Staying motivated

Last Update: June 22, 2014

Staying motivated is probably the hardest part in any business for you are never sure what lies ahead. You can see your future in a bubble but there's no way to get to it. When life brings you down that it feels the hole world is on your shoulders. When you get up in the morning and you have no idea why you even still trying to give your best.

What do you do? How do you motivate yourself? How do you lift yourself to get on with what makes you happy? How do you get back to being excited?

Remember in one of your earlier lessons Kyle talks about goals. Setting goals and working for it. He also said to keep these goals somewhere where you can see it so you can take a look at it when you need to.

Well, this is the time to look at your goals and remember why you signed up for Wealthy Affiliate in the first place. Read your goals and imagine achieving it like you did when you wrote it down. This is why you keep going and this is why you are still here. You set those goals so you can be better off than the way you are now. Your goals is what keeps you going. Never give up.

Remember there are many people worse off than you, people who can not even afford a computer to have these opportunities in their hands!


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MaryGoggins Premium
Thank you for that Nick. Motivation is everything.
MichelleWA Premium
Great blog, now you reminded me of that goal discussion, and now I want to write them down! Thanks!
Maxiam59 Premium
Great post I agree with you all the best
Funmine Premium
Nicely composed post, Nick! I definitely benefitted from your words of encouragement.
mrpeter Premium
Thank you for the encouragement, and for reminding me that I am privileged to be here.