1 Year at Wa

Last Update: April 15, 2016

Hi guys,

I just want to share my progress with WA at one year Mark.

Well, I started last April and was so much into it and that time I had a full-time job and looked after two stores as General Manager. It was a time consuming, and I came home without any power + having a child is not easy :)

Well in November I had enough of life like that as literally I worked 68-70 hours a week.

I quit.

Same time I started to do courses on Wa again and I had few sales. I wrote posts for my website and opened another one. I got sales through Amazon and Adsense income and it get me to $250 a month. I was very pleased with that.

Then on January, I been approached by a person who needed help with new coffee shop set up in my town. He used to be my regular customer.

And I started to work as a self-employed. So internet business again was forgotten. I know I should be more consistent but this project with the coffee shop it was a great experience for me and lots of joy.

But I have to report that I still have income from online businessaround $180 a month (this from affiliate and advertising, not taking in accounts my direct sales through eBay as I have been ressling some goods regularly), the reason of drop is Adsense decided to stop monetize my website, which I had a steady income for two months. Reason: Content quality. I tried to appeal, but it was no successful I don't have any copied material on my website, there are only my thought and my articles. Anyway, Adsense getting more greedier and weirder.

The coffee shop project are predicted to finish in May, and I am looking forward to be back to WA full time again and try the possibility to improve income.

I want to thanks, everyone who helped me here and who supporting still. :) I am very happy with WA and what I learned here. I can see more possibilities in front of me now than before :)

Together we can achieve more.


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AngelBcn Premium
Congratulations Niki! Keep up the good work :)
KatieMac Premium
Well done to you Niki I am sure you will have up being more productive in no time wish you all the best with it
mjdimarco Premium
Good for you!
theresroth Premium
Thanks for this, Niki!
Think Adsense will have to sit up and take notice, everyone's making similar experiences with them....
JudeP Premium
Good luck as you move forward :)