So Confused

Last Update: September 29, 2018

I try really hard to comment on all the posts made by people I follow or who follow me. Its a lenghty and time consuminig process but I feel its only right as they have taken the time to write the post.

However, the more posts I read, the more confused I get. I understand that I'm just in the beginning stages of my training and haven't come across situations like those that are being posted but I'm beginning to suffer from brain freeze.

So many terms and so many situations makes me think I will never understand all this stuff. Again, I am getting ahead of myself but I had no idea that this was so complicated. I have bookmarked so many posts that I may never have the time to read them.

Hopefully all these things will begin to make more sense as I progress through the training. For the sake of my sanity!!

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jlclayton1 Premium
It is totally ok to pick and choose what you read--do not feel obligated to take the time to read everything that gets posted. I did the same thing at first and soon realized that I couldn't concentrate on my own business if I did that because I only had so much time in the day!

I scroll down my emails, and if a post looks like something I can use right now, I keep it. If it's not, I delete it and move on. If I read a post and realize it's about something I'm not ready for yet or don't understand, I move on. The great thing is that when you're ready for those items, you can use the search bar at the top and find the great posts, training, and questions you need!

Everyone is here for the same reason, to start a successful online business. It's ok to keep that as your priority and use your time for your lessons and creating content. Focus on what's important for you, your own business, and your family--don't feel an obligation to do anything else until you're ready and have the time.

Everyone gets overwhelmed at some time or another (or in my case, a lot!), but setting priorities is a good thing that will help you be successful in the end!

Gordon-D Premium
Don't worry about things you aren't aware of at the moment. Just keep pushing forward with your training and interact when you can. You have only been here 2 months you will be surprised how much more you know in another 2 months.
Spaced Premium
Nancy, as Kyle would say you cannot be a master of everything.
People face different situations based on different goals.

I have been down this road before - and not completely out of it, actually - but for the sake of my sanity I have decided to primarily focus on the training.

Reading blogs is a nice way to get additional information, but the amount of different opinions and experiences can easily overwhelm you, if you do not know when to stop.

If you wander away from the main avenue (the training), you are going to burn yourself out. Your anxiety levels are going to increase, causing you to lose your self-esteem and confidence in your skills.

My strategy now: to strictly follow the training and ask questions only when absolutely necessary. And in order to take my mind off, I now dedicate no more than 30-60 minutes a day to read other people's blogs.

Hope this helps.
nsilva2270 Premium
That's exactly where I am right now. Wondering if I can really do this. But everyone's advice seems to be the same. Concentrate on the training and building my website. That's how I will proceed going forward. Thanks.
PeterMay Premium
Hey Nancy I feel exactly the same sometimes. It can be a bit overwhelming. The thing is everyone on here is so helpful and assuring that I will get there and learn everything that I need to know, that it sets me back on track. I am following some amazing people on here and you can tell after a while of connecting with someone if they are real and genuine. Believe you can do this and connect with good people who want to help you and you'll be fine.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are not alone my friend.
When we are new it is hard to try and take on all of the training, as well as the training and information members post as well.

Focus on your training right now.
This is what I do. I will skim through a members post/training. If I know it will be of value to me the I will bookmark/save it.

I am like you, if I read different techniques then I will get confused on what I am supposed to do with the training.

Once we get through the training, we will have more knowledge so when we read post/training from other members we can then look at it and say, hmm this might actually work or, I didn't think of trying it that way.

I hope this has helped you. I know what you are going through. I felt the same way when I started.

There is not enough time to keep up with everyone and focus on your business. Focus on your business first and work toward your goal.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann