Have You Notice That The Pin To Your Training Progress Doesn't Stick?

Last Update: September 13, 2019

Wow, weather here is cooling off and I am enjoying my morning. Woohoo fall is coming around the corner. And I don't have to work this Friday! I decided to continue my training and catch up on what to do next on the 4th month of SAC.

I love the new look of our profile. Something looked off as I scanned around the my home page (dashboard.) I couldn't put my head on it. Then I realized oh my pin, that I always have up to remind me where I was at is missing!

As you know, I started bootcamp and had to set that aside and started Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC.) I was going to see if I can do both at the same time because seems like it's almost the same.

Have you notice that the pin to your training progress doesn't stick?

So WA'ers is it just me or the WA team is still working out the bugs?

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Wow. You're very observant.

All the best
Nkaujzeb Premium
That's only because I was behind on my SAC and needed to catch up. 🤭
Mick18 Premium
Didn't realize it could be moved.
Nkaujzeb Premium
Me either!
Linda103 Premium
My training is at the top where its always been. Didnt know it could move.
Joes946 Premium
Haven't tried it.
davehayes Premium
Not entirely sure