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December 30, 2021
Hi my WA friends.Remember I was hospitalized for covid 19 some months ago? Well to be exact I was admitted on the 5 September 2021 . Wow! Time really flies.This morning at 8 am, 30 December 2021, I had an appointment for my post covid assessment at the hospital - medical care unit.A chest x-ray was done to determined the condition of my lungs.Wow! Grand Blessings!My lungs x-ray is clear. Everything seems good and the doctor discharged my case. Meaning there is no more follow up appointment.Ho
December 28, 2021
As we through life, take a minute break and see what we have gone through. There are sure to be sweet and happy moments. There are also the challenging times. All these form the beauty of living. Just after sharing with you all about the flood in my son's school and parts of Malaysia, now comes another great gift.As we are all aware, the covid 19 era is never ending. The exit of one variant welcomes another. "With much regret, we would like to inform parents/guardians that classes have to be
December 27, 2021
Hi my WA grand friends.I'm so touched with all your supports and prayers. You all have the heart of gold.Here in Malaysia, most of the places affected by the rain and flood are under control. The victims have been evacuated to a safer place. There are so much work to be done. Great losses including lives. Many volunteers came to offer their services. Cleaning up the muddy places, removing the damage assets and importantly giving moral supports to the survivals.During this kind of mishaps, we c
December 26, 2021
Since the covid 19 era, I've been staying put in Malaysia. Haven't gone back to my homeland for nearly 2 years. We are just neighbours, next door. We seem so close and yet so far.For the past couple weeks, the rain has been pouring continuously.Many states here have been flooded. It's a national disaster. However, it's heart warming to see many people working hand in hand helping the needy. Received news from my son's school that they are affected by the flood. In fact I heard that water has
Hi WA awesome members.How many of you are really doing your work from home? Building contents, learning the lessons and all the website's stuff.Most of my time is at home and I got easily distracted doing other chores. It's not easy to sit down and do my website's stuff. At best now, I'm trying to upkeep my momentum with the premium plus+ WA gurus, attending their trainings.Wondering if I need an office outside home or should I close the kitchen area. What would you recommend?Looking forward to
December 03, 2021
I'm starting all over again. Started with Eric Cantu's Mindset Hacks - Getting over the hurdles and maximising your success. It was great. In fact upon EdwinBernard's trigger that I decided to take a look. Thanks Edwin.Eric is so true. "You have to learn first". Focus on learning and everything else falls into place.His next tip - create writing schedule that keeps you on task. 2-3 posts/week. I believe many of us have heard this from many here. But many times we need to be told and retold.Well
November 29, 2021
"Wow! You've been here since 2014."Well, yes! But to be honest to myself, I have not been taking the programs, trainings offered at Wealthy Affiliate seriously.I am proud to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate but I have not made Wealthy Affiliate proud of me.There are so many opportunities the online world is offering but many times we are distracted with other things.Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, there is no reason not to be successful in the online business.I just have to follow the traini
November 25, 2021
Wow! It's a blessing! I've been chosen to turn Premium Plus. It's not an act of arrogance but so much so to be committed to my mission in life.My hope is to move forward with Wealthy Affiliate's powerful online business platform.Honestly, I have not been working hard all these years. I might not have a real mission all along. I am happy and contented with my life.Now, with my mission in life to build funds for those in need, I would have to be more focused. My vision at this current point is t
November 25, 2021
I just want to make more people happy. My dream is to build funds for those in need.Wealthy Affiliate is my vehicle to reach my destination.The programs, trainings and supports will be my map to find my directions.Thus, I need to upgrade my membership to PREMIUM PLUS. BLACK FRIDAY OFFER! YOU'RE SO TEMPTING!Hey my WA comrades!What say you? Pen it down ya!Lots of luvNorleila
November 01, 2021
I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate since 2014. That's about slightly more than 7 years. Throughout my presence here, I've gained so much knowledge. Not only did I learn about the online business matters but also daily human interactions. With its awesome community, one will definitely want to stay here forever.Well my dear friends, I believe you have your own reasons and experiences why you are still here.Why don't you pen your wonderful thoughts here. Who knows. you could be an inspiration to