A Secret Road To Success

Last Update: September 19, 2018

Story of passion

Once upon a time, there was a couple, James and Vienna, who lives in a city of West Coast. Both of them are living happily married and comfortable in life. They have a better secure job, own a house in a well situate environment, with beautiful children to behold.

Life was so awesome with them. They never lack any basic amenities. Basically, this couple does not need to worry much about their financial or others needs. Life goes on as usual. In the morning they will have their devotional time with God, after that off to their various respective jobs.

Life continued on an on, after living the same life style for years, at a point, they realized that their life seems to be so routine! It is so predictable that it seems like something is missing for both of them. The ideas of waking up in the morning doing that same thing every day become irksome.

Albeit, having morning devotional with God is our duties and normal, that is the purpose why we are created here on earth – By worshiping Him is paramount.

James and Vienna, wake up every morning, go to work, come back from work, go home, eat dinner (sometimes they have to dine outside) watch TV, the normal, typical daily stuff. With the money they earned on their job’s, it would not be possible for them to go on vacation overseas a lot, go safaris in Africa.

The couple needed to do something different to bring change rather than the normal routine job, the feeling and the zeal was just there for a change. They feel something is missing.

What is missing!

What is missing!!

What is missing!!!? Their passion in life…..

This is because they have not sought the passion in their life and with their current financial situation, this is the type of enjoyment they can afford to spend on.

So one day, the wife voice out that she has had enough; enough is enough of this meaningless life, they need to find their passion in life, to enjoy life to the fullest and be better off financially. They know they can achieve more, but do not know why they are not achieving more. Achieving does not mean that they have to be millionaires, but in every other aspects of life. The husband agreed, and so they set off to find a better lifestyle and seek the passion for their life.

Amazingly, the husband is told by successful friend of his, that there is a secret success expert living in a far, far away land, onto of the highest mountain. The expert lives in that mountain.

The husband is excited with this news, and so after much discussion with his wife, they make a decision. They decide to seek advice from the expert for the secrets of success. They take their company leaves, save some money for traveling and off they go.

After days of searching high and low with their determination to seek the answer, finally they find the mountain where the expert lives.

Excited as they are, they make their climbs to the peak of the mountain. It is very hard and tedious, but it is worth the effort. Finally, they are as the peak.

Overseeing the view of the world from the top of the mountain, they feel so condiment and a peace of mind. Now, their task is to find the expert. The hard part is:

Where could he be? They think.

Suddenly, they see an old man, sitting as the end of the mountain rock. It seems very dangerous to sit there, because anyone can fall off anytime down the mountain and break all the bones. Of course, anyone who falls off will probably end up dead with broken bones.

So, the wife whispers to the expert, ‘Excuse me, old man, are you the secret success expert that helps people to be successful?’

The expert seems not to be hearing her whisper. He is still sitting quietly as the end of the mountain rock without any movement.

The wife whispers again. Then, the old man turns around and stands up as the end of the mountain rock. This is even more dangerous now, because anyone can lose balance and fall off!

‘Be careful! You can fall down from the mountain rock if you stand so near as the end of the edge!’ they warn by the expert.

But the expert simply ignores what they say. In fact, he replies, ‘if you want to speak with me and learn from me, you have to come closer. Come and stand beside me as the end of the mountain rock, my students-to-be.’

If they want to learn the secrets of success from the expert, they have to follow his instruction. With a lot of fear, they come close to the expert. Now, the old man is standing in the middle with both of them standing on the left and right side of the expert. All three of them are facing outwards of the mountain, they are facing the down slope of the mountain overlooking the top of the world. They can fall down the mountain as any time if they are not careful. The husband’s and wife’s hearts are panting non-stop.

At this moment they feel so different, a feeling they never felt before, peace of mind and yet full of anxiety. Looking down the land, they feel really confident. And also a bit afraid of falling off. It will break their bones if they fall down the mountain.

The husband is thinking, ‘Now what?’. So, he asks the expert the million dollar question,

‘What is the secret of success, my expert?’

The expert just smiles as them and replies; ‘Look as the world beyond below, from here.’

Following the instruction, both of them did as instructed, looking as the world from the top of the mountain. They can see almost everything from the peak of the mountain.

Suddenly, the expert pushes them off the mountain peak!! Unbelievable!

What a conclusion!

Both of them fall.

When they fall, with so much fear of death, suddenly, they realize that they can fly! And they fly…………because they have forgotten that they can fly all this while.

So my fellow Community you can fly here in Wealthy Affiliate and become successful. Hard working and dedication, you are already at the mountain top in WA, the secret place for success, breakthrough, don't remain in your comfort zone, there are other better things to leverage your talent with. That passion in life, pursued the passion, Good luck.

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CandP Premium
Thanks to your beautiful and original post, we shall spread our wings and join you in the flight to success!
Colette and Philip
Omosomi Premium
I appreciate your comment.
newlive Premium
I was thinking there ok they fell of the mountain and break every bone...lol...awesome....thank you.....for the message and for sharing...wishing you well
Omosomi Premium
I so grateful for your comment, I appreciate.
bye sir.
newlive Premium
wishing you well
1signbanner Premium
Wow what a story. Your message appeared to me like a story a Zen Master would share.

Nice! I thank you!

Omosomi Premium
Thanks too
susuki133 Premium
Awesome topic, thank you, yes there is more to life than just the same old thing everyday work,home, eat, bed, everyday so boring. That is why I am a part of the WA family and i enjoy it so much and learning lots, also having fun. To my WA family keep going, don't give up, this is all new to me but I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna keep going and reach my goals. I hope to buy my own home in the future.
Gods Belssings To my WA Family.
Omosomi Premium
Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment.
Traveller75 Premium
Good advise, get out of your comfort zone, it id needed sometimes.
Omosomi Premium
Thanks very much.