What Questions Would You Ask Me?

Last Update: October 07, 2020

What's up everyone. I'm creating videos in bulk and getting them scheduled to YouTube. With the holidays coming up and then a baby due in January, I'm trying to get everything set up to run pretty much on autopilot during that period.

One of the recurring topics I'm doing on my YouTube channel is personal questions about my affiliate business. This would be different from typical tutorial or "how to" style questions, and more targeted towards my experiences as an affiliate marketer, or my personal journey as a business owner.

What questions would you ask me about my business and my blogs?

Just brainstorming some topics here. Ask anything you like, even if you think it's too personal. I may not answer all questions, but they may spark more ideas.

Let me know down below in the comments!

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Lonelyearner Premium
How you learned to build webpage, logos, pages, etc than you started to WA?

Is it better build first website, all the stuff there and after then write blog posts, articles or same time that you have build your website only example, home button, few other button in menu and you have none affiliate programs yet?

I mean that what is first strategie getting started same time that you training level 1?

And congratulations you soon to be dad!

mbouteiller Premium
Hey Nathaniell,

Congratulations to you on your soon-to-be Dad!! Wow, how exciting!


1. Did you make your own logo? How did you make the logo?

2. I haven't been very active on my website (last article written was a year ago)... I'll have a better opportunity to get more active the end of this month. I want to make a new logo, learn Pinterest and get it going, I have old posts that need to be updated, and of course get back into writing more quality reviews... I only have about 50 articles and I am getting excellent referrals and Premium Members... my question is, how would you set up priorities??

So... I guess it would be, what steps would you take if you want to get back into your online business if you didn't work on it actively??

3. Do you have a review template? How much information do you put in?

4. What do you use to make your own videos? Software, mic, lighting, etc.

I look forward to subscribing to your YouTube Channel.

Kind regards,
Linda103 Premium
Congratulations to you both on the baby due in January Nathaniell. A wonderful stage of life to be embarking upon.

Questions: Did you start out with a total belief in your abilities to make this work? Or did you have to work on the mindset to keep going?
Were there any points at which you wanted to give up?
Is there any one thing that you feel contributed the most to your success?
nathaniell Premium
Thank you for those questions Linda. Just added them to my list!
Linda103 Premium
Thank you.
richardgb Premium
Hi Nathaniel

I see you have been here since 2010...
I would ask:

1. What was your progress like at the beginning? How long did it take you to make a first sale? How long did it take you to earn a full time income? etc.

2. How has WA changed during your time here?

3. If you were starting at WA today, what would you be doing to optimise progress?

Best wishes
nathaniell Premium
Great questions about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate Richard. Thanks for your time!
CordeliaN Premium
First, well done becoming a Papa Bear, happy days indeed and how u believably organised you are...

My question, do you plan every single aspect of your day, your journey your growth, or ate you happy to “wing it” sometimes or fly by the seat of your pants?
Did you always believe and have faith in yourself.
If you had your blog/affiliate journey again what would you do differently?
How soon after starting did you recruit writers, VA’s or other external support.
How soon or long before you pulled a salary/ profit and then went full time 👍
nathaniell Premium
Love the question about starting again and what I'd do differently. Definitely going on the list.