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How to get rid of my first website?

How to get rid of my first website?

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if I get rid of my website does the domain go with it. I'm allowed up to 10 websites for premium membership so that means you need 10 domains too right?

A website has 2 pieces to it.
First it must have a domain name so there is an address (URL) so your content can be accessed online. A domain name needs a website built for it so content can be read at its address. Its like buying land (the domain name) for the purpose of building a house so you haven a place to live (the website).

If you have a website with content on it you will want to keep it LIVE so that means hosting free for the website and registration fee for the domain name.

You can delete the website, but you still own the domain. If you no longer wish to use it, you would need to turn off the auto-renewal in your account settings. Otherwise, you will be charged for it again next year.

If you want to delete a current website:
1) Go to Sitemanager
2) Click on the details button of the site you want to delete
3) Scroll to the very bottom of the details page. The delete button will be at the bottom left of the page.

Hope this helps.

No just the contents. You don't need ten domains, however yes that's the allowance.

The recommendation is to focus on ONE site starting out as it takes lots of effort and work get it going, however once you know what you are doing, then the learning curve would be less steeper to scale up.

My one niche isn't the website I'm wanting I've been wanting a detail website for yrs and I sorta ran out of content to wite about. But my new niche has more content then all the posts and all the other articles I have here. After you all got to read about all my smoked goodies you all fell in love with it .and well I can right more content on how to smoke then anything se I've ever done

In an event you are canceling you don't have to lose your content.

For any websites hosted here, you need arrange alternative hosting for your website before your subscription ceases as you would be locked out the platform, site support back ups are only available for 60 days.

You can never revert back to being a starter.

I also suggest you backup your sites, you can use the AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended
Also domain names must have passed the grace period of 60 days.

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