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March 24, 2021
Who still have a doubtful mind when it comes to blogging online to make money? I'm sure everyone who signed up in Wealthy Affiliate wants to make money fast. If you thought like that you're in the wrong platform or haven't gone through the training like you're supposed to.I like to give a few tips, if you allow me.Tip one: Work hard. This is a place where you can leverage off the tools that is provided for your use. For example. The site content with photos you can use at your discretion and cr
Wow, weather here is cooling off and I am enjoying my morning. Woohoo fall is coming around the corner. And I don't have to work this Friday! I decided to continue my training and catch up on what to do next on the 4th month of SAC.I love the new look of our profile. Something looked off as I scanned around the my home page (dashboard.) I couldn't put my head on it. Then I realized oh my pin, that I always have up to remind me where I was at is missing!As you know, I started bootcamp and had to
Wow, two years already! It seems like it was just yesterday that I've joined WA. Time flys when you're having fun!Let me tell you what I've learned in two years. The first year I created a niche website, to talk about what I love to do.Followed the certification training. Don't rush through it or else you'll miss something important. Even if you are already an advanced web designer and doing it just to check off the tasks, read it thoroughly.Learned what plugins to use and not to by all the hel
August 17, 2019
Hey families and friends, Guess what?I logged in today and find out that I reached up! How cool is that? Being at top 200 is great, it means that I am a great help to those that are seeking answers. Today, we are going to a quinceanera for a friend of ours, their daughter is turning into a womanhood and we are helping them celebrate, her sweet 15. So, my time is limited today, but I just wanted to check in and see what the community is talking about and work on my writing a little bit and found
July 31, 2019
There are a few people who told me, "I can't do it anymore. I need money now." I hope that you all have a clear understanding that WA isn't a get rich scheme that will make money now.You should come to WA knowing that it is a training course and website hosting platform. Keep in mind that WA is about learning how to make money online and build your online business, successfully.We have a tremendous amount of caring mentors in any niche you can think of and will help you only if you ask it corre
Month two of SAC. I'm so disappointed that I did not accomplished my tasks. I don't want to sound like I’m making excuses but It will. I wanted everyone to know that I didn't mean to let you all down.What Happened?Middle of May my company have sent me on a test project 45 minutes away from base for two weeks. Getting up early at 4 AM was getting used to. We were so busy that when I came home it was late. I had to cook, eat, clean after that and sleep. Let me tell you, eating late in the e
June 06, 2019
My second month of the SAC is starting really slow. I must find time to up my game this month. Still, I need a breather. Just finished watching Kyle training videos last night and for some weird reason I kept over thinking it and it's not that complicated.What is complicated is that I've been sent to a work site that I have no service and I can't sneak in a few minutes with WA. That's is really sad to me. :'(The worksite is an hour away from the shop, spent 8 hours out there and an hour back no
Everyone get their post indexed faster than some. Others had to wait a few weeks. Some might take even longer. Whatever the case be patient and make more content. Watch Jay's March webinar on finding awesome keyword. This might help you find better quality keyword to use.My other site a lost I forgot about it just got indexed. It's been 6 months. My niche site has been neglected. However, I am adding content every month. I am concentrating on the SAC. 😊Keyword search is key!Learn how to
May 22, 2019
So I know this is nothing to be that excited about, however, it's exciting to me! Why is it so exciting? Because this new training and mentoring from Kyle and the SAC.Only in one month my new site I created to promote WA. I got a trail member organically!I've been with WA for a year and a half now it took so much convincing and tauting my family to try WA out for free. And I finally got two trail members in 6 months but that didn't lead anywhere.However with SAC second month training just star
May 15, 2019
I have been MIA because my work schedule has been crazy this month. Changing from days shift to night shift lots of testing for our customers. I have so far written 13 posts and 8 of them has been published.What a month. I don't know where I got the time to write because of the lack of sleep I had.But as far as the SAC goes I need to find time to help 5 people a day. The writing was the hardest part. Next is to edit my remaining posts and publish them. They are over 1000+ words so now that I ha