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December 13, 2016
I was recently chatting with someone on WA that was looking into doing some PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This individual was just getting started with WA, he was looking for the fastest way to generate an income, and had heard that PPC was the way to do it. Whenever someone asks me about PPC marketing I tell them that my best advice is to test, test, and test again.You can spend a lot of money placing ads that result in low traffic and sales when doing PPC. So why do it?PPC can have immedia
When looking for a good home based on-line business opportunity I use a guide of 8 key questions;Is the business interesting and fun?Is the business profitable and provide a good stream of income?Does the business require you to sell?Does the business require you to recruit other people?Does the business require you to stock or ship products?Does the business require technical skills or knowledge?Does the business have flexible hours?Does the business have unlimited growth potential?I then revi
I broke into the Top 200 ranking here with WA back in early November... Since then my progress has slowed way down. I'm not working any less, but what I have found is that everyone in the top ranks works harder. Therefore, I've decided I need to work harder to compete against them!My ExperimentI recently moved my first website to WA. Up until then, all of my sites have been self-hosted websites. I like running my own server and controlling my own sites... I guess you could call me a control fre
November 29, 2016
I just transferred a website from a self hosted environment to WA... Within minutes WA notified me that I have received the Google Index badge because my site has been indexed.Sweet!!But, then I wonder if the site was already indexed and WA was just notifying me of the fact that it identified the indexing...?In any event, this is another nice milestone achieved!
November 28, 2016
I took the plunge today and went with the Black Friday - Cyber Monday upgrade for Wealthy Affiliate.I have been a Premium member on the monthly plan for about 3 months now. I love WA and therefore, I could not pass up the chance to take advantage of the great low price being offered.Have you taken the plunge?I have, and now you are stuck with me for another year!!!!
November 23, 2016
All of us will deal with a setback, relating to WA or Affiliate Marketing, at one time or another in the future.Case in PointI recently wrote a rather long, lengthy 3 part article on Google Analytics ( I researched the keywords very carefully, wrote the article so that the keywords would be reinforced in the article, and struggled for a total of 15 hours on the 3 articles to ensure that I covered every aspect of Google Analytics for beginners.Unfortu
November 22, 2016
This week marks the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, where Americans celebrate all that they have and are thankful for their many blessings.Thanksgiving is a great holiday where we celebrate our bountiful blessings and stuff our selves full of holiday delights.This year has been especially great for me, finding WA, following the WA training and getting involved with the WA community.I know I will consume mass amounts of food over the coming days... Building up my energy for the remainder of 2016
November 15, 2016
I'll be the first to admit it... When I got started in Affiliate Marketing my whole motivation for diving into this industry was all about the money!It's now several years later, and I realize this industry has given me a lot more than just a reasonable income... It's given me friendships that will last a lifetime.I just recently started with WA, 69 Days Ago, and the friendships I have established in that short period of time have been tremendously valuable to me.I started Affiliate Marketing,
November 11, 2016
Today, In America, we are honoring our veterans and soldiers, who have fought so hard for our freedom and paid the ultimate price.I'm thankful to live in such a great country and have the freedom to live my life the way that I want to.Also, I thank WA for providing the platform that allows me to seek the future I want for me and my family.To OUR freedom!
November 09, 2016
The United States has just completed a Historic election process...No matter whether you voted democrat or republican, itdoes not matter.It is the dawning of a new day and a new direction for our country. The journey should be interesting and adventurous.Between our new leaders and my new journey here on WA... I feel a very promising future is ahead!To OUR Success!