This Chicken Is Worthless!

Last Update: April 05, 2019

Eggs are great. They are full of healthy fats and protein. Americans love eating eggs for breakfast, and I'm no exception.

I really wish I could own some chickens, but I also own some Boston Terriers and, well, those chickens wouldn't last very long. Lots of people do buy backyard chickens though! Having a steady stream of organic, fresh, free-range eggs right in your back yard sounds pretty awesome.

The trouble with getting those eggs is that it takes about six months until a new baby chick starts laying. SIX WHOLE MONTHS.

Until then, your chicken is pretty worthless.

Just look at that thing. Hangin' out. Doing nothing except consuming resources like food and water.

Geeze. And it's so much work too. Having to feed it and clean after it. It's a daily activity!

Your Website Is A Chicken

The funny thing is that websites often take about six months before they start making sales. During that six months, I hear a lot of groans from newbies about how they aren't seeing any results and they are ready to quit because they are putting in lots of work and not seeing anything in return.

Sure. That's true. You're working hard and not seeing any monetary return.

Growth is happening though!

Just like a chicken, you have to feed and nurture your website. Your baby chick won't lay eggs in two weeks, and your website won't earn money in two weeks either.

Also just like a chicken, you need to care for your website every day. Not feeding your chick is a recipe for disaster. Not publishing to your website is just as bad. You gotta "feed" it content!

If you do stick around long enough and help your website grow into an "egg-laying" adult, the work isn't done. Does a full grown chicken require zero maintenance? Nope. It's still gotta eat. It still needs health checkups. You still have to clean its home.


Be The Best Chicken Mom Possible

While you're growing your business, you need to think of your website as a long term project. Feed your baby healthy food (quality content), and check up on its health on a regular basis (SEO).

Eventually, it'll start laying eggs (generating money).

If you just look at what's happening in the first six months, you'll probably be disappointed. It's gonna be a lot of work and not a lot of ROI. That doesn't mean you aren't making progress though. It's just how this stuff works.

You can still watch your baby grow, and get excited about milestones. A baby chick will progress from eating starter feed to eating pretty much anything they can peck. They'll lose their fuzz and grow feathers. They'll grow a comb and wattles.

Your webiste has plenty of milestones too. Your first article will get indexed. You'll see your first organic visitors. You'll start seeing clicks on your links and some organic comments too. It's all part of the growing process.

If your chicken isn't laying, it's time to troubleshoot! Do you need to switch feed? Are they stressed about nearby predators? Do they need a rooster? Same with your website. There's plenty of resources here in WA to troublshoot why your website isn't earning yet. Use the search bar or ask a question in Classrooms.

Instead of thinking about your website as an annoying piece of tech that you just want to be profitable, think of it as a cute little baby chick that needs a caring chicken mom. Help it grow up to be nice and strong, and those "eggs" will start appearing in due time :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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CowboyJames Premium
Wonderful piece.... I am a chicken mom.
Funny, I always called my wife the chicken lady, because she loves chicken a lot.

Have a great week Nathaniell.
phil1944 Premium
A fabulous analogy, Nathaniell and very well expressed.

My mom and dad had chickens when I was growing up. We always raised them from baby chicks and we always had fresh eggs on the table, so I can totally relate to what you're saying.
ShaneLacey Premium
From little things, big things grow. Regards Shane.
FKelso Premium Plus
What a good analogy! Hanging out here with just these chickens...hoping to find some golden eggs.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Great analogy. Thanks for sharing!