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Month two of SAC. I'm so disappointed that I did not accomplished my tasks. I don't want to sound like I’m making excuses but It will. I wanted everyone to know that I didn't mean to let you all down.What Happened?Middle of May my company have sent me on a test project 45 minutes away from base for two weeks. Getting up early at 4 AM was getting used to. We were so busy that when I came home it was late. I had to cook, eat, clean after that and sleep. Let me tell you, eating late in the e
June 06, 2019
My second month of the SAC is starting really slow. I must find time to up my game this month. Still, I need a breather. Just finished watching Kyle training videos last night and for some weird reason I kept over thinking it and it's not that complicated.What is complicated is that I've been sent to a work site that I have no service and I can't sneak in a few minutes with WA. That's is really sad to me. :'(The worksite is an hour away from the shop, spent 8 hours out there and an hour back no
Everyone get their post indexed faster than some. Others had to wait a few weeks. Some might take even longer. Whatever the case be patient and make more content. Watch Jay's March webinar on finding awesome keyword. This might help you find better quality keyword to use.My other site a lost I forgot about it just got indexed. It's been 6 months. My niche site has been neglected. However, I am adding content every month. I am concentrating on the SAC. 😊Keyword search is key!Learn how to
May 22, 2019
So I know this is nothing to be that excited about, however, it's exciting to me! Why is it so exciting? Because this new training and mentoring from Kyle and the SAC.Only in one month my new site I created to promote WA. I got a trail member organically!I've been with WA for a year and a half now it took so much convincing and tauting my family to try WA out for free. And I finally got two trail members in 6 months but that didn't lead anywhere.However with SAC second month training just star
May 15, 2019
I have been MIA because my work schedule has been crazy this month. Changing from days shift to night shift lots of testing for our customers. I have so far written 13 posts and 8 of them has been published.What a month. I don't know where I got the time to write because of the lack of sleep I had.But as far as the SAC goes I need to find time to help 5 people a day. The writing was the hardest part. Next is to edit my remaining posts and publish them. They are over 1000+ words so now that I ha
May 06, 2019
Have you ever felt stalked after talking to someone for help? After chatting with an Amazon associate support person I felt stalked after the chat.We all know that if you signed up for Amazon associate you have 180 days to get 3 qualifying purchases within those days. Then once you get those three sales your account will be reviewed and you must maintain a once a year qualify purchase for the life of your account, assuming you oblige by their rules.So, I was looking at the status of my account
Who else here have what I have? Since, SAC started I need to focus and I find myself all over the place. This is my time to shine. Kyle is mentoring me, us. I will not be distracted because he is my guide. Focus, focus, focus. It's my refresher course. So I thought.I'm finding myself having not accomplish anything, anything that matters like my weekly blog at WA and blogging 3 times a week.When my sister moved out. I thought Okay she moved out. Now I have more time to myself so I can concentrat
Hey, guys don't forget that if you want to have your site searchable in Google, Yahoo, and Bing you have to submit and verify ownership your brand new site with Google and Bing.We all know that from the many training by Kyle and Jay that we must do this. I have verified my other site with Google and Bing many times. This is NOT a training. Rather more of a headache. I made a brand new site for the SAC to promote WA. I ran into difficulty verifying ownership with Bing. After many attempts, this
There are 5 things you must do every day for the SAC 2019 - 2020. I had to help my sister move out of my house. Yes, finally got my house back! Not that I didn't like her it's just sometimes you need your privacy, me time. Not really she bought a home for her little family. Then the clean up and the reorganizing. It took some times off from my project which is the SAC. However, I am ready.Since last night I revisited Phase one of the boot camp and installed all the necessary plugins. My WordPre
Oh my goodness!Omg guys, I am soo scared I nearly fell off my seat. My heart is still racing. I think I need to up my blood pressure med. I can't believe it!And yet elated at the same time! Maybe a little of both. Mixed emotions here. I grabbed my water jug and chucked on my water and almost choked. I did but omg guys! 😅It's cool I'm fine. I, I just need to take a deep breath and breathe. (Breathe...)Okay so get this, I just opened my email like 10mins ago and told me I got a private me