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Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business –

Disclaimer –
This is my personal approach to the human experience...
I Seek Quorum with no Qualm

The purpose for my writings is to uplift everyone who can read...
I will leave the technicalities to the experts.

I'm not a religious person, and
This is not to be considered a religious statement

I do consider everyone spiritual
And I deeply respect everyone's beliefs

Most people will agree that, deep inside, we all realize...
There's a whole lot more we don't know or understand, yet.

So, my blog is mostly focused on the minset approach to business
And my Intent is to challenge my niche's obstacles to achieving

Who Is My Niche –

My niche is everyone looking to expand their personal tents
...and their personal business horizons

My niche is everyone looking for Financial Solutions
...and Freedom to Enjoy the Air we breathe

My niche is everyone seeking a Better Today and a Better Tomorrow
In the process, we all benefit... our children's children benefit

Building Your Business - 101
Your Mind and Your Mindset –

The playing field is Your Mind...
The stuff inside your mind is Your Mindset

Everything Starts With A Thought, and
All Decisions Are Made In Your Mind

Everyone does only what they want to, and
What you wanna do is directed by your mindset

We can become whatever we want to become...
We just gotta change the stuffing in our minds

Every Expert was once a Newbie, and
Every Newbie can become an Expert... sooner or later

Building Your Business - 102
Your Intent –

Never Underestimate The Power of Intent
Your Intent Is The Fuel to Become what you desire

The mind is like a computer – Junk in... Junk out
Any computer can be repaired and revamped

Our minds are full of unnecessary programs...
You can Clean your Mind and Reboot your Mindset...

You can become an Expert... if you Want to
You just have to Install a New Program – A New Intent

Your Intention Is Always Enough – Intention Inspires motivation
Inspiration is your Being - Motivation is your doing

Even Albert Einstein once declared,
'My best work Came to Me when I was not even thinking...'

Building Your Business - 103
Repair And Maintenance –

Always remain in the locomotive of your train, and
You will always have a wide lens of your future

However colorful the caboose is,
It will always remain in the rear

Stay on track - Stay in Learning mode
Eventually, you'll realize how much you have to contribute

Your present is in the bag - Your future is transcendental
Whatever you can see today is your children's children legacy

Bury yourself in your work, but
No more than 2 or 3 hours at a time

All you can do is all you can do
And all you can do is always enough

Take time to rest - Take time to nap...
Your engine will not last longer if you run it 24/7

So, don't get bugged down with details
Take your time... Understand the map...

And Stay Cool... Enjoy the Ride...

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Great advice!

Thanks, Kammy
Glad it resonates with you

Great advice.

Glad you enjoyed it, Brenda

Loved this - sage advice indeed

Oh, wow! Thanks Lawrence
Incredibly kind words
Thank you, indeed

Great article onlineflow.I totally agree about the rest part!! I love and need my time off from everything !!

Thank you, Billy
Believe me, I'm preaching to the choir
- I need to take naps... often, or else... :):)

Yes, I agree that your intention is your jet fuel!

Thanks, Lucille
I appreciate your kind words

The right mindset is definitely powerful when starting any project. No matter how talented you are, there will be times when it seems overwhelming or impossible. Keeping your focus and staying positive are the things that will pull you through!


Thanks Janelle,
I think I got my quorum now, :)

My best to you,

I am good with your post, thanks

Thanks, Rick
I appreciate your words - Abe

Great info!

Thanks, Marcus
It's a cumulative process - Abe

You need massive commitment as well as the right mindset, Best Alan

Right you are, Alan
Thanks for your kind words - Abe

True. I believe in that.

Thank you, Angie
It's all a process... sometimes a slow process

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