7 Ways You Limit Yourself and How To Breakthrough

Last Update: July 09, 2017

If the following apply to you:

  1. You are concerned about maintaining a good image

  2. Afraid of what people say or think about you

  3. Affected by lack of confidence

  4. Bad mood gets you down

  5. Negativity and criticisms get you down even further

  6. Procrastination holds you back

  7. All other dark forces working against you

All these are things which limit you. Or are they limiting you? Are you limiting yourself?


Let’s try a new thought today, look at these from a different viewpoint. See them as external factors which are disconnected to you. They are your enemies. Your own negative thoughts are your greatest enemy.

Fight the bad mood, fight the negativity. Fight for the good things in life that is going to happen if you overcome all these obstacles.

I hope I make my point.

Bad moods and procrastination? Read some self-help books, get some distraction, make yourself happy and come back again.

If you are facing difficulties in building up your site, do something about it. Ask around, seek for advice in chat, look up related topics in the classrooms.

Not seeing traffic on your site? Do the training here. Focus on all the related training on how to get traffic. Scour through WA and read everything. There will be something you can find and learn from it.

So tell me, do you want to limit yourself? Or change your mindset and do something to achieve a breakthrough? Tell me.

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ericpierre Premium
Thanks Moon for sharing this great post with us. Very, Very helpful!
onebluemoon Premium
Thank you. If you have further thoughts on this, please come back and share with us.
5-qpq Premium
Like, like, lol! A VERY good post moon. I'm a procrastinator, but I really do go at my own pace. My site will be up and running shortly. That's if I really get serious. The next step is to seriously complete the rest of the training. I think I may also do an ebook type of incentive for the customers, oh. BOY, I really have a lot to do. Like, like, right now, lol! Becky :)
onebluemoon Premium
Like like, you are a fast learner and so clever :)

Yeah, procrastination is my worst enemy as yet but I see it more like a bad habit. I need more mental muscles to break it.

Sounds like you are quite advanced in your website building, do do do your things right away :)
5-qpq Premium
Like, like, I'll try, lol. Yes, yes, I will. And like, like, I can relate, relate. Haha!

Have a great night onebluemoon!

Thanks, thanks, thanks, lol!

MKearns Premium
Time to break out and let the light in Moon!
onebluemoon Premium
Way to go Michael, I love your way with words.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Always engage yourself, do something that will get you back on track. Great advice.
onebluemoon Premium
Sometimes its just simple reminders that get us back on track. WA works great in this way. Once I look into the activity board, there will sure be something to kick me back into motion.
JenNine Premium
That is a very good way to view the Moods in a person! I always try to troubleshoot my problems or why I'm feeling down and out. Once I find a solution I'm back on a "high" again even before the issue is solved.
Because I found a solution and it means moving ahead.

I won't procrastinate because it just prolongs the pain in being in a bad mood.

Here at WA I find my confidence when my circle of WA friends comfort me with uplifting advice and positive messages.

They help build one another's self esteem and this is one place I always feet Liked, Liked and more Liked.


Because they say nice things about me and I say nice things about them. I feel good about my image and respect the image of all others.

I have no dark forces around me because I have the Bright Beaming light of my Sparkling Friends. They are also very special colleagues.

What can I say?
I've been Spoiled and Privileged.

onebluemoon Premium
That's really awesome to hear Jen. "Troubleshooting" is great. At least you are being proactive in trying to solve problems rather than hanging around saying you can't.

That is my way of doing things too. Never say never and there are always more solutions than there are problems and smart people should be able to find them. So, let's work our way to sharpen our minds and always find solutions.

Yes, I love the WA community for the encouraging and positive people, who always help out or who gave you a kick when you need some push.

Spoilt and privileged? May you always be that!