My SWAG Progress (6 Months)

Last Update: May 20, 2018

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Hello, guys n' gals!

Greetings from sunny Ye Olde England!

I was gonna share this update yesterday, but I was busy celebrating the Royal Wedding along with most of the UK. You know how it is. ;)

Actually, this progress report is more than a month overdue because I've been so busy with my Bootcamp blog.

I must admit, the 6-month mark was a disappointment because I expected a breakthrough around the 4 or 5-month mark, which never happened. :(

But on a positive note, a handful of reviews are on page 1 (bringing a trickle of visitors), with a number of reviews on page 2. So things are looking up.

Progress so far:

Month #4 (February 2018)

Google Search Console Data:

As you can see from October - February, slow progress has been made in terms of impressions and clicks.

As for actual blog post and comment numbers, I kinda forgot to capture this info. Oops, my bad!

Month #5 (March)

Now for that month and the one after, I remembered to record the blog progress.

Month #6 (April)

While it may seem like I published content and gained comments like a true WordPress Warrior, most posts and comments were imported from my previous failed blog.

But having said that, I re-wrote a lot of the articles/reviews and even published some new content.

For the first 3 months (read 3-month progress here), I posted almost 7 days a week.

During the 3 months that followed, I slowed down to 4 - 5 posts times per week because who can actually maintain that level of intensity for a long period of time without going crazy? lol.

We all need a breather, right?

But needless to say, my blog is coming along nicely, even if no organic sales were generated within the first 6-month period.

However, I have got a few WA referrals and made some commissions in May (and hopefully in the coming months too) which I'll be sharing in the 9-month report. ;)

Is Vegas on the horizon, that's the big question?

Only hard work and time will tell I guess.

If you are doing SWAG, don't get discouraged if you're not seeing results after the 4 or even the 5-month mark.

Keep plodding along with content and comments, even if you do get those days when you feel like launching your laptop out the window lol.

There's not much else for me to say until the 9 - 12 month marks arrive.

Bring on Vegas, BABY!!!

Until next time...

Neil :D

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Recent Comments


Awesome! I wish you continued success as you move on.

Thanks very much, Elores!

Wow that is really great progress. I need to up my game a little methinks. 12 posts a month is currently a struggle but achievable. Gaining comments is a big time user and need to get more.
With Grace and Gratitude

Thanks, Karen!

12 posts/month is still an achievement and beats writing one per week lol.

The more you write, the quicker and easier it gets to publish content. :)

As for comments, that can be a real struggle when you're trying to juggle.

I've slowed down with comments a little now. But I used to publish posts Mon - Thurs or Fri and then spend the weekend going comment crazy lol.

Usually, posting 18 - 24 comments at a time and requesting a load back on my blog.

I've also found that getting comments on your blog in bulk and quickly replying really helps to boost rankings across your blog. :)

BTW, the name "Memory Lane" rung a few bells lol. Was your shop Sweet Memory Lane in Ashby?


No it was in Syston leicestershire.

LOL - A different shop/place then.

Inspiring. Thanks for sharing Neil.

Glad to hear it! No worries, Mark! :)

That's great progress Neil!

Thanks very muchly Mia :D

Onwards upwards Neil

Indeed, Loes! Hope things are coming along for you too :)

Thank you:)

No problemo!

You're doing great Neil. Keep on moving.

Thanks, Norleila! You as well. :-)

Hey Neil,

Really excited to see your progress.

I really admire your perseverance
and the amount of content you have
created on your blog.

"Make money online" is a tough niche.

But as you know, if we stick with it,
we can create a space for ourselves
in this niche and build a very profitable

What is different about you is that, you
are not complaining,not looking for
short-term quick results. But you are
following the training and building a
real long-term business with strong

I am really excited to see your 9-12
month results.I believe it will be an
exponential curve of growth from now
to the 9-12 month mark.

And your growth and success story
will inspire a lot of beginners here at WA.

I really want you to be in Vegas as a
Super Affiliate.

And I believe you will, Neil.

I appreciate the encouragement and kind words as always, Midhun! :)

I agree, 'MMO' is a beast! It actually makes every other niche seem so easy-peasy lol.

But on the upside, once you get into the habit of writing 4 - 5 times per week, the Bootcamp blog gets easier to build.

However, when you're not getting the results you want, it is really tempting to have a good old rant at WA and on FB lol.

But it serves no purpose because you're just shifting that energy away from your biz. So it's best to stay on track and keep going because you realize it's all part of the journey, no matter how frustrating it feels at times.

Glad you're as excited as I am!!

How are you getting on with your site?

Are you gonna be making Vegas in 2019?

Thanks, Midhun! :-)

Hey Neil,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

There are some golden nuggets hidden
in your comment for everyone to learn from.

I am currently building my niche site using
OEC, so I will only be watching you and
others going to Vegas 2019 :)

No problem, Midhun!

That's great, and happy that the post/comments helped.

I remember having this site/Vegas conversation on Messenger now lol.

Oh well, there's always Vegas 2020 you can aim for.

Glad that you remember the messenger
conversation, lol.

Yes, maybe 2020 is the year Neil :)

I have also used my Bootcamp blog to further lead it to the swag challenge. But I'm about to fall back to my old habits. I can see that you are also fighting with yours and wishing you good winds in the sails. Hope to see you in Vegas one day

I think I remember you saying that you haven't been so active on your site recently.

But there's still bags of time to qualify for the upcoming Vegas trip.

Yeah, will be cool meeting you too, Steen! :)

It comes in periods! I have been making a lot of my side within the last six months. But have had a period when I wrote my book and used my energy to share it. I think my main task is to learn to utilize my time online more efficiently

Yeah, it's best to concentrate on the important stuff first, like adding more content for more traffic :)

You are making great progress so keep it up Neil!!

Tried and True


Thanks, Elaine! Onwards and Upwards.

Hey Neil, that sounds exciting.
Also, You've got 169 posts that's a long haul.

AM convinced and impressed with what you've shown.

Congrats and keep rocking SWAG!

Indeed, it's a lot of content! :)

That's great! The training sure can work when we grease those elbows and put in the hours.

Cheers, Phakacha!

Awesome. :)

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