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December 03, 2015
I am a junkie. A junk junkie. Or should I say, One man's Trash is another man's Treasure...In the city that I live and was born in - Johannesburg, South Africa (as pictured in my painting I made some 8 years ago, above) there is currently a strike going on by the waste management systems' workers.This is what our streets look like this week:While it is a more or less once-off happening, it is fast becoming a common sight globally: Not enough landfill space to dump our billions of people's trash
November 15, 2015
Harvest what you sow continued (from my veggie patch) -Human Bean:2) Alien Bean:Both are made of beans.Come to think of it, we're ALL full of beans!Bless this planet. Bless all its Beans.In peace. Not pieces.In One-ness.With love
November 06, 2015
Reap what you sow, they say. Well, I gotto say, harvesting love is really cool.While I haven't made any direct sales through my website since I started here at WA some 6 weeks ago, I do declare that have had some major successes as an indirect result of starting my website and doing the WA course:I have upped my presence and blogging considerably on many of the social media platforms - and this resulted in making more connections and follow ups on my interests and loves as encompassed by my ni
October 22, 2015
So it's Friday! Happy day. Vrydag (in the Afrikaans language) which means Free Day.But do I feel totally free?Is freedom about taking off my tie after a hard week of 9-5 slog? Or chillin out and celebrating after being my own (slave driving) boss for another glorious week? Is it about kicking off my shoes, letting my hair down and pouring myself a well earned drink?Or is it about choosing win-win. My freedom choices also meaning your freedom choices. My freedom to choose with integrity. To Live
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Green is cooperation. Green ideas for living is sharing community tips on how to live free - how to live the life, responsibly.My website is up and running. But like any organic creature, it is still growing.Like a tree. A free tree: growing freely, naturally, patiently.Freedom is the new green. And with freedom comes responsibility. Like taking a holiday break while also giving the earth a break. A responsible break. A recharge break, taking care to tread lightly, and care with my heart opened
We get so used to staring at our virtual worlds on our screens that the real tactile world of touchy-feely-smelly stuff often passes us by.Which is a pity: the Natural World is sooo beautiful, and so full of surprises. And the best thing for me is that it is out of my control: weather, day and night, seasonal changes, weather patterns, natural disasters, flowers blooming and ants crawling, sunrises ad sunsets, tree shapes, animal behaviour, kids growing up into their own. Exciting - like Xmas p
Just a moment - well, actually a moment that lasts 8 minutes - that gives me goose bumps.Please click here => Joy
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September 21, 2015
Sometimes surfing the internet for me is like a game of dodgeball - whilst simultaniously trying to balance on the surfboard AND juggling sticks of fire in the air. And while sharks are circling around below...Sometimes I feel like I have too many scruples and not enough hardcore business savvy and love of money to keep me going on this affiliate website marketing surfboard, and the circling sharks of mass consumerism are gonna swallow me any moment now. And then spit me out...For example: This
What are your goals? Are u passionate about your work? Is freedom your aim? What is freedom? What adds to your wealth, health and happiness?I see a lot of websites here on WA purely dedicated to promoting WA and related money making programs. And I envy those who can think, dream, eat and act on the most direct ways to make money, 24/7. Call me a lost hippie, or maybe just an idealist, or even a tree hugger. But hey, I love nature and it loves me back.I still believe that the best things in lif
August 30, 2015
Ever find yourself down in a lull after having just had the most amazing up-experience?For example, I started this online training at WA about 2 weeks ago and creating my first website via WA was soooo invigorating. The reward at seeing the progress I made each and every day as I followed the steps diligently in that initial FREE training was fantastic.Basic law of the universe - what goes up must come downBut, I also had some dead patches. And so there will be more dead patches to come. Each t
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