The rain is pouring.

Last Update: December 26, 2021

Since the covid 19 era, I've been staying put in Malaysia. Haven't gone back to my homeland for nearly 2 years. We are just neighbours, next door. We seem so close and yet so far.

For the past couple weeks, the rain has been pouring continuously.

Many states here have been flooded. It's a national disaster. However, it's heart warming to see many people working hand in hand helping the needy.

Received news from my son's school that they are affected by the flood. In fact I heard that water has reached the rooftop of some of the houses in that area. Fortunately water was only at ankle level at my son's school. Blessings...

However, we're notified not to send any parcels to our sons as the main road leading to the school was damaged.

I understand that some of our WA members here are from Malaysia. Hope everybody is safe and away from the water.

Take care and be vigilant!


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Bridges Premium
Norleila, we will pray for your safety.
Norleila Premium Plus
Thanks Archie.

Appreciate so much.
JeannineC Premium
Stay safe! I hope the rain ends soon and all is restored.
Norleila Premium Plus
Thank you Jeannine.
ElodieF4321 Premium
We stand in solidarity with everyone who is affected. Just remember you'really in our prayers.

Be strong
Norleila Premium Plus
Thanks Elodie.
Zoopie Premium
My thoughts are with you and your family.
It looks pretty bad, I hope some are helping.
And what a bad time of year for this to happen.
Norleila Premium Plus
Thanks Stephen.
muslimah Premium
So sorry, Norleila.
Happy to know you're fine.
Stay safe: prayers to everyone going through this.
Norleila Premium Plus
Thank you Muslimah.