Awesome, Your Content is Indexed in Google!

Last Update: September 19, 2018

Milestone (I)

I am so happy this morning because I had made another milestone.

I woke-up this morning recieving an emil sent to me - Awesome, your content has been indexed in Google.

Your content published through SiteContent at Wealthy Affiliate has been found in Google! This means that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. This is amazing!

Although these is not my first content written that has been index, some of my content has been indexed like Developing Self Confidence, Setting Smart Goals, 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review -Best for Successful Affiliate Marketers even About Me, just to mention few.

But I never really think is something to glorify of, untill I see some blog post about saying their content has been index.

This is why I am sharing this post, that this morning again one of my content has been indexed in Google.

Here is what was found in Google on September 19, 2018: The Secret Road To Success, in case you are interested in reading - click

Who did this, Jesus, O my God, Wow, with the knowledge of Kyle & Carson, I think we are evolving everyday, to bring about change.

Milestone (II)

PPC Conversion Tracking: I have this Bing PPC Conversion Tracking issue but I was able to retified the issue and have the conversion tracking code generated.

Initially, I don't have the Bing account set-up - Which I had to sign-up and set-up my account.

Along the line I got stuck, I thought I had mess up the all processing. I battle the whole thing for two days.

This is how my version look like

Kyle version look like in the video.

You can see there little bit different:

If you click on campaigns, by your left side-bar you click on Shared Library.

Kyle Account looks

KyleWA13-X000R4NM (inactive)


All Campaigns

Shared Library

Campaign negative keywords

Goals and Conversions

My own version:


Wealthy Affiliate - F119LWLA (Inactive) that the name I used to set-up my account.


All Campaigns

Shared Library

Conversion Tracking

Bulk Operations


You discovered there is little different in version.

Kyle version you click on Campaign - Shared Library - Goals and Conversions and input some data before been generate conversion code which you copy straight to your PPC Bing Conversion Tracking in WA.

About conversion goals

What it is

Conversion tracking measures the return on investment of your campaign by tracking actions people take on your website after they click on your ad. When the action matches your conversion goal, it is counted as a conversion.

Note: If you are tracking mobile app installs as a conversion or tracking conversions offline, you don’t have to add the UET tag tracking code to your website.

The version I was using, you had to click on Campaign - Shared Library - Conversion Tracking.

Please when you are doing any training or anything read instruction, I didn't read the about conversion goals instruction to assimilate what is all about. I got stuck, problem began. I never knew I had to create UET tag once. see the chart below in case.

What it is UET

The UET tag tracking code, once added to your website, allows Bing Ads to collect actions people take so you can track conversions or target audiences with remarketing lists.

Immediately I read the about conversion goals instruction, I got the understanding, I has to create UET first. In short, conversion code got generated. The whole set-up, reset itself.

That is how I was able to understand the training.

Initially, I battle with Destination URL, Kyle cursor was on Destination URL, my cursor refuse to click on the Destination URL, it only click on Offline Conversion or Mobile App install.

Not untill I create UET tag once. Thereafter I was able to generate Started Member Referrals and Premium Upgrades, Bing Conversion Tracking Javascript Snippet. Which I copied to my WA PPC Conversion Tracking.

The training video-

Tracking WA Conversions With BingAds


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