Update: September 03, 2016

It has been a while since l published a blog post. This time l will offer only ONE tip why you are getting many clicks but no conversions on your Wealthy Affiliate links placed on your website. Don't worry though, l will give you a free solution.

The answer is, you are bringing the wrong traffic to your website which will click but will NEVER convert ... Huh

One thing that you must know about Wealthy Affiliate's Free Membership is that it is not available in every country yet it is one of the selling points. In 2015 one of WA affiliate posted this list of 'exempt countries from WA free membership;

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Nigeria
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Vietnam

You can learn more about the reasons by visiting this thread

Now, you are wondering how am l bringing the 'wrong traffic' to my website which is promoting WA?

The reason is simple, you are doing so by writing reviews of the wrong products or programs? Yes, you are reviewing programs that are 'popular' in countries that WA Free Membership is not available. No matter how many people click on your links, they will not convert because they are told that 'Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is not available in your country'.

Imagine if you were to write a 1 000 worded review of an Multilevel Marketing Company called 'Vestige' with an approximate search volume of 135,000/month. You rank on the first spot in Google and you get hundreds of visitors and clicks on your WA links BUT, sadly no conversions.

It means, you brought the wrong traffic to the wrong offer (see screen shot below)

Now comes the million dollar question;

How do l know l am reviewing the 'WRONG' programs.

There is the solution in front of you (screen shot above). Enter Similar Web or you can also use l only you use the free versions.

Next time, just do yourself a favor and visit the website of the program you want to review and check on the traffic's 'Geo' location. If visitors are mainly from exempt countries, don't be surprised if you get clicks without any conversions after reviewing the program. Those two traffic spy tools will save you 'tonnes' of time and frustrations.

Tip; Install the Chrome or Fire Fox browser extension so that you can spy on websites on the fly.

You can also spy on the keywords bringing most traffic to your competitor's websites. Better still, no one will lie to you about 'tonnes' of traffic visiting their websites. You can even tell an MLM or Pyramid Scheme which is about to collapse if traffic is on a downward spiral when you check on the over view.

P/S remember the tools will not show 'perfect' results. If you use it on your website, the figures are inflated because it shows your own website visits. You can link Similar Web to with your Google Analytics if you need more accurate results. If the traffic is too low, you will not get any or most of the results. ' Sorry, l don't know the thresh hold'

Now you know why you have so many clicks but no referrals?

That's all folks for now. More tips on the way.

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JackieSmith Premium
Great post especially after just reading that someone had lots of clicks with their PPC Campaign, only to find that they were from countries exempt from WA free membership.

Used up all their funds.

onlinegeek Premium
That’s really sad to hear. What a loss. Also think that everyone who chooses Affiliate Bootcamp must somehow be made aware of this.
HealthGuy33 Premium
This is very nice. Thanks so much.
JudeP Premium
What a great share, thank you :)
onlinegeek Premium
You are most welcome Jude.
Joelbay Premium
Thanks..sir kev..for the help..
onlinegeek Premium
You are most welcome.
onmyownterms Premium
Love this.
onlinegeek Premium
l am glad you liked the tip.