Competition is Tough - At the Top

Last Update: November 30, 2016

I broke into the Top 200 ranking here with WA back in early November...

Since then my progress has slowed way down. I'm not working any less, but what I have found is that everyone in the top ranks works harder.

Therefore, I've decided I need to work harder to compete against them!

My Experiment

I recently moved my first website to WA. Up until then, all of my sites have been self-hosted websites.

I like running my own server and controlling my own sites...

I guess you could call me a control freak!

One thing I have always liked about my self-hosted websites is that I have full control and ability to do whatever I need to do with my sites. Be it, DNS, email, backups, configurations, plugins, upgrades, etc...

Immediately, I found that having my site hosted by WA imposed some limits on what I can and can't do... For instance, just duplicating my website content from my old site to my new WA hosted site provided some hurdles to overcome.

The WA Support team has been great. I contacted the support team and they assisted me in duplicating my website contents. It seems some of this functionality is restricted to the end users of WA hosting for their own protection.

Now, the main purpose for moving my site over to WA was to perform a test and to gain some experience with how the WA platform functions. This was an area I found that I was lacking knowledge in when asked by other users how to perform some task. Since I did not have an actual WA hosted website, it was difficult to provide the right answer to some users questions.

In addition to gaining knowledge about the WA platform... I wanted to see if using the Site Health details would work to my advantage and provide me with the structure and guidelines to boost my website's performance. If it works, then I should see an equal boost in my revenue earnings.


My goal over the next 90 days is to work harder... And break into the ranks of the Top 10 in 2017.

So if you are a Top Ranked member of WA expect a challenge by a new comer!

As for my experiment, only time will tell... But I'll let you know what the results are along the way.


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Loes Premium
Support is great! And yes, the top is very active at WA:)
networkceo Premium
The TOP is very active and working harder it seems.
GeoffGS Premium
"It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll."
networkceo Premium
I'm a lot closer to the TOP now than I was 90 days ago!
JeffDolson Premium
I will not stand in your way, be prepared to publish multiple WA blogs per day to break into top 10. Good luck and stop to say hello as you pass me.
networkceo Premium
It's all about the blogging and more blogging....

Move over..
I like you ambition, inspiring!
networkceo Premium
That's me... Mr. Inspiration!!!

To OUR success!
Cristo49 Premium
Best of luck. I watch your progress with interest. Chris
networkceo Premium
Thanks for the kind words Chris...

Now the pressure is on me, with someone watching.