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There are days when we don’t have the motivation to work on our site, what do you do then? Do you keep reminding yourself of your goals and thus motivate yourself to get started? Does a pep talk work?Do you believe in the power of the mind, in convincing yourself to do certain things, which normally you do not have the power to do, or the strength to bear it? I know many people have read the book “The Secret”. Do you think constantly thinking about one thing will make it come
1. You login everyday2. You write blogs everyday3. You go in chat everyday4. You have met either Kyle or Jay, or both, in chat5. You reply and comment on discussion blogs6. You check constantly to see whether there are comments on your blogs7. You are following tons of people and there are tons following you8. You write a blog about your WA addictionHow many of the symptoms are you suffering from? Are you doing anything to combat the addiction? Let me know in the comments below :)P.s. I was ins
Did you know new members cannot write more than 1 blog a day? The restriction is lifted when you hit 3 months here. Are you elated when the restriction is lifted? Do you blog several articles a day?Here I am not advocating to blog tons and tons of useless stuff everyday, that would be an insult to the WA blog. I have been here 4 months but I have not really blogged that many articles here, and it's mainly because I only write when I have something to say. (That shows how empty my head is most t
I just saw someone thanked me in one of the blogs, read it here:Who are the 10 Best Teachers of Trainings within WA? To clarify, I am just a newbie to IM and could not claim to have a lot of knowledge. However, it so happens that I am just one step ahead of this member and was able to help her out on a simple basic question. So, I answered her question and encouraged her not to give up. That was all! To tell the truth, I didn’t really help her that much as I am really not so equipped.
If the following apply to you:You are concerned about maintaining a good imageAfraid of what people say or think about youAffected by lack of confidenceBad mood gets you downNegativity and criticisms get you down even furtherProcrastination holds you backAll other dark forces working against you All these are things which limit you. Or are they limiting you? Are you limiting yourself?BreakthroughLet’s try a new thought today, look at these from a different viewpoint. See them as exte
Daily I have seen postings of thought of the day and poems, handmade posters and other forms of creative writing and I thought how creative this world is. I simply love it for all these interesting things that people are able to create.However, it is sad to see that there are some people who do not like creativity and they do their best to snuff out other people's spark. Isn't WA a friendly community? Shouldn't members be supportive of one another? If you don't like creativity and do not like t
June 29, 2017
What would your reaction be if someone throws poop at you?Would you hang around all day and whenever you meet someone, you tell them: "Look at me, look at me, I've got poop on me, somebody threw poop at me."If you are laughing by now, then you know the morale of this story.What I choose to do is, scrape off the poop immediately, even gathered it up and use them in my garden, yay, fertilizer for my flowers and let them bloom. The more poop there is, the better my flowers grow.Do you still have p
1. To Learn Follow the training closelyIf you have not started your training, start now with the Certification Course 1 here:Get RollingAttend the weekly seminarListen to this guy who has been here for 10 years. The seminars are full of knowledge and useful tips (plus blasts of humor from Jay and sometimes the attending members)Access it here:WebinarsSpecial program this week: Summer Hot Seat Every hot seat webinar is HOT!! Some of the applicants are going to get personal reviews from Jay. If
So I was reading WA blogs everyday here and I was puzzled by a certain common occurrence here.Scenario 1Blog Owner (BO) wrote a blog, Blog Readers (BR) have some comments, and then.....silence..... hey BO where are you?Scenario 2BO wrote a blog, BR have some comments, BO replied to said comments, and then.....silence.....again.... very sad for the BO :(Do you get what I am saying? Why don't you reply? The way I see it, replying to comments is a great way of engaging with your readers, and this
June 12, 2017
Hey everybody,Happy to see you again!I recently went away on a trip with near-zero internet access, so I have been totally cut off from WA. See my blog just before I went away: one has been away for some time, the first thing on coming back is to find out the latest news and gossip :)So please tell me what have you been up to? Any change in your status here? Learnt some new things th