It's JUST a blip! THIS too shall PASS!

Last Update: Feb 2, 2023

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How do you find inspiration when everything is falling all around you?

Your mindset is bleak and you're out of your comfort zone

What will you do?

Give up?

Wait until something happens?

Fight to make something happen?

I am always choosing to fight, even if my mind is not with it.

This morning the realisation hit me that it will be a very long journey ahead for me to be able to walk properly and achieve all my monthly goals

It hit me like a tonne of bricks when I lost my balance and had a fall. Suddenly everything seems out of my reach.

Of course, I cried! I cried for more than 30 mins. I felt numb as I stared at all my visualisation on my vision board,

This was going to be such a setback for me,

Today is my University day and I was so gutted and angry that I was unable to attend, but an hour later I tried to look for the positives in my situation, I couldn't find any,

And I eventually had to go back to my reasons for wanting to achieve my dreams.

Although I didn't feel like it, I started talking positively to myself.

This is just a blip, Simone, this soon shall pass,

This is just a challenge, Simone, you need to learn to rise to the challenge.

So many times we buckled and quit when things are not working out for us, We may sometimes think that the universe is against us.

But will those thoughts change anything?

We need to dig very deep and put our best foot forward and prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally to complete this set of challenging tasks.

Life is not fair, most of the times, but we cannot sit back and allow our fears to get the better of us

We need to take control of the situation by starting our own positive narrative,

And that is what I have to do,

Life may not be fair but we have to always find a positive angle to work through a positive outcome

Until then


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You have done a good job of talking yourself through this crisis, and I am sure your message will be helpful to others who are stuck in a bad spot. It happens to all of us at one time or another, I think...and working through it builds our strength. No, life is not always fair, but sometimes by making the best of it we learn many things that can help us later. Hope it all works out well foryou.

Fran, when things get touch, the best way for me to cope is by talking positively to myself.

That's the only way that I can visualise coming through that obstacle.

I would be glad if my blog could motivate, encourage and inspire others who are going through any difficulty.

Thank you Fran for visiting my blog
It is always a pleasure connecting with you

Appreciate your sharing your situation...and meant to tell you, you have used one of my standard sayings that I use when things get rough -- "This, too, shall pass." And so it shall, and you will be stronger for it.

That is so lovely Fran . Doesn't it give you instant reassurance and support when your back is against the wall?

Yes, I will be stronger. I just need to take things slowly step by step whole exercising my patience

You are on the right track -- I think you will be fine.

Today is a new day and I can say that I do agree with you ;)
Thank you, Fran

Hey, Simone, I feel like that sometimes when I work on something for an hour at a time, and Bam, I'm right back where I started.

When we have a lot going on and multiple things to deal with, we never get where we want to be.

When it is all said and done, and we look back at our success in the past, we realize how strong and determined we really are.

You've got this. These are just obstacles in the road we deal with, and we get back up more robust than before.

I hope things get better for you soon.


Hello Chet,
How are you! It is so lovely to connect with you.
Your kinds words and encouragement are so appreciated

Thank you for caring
You're spot on! I've got this :)
Thank you for stopping by
Have a lovely weekend ahead

Hope you’re ok. I know you will bounce back, you have a very real inner strength and even with a big setback you will get up and crush it.
I too have had a few challenges but I’m too stubborn or stupid to stay down. And I know you, get up and go girl….but start slowly.
Must catch up with another call soon.

Hey stranger
Hoe are you?
Yes, I will get up and overcome this challenge but it will be slowly done as you've stated
Waiting for my zoom invite soon ;)

Simone, Oh no. I hope you are alright. did you sprain your foot? I have had my share of bad falls with serious broken bones that needed surgery for repair. I too had to take the challenge of focusing on my recovery and it was a long road to get there. It was not easy but I got through it. As you said, get through it. Get through the pain. Then focus on recovery and move forward. I hope you are not in so much pain now.

No Brenda.
Because of my slipped disc, I am having unsteady gait so I'm not steady on my feet .
and that's why I had the fall this morning.

Have some bruises to my elbow and arm but no sprained ankle or feet .

Time, time Brenda is the master of all things
And that along with my recovery is my aim

Thank you for caring.
It is a pleasure hearing from you

I had that too broken my spine from a bad fall (I had not known that there were 4 slipped discs in my spine before the fall-bad balance due to MS) on the ice during the harsh winters in North Dakota (the States). I am glad you are ok, yeah slip disc is painful. Yes, at this time recovery is in the long haul and just a blip and in time it shall pass. Of course, I get it, I've been through it so I can identify with what you are going through. I will pray that positive thoughts stay with you through all this.

Oh thank you, Brenda
How long was it for you for your recovery?

Hello Simone,

I am sorry to hear this event is trialing you!

I only wrote an article yesterday about getting through obstacles and I did not post it yet, but will now because even reading your decision to fight this and build strength to overcome, reminds me that everyone can face these "Blips" as you say and need to find our strength.

I am thinking on your healing quickly.

Kind regards

Hello Erica
We need to always use our inner strength to find all

types of obstacles around us
That's the only way of facing our fears and overcoming that challenge

Yes for sure Simone, every day is directing away from the fears, I agree.

Absolutely Erica
Hope the rest of your day will be amazing
Thank you for stopping by

Thanks so much Simone, I hope you have an awesome evening, with much care.

Winding down now, Erica
Thank you for your support

Awesome, you are welcome :)


To my father that lives in heaven. I pray from my friend she needs your guidance. Your healing hand and your warmth of support.
I pray that she finds what she's struggles to know but can't reach her pen. Oh heavenly father my lord and my savor,please guide my friend Simone to fill her heart with your love and your faith.

I don't always pray for my friends.because I want them to be able to ask for themselves that God doith what he might ,and feel as if they made that connection with the lord. There is no problem t big God can fix. The only one that needs fixed is you. But getting fixed doesn't mean your cured. Having faith in your lord will get the hope your looking for.
I can't say that this is a blip or this will pass. The only one that can change this is you . So let me ask you Simone do you have faith in your God to give you the healing that you seek? Or are you asking for the wrong thing to be healed?
I am Dennis(the man with the smoker).

Hi Dennis
Thank you for your prayers. I do have an excellent relationship with my God and yes I've already consulted with him during my distress this morning.

It is lovely that you are also a dedicated believer :)
Thank you for caring

Your welcome we all need friends

Absolutely ,)

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