SAC 2nd Month Update - Disapointed

Last Update: July 04, 2019

Month two of SAC. I'm so disappointed that I did not accomplished my tasks. I don't want to sound like I’m making excuses but It will. I wanted everyone to know that I didn't mean to let you all down.

What Happened?

Middle of May my company have sent me on a test project 45 minutes away from base for two weeks. Getting up early at 4 AM was getting used to. We were so busy that when I came home it was late.

I had to cook, eat, clean after that and sleep. Let me tell you, eating late in the evening and then sleeping an hour later is not a good thing.

Normally my husband and I have dinner around 6pm and by 10pm we were either as sleep or getting ready to sleep. Not those weeks.

Then my sister was diagnosed with bell palsy. She was in pain and has taken meds. She was drowsy most of the time for a couple of days. She said her right side of her face hurts a lot so I helped her with babysitting.

At the same time, end of May we were also helping my daughter move in. We drove to California to pick up her stuff and drove 4.5 hours back. The driving sucked. Good thing she didn’t have a lot of stuff. She brought in two cats as well.

Her biological father bought her an airline ticket to visit him in Michigan. Leaving us with two cats to take care of. Bless my husband for the awesome help.

It’s A Big Mess!

June - My schedule at work went from 10 hours a day to12 hours a day. By the time I got home I was so exhausted that I didn't want to do anything. Almost didn't have time to cook. Thanks to my loving husband he fed me. lol

Then my sister was rushed to the emergency room. (That’s a story in its own. That’s for another time.) I have to thank God for helping us. Most of the horrible incidents happened on a weekend and my husband and I were free.

The first week of June my niece was graduating from Junior High School and she wants us to attend the ceremony in Carson, CA. Which it will be on a Thursday. I took a day off so we could head out on Wednesday night right after work.

My previous update. Was amazingly and weird. Enjoy!

We were planning on stay until Sunday morning. However, my husband business was receiving a couple of important boxes for his customers and there was no one to sign for it. We came home Friday morning.

That evening out of the blue my sister suddenly got a cold chill. The next evening, Saturday, she was rushed into the emergency room. 6 days later she was discharged. She had sepsis.

I was again babysitting. It was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I had a child I know how hard it was to raise a child but it’s been 23 years! LOL

Work Schedule Changed again!!

Not only I was working 12 hours a day the customers want to extend the days as well. Instead of working 4 days a week 12 hours a day. It’s was 6 days a week 12 hours a day!

For all of June I didn’t have time to work on my blogs, help people, and I didn’t even want to open my laptop.


We wrapped up the testing last week and I finally get a 4-day weekend!! I’m so relief that the test is over for now. Next week is a different project with regular hours however, this customer wants to work on Friday, which normally my weekend.

I thought I should update on my progress and let you guys know that I am still here, catching up.

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bazboy247 Premium
You have not let us down because you are not doing this for us you are doing it for you

BenjisDad Premium Plus
even more ammo you need to work harder on your site.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Haha that's true. 😀
firstlearn Premium
A lot of work for you Kelyee.

davehayes Premium
It will come good, just stay the course and it wil sort itself. Good luck
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you. 🙂
rubanzema Premium
Courage my friend. It's not too late.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Thank you. 🙂