What a Waste!

Last Update: December 03, 2015

I am a junkie. A junk junkie.

Or should I say, One man's Trash is another man's Treasure...

In the city that I live and was born in - Johannesburg, South Africa (as pictured in my painting I made some 8 years ago, above) there is currently a strike going on by the waste management systems' workers.

This is what our streets look like this week:

While it is a more or less once-off happening, it is fast becoming a common sight globally: Not enough landfill space to dump our billions of people's trash, so waste is piling up everywhere.

Hectic? Yes. Crisis? For sure. The end of the world? Perhaps.

However, since it is my business - or better put, my passion - to transform waste into beauty/energy, this smelly hell is where my booty lies:

I made this sculpture from trash, both organic and plastic, and is in fact called Joburg Man. This was also some years ago when I was teaching imprisoned youth handy skills with tools and trash - how to transform the contents of a dustbin into something useful or cool to sell, instead of committing crimes.

Passion on a small scale to a quest on a global scale

My point is that since I started at Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, my passion has gone beyond making art to a much more global scale activity and mission: Saving The Planet. It sounds very grandiose and perhaps romantic (true to my artistic inclinations I suppose), but it is actually very humbling and way more challenging than a knight's quest where slaying dragons are but the least of my worries.

Now I am a free agent and internet entrepreneur, a go between guy sourcing real Earth saving solutions for people and businesses. I can make a difference where it counts. And now smelly trash is not only the building blocks for beauty, but has the potential to become real treasure - a sustainable income - to overcome those monthly dragon-like bills and debilitating 9-5 office jobs I so hate.

Yes - I promote and market Waste To Energy solutions, which you can check out on my website made via WA's training at http://www.greenlivingforfreedom.com

Whilst the financial rewards have yet to be reaped, the interest is building, and the passion I invest into it is getting out there, slowly but surely.

Here's to freedom, fighting the dragons of conventional commerce, and to celebrating soul nourishing missions!

Thank you

And have a green day

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KatieMac Premium
Only been to Jo'burg once there is too much waste going on, I live in a area of Scotland were we recycle even food waste we need more programs like this
Nikodemis Premium
Yeah Katie, we are somewhat behind but getting there... Thank u for reading my blog
PeteWeaver Premium
Awesome Nikodemis,

Some people don't know the real treasure of their possessions until they no longer have them. It is great to have someone who can make unusable things into beautiful art again.

By the way, that first picture looks a little bit like Seattle, Washington. I used to live in Spokane, Washington.

Your site looks really nice too. I see that you are using the TwentyFourteen Theme. These are nice themes by http://Wordpress.org.

Keep up the good work

Keith Weaver
Nikodemis Premium
Thanx very much for the positive feedback Keith. I will google Seattle and check it out, sounds beautiful. I love when city and countryside/nature interact like that...
Loes Premium
I love your attitude, I am creating things from garbage in my daycare, you can find them on my kidsart website. Besides that, I refuse plastic bags in shops, aways carrying my own shopper around.
Nikodemis Premium
Cool stuff thanx for caring Loes !
Linda-777 Premium
Amazing, you should sell your art on etsy or gumroad too.
Blessings in abundance
Nikodemis Premium
Hi Linda
Thank you for the feedback and taking time out to read my blog - and for the leads, I will definitely go check out etsy and gumroad :)'