Running ONE Website Is A Full Time Job

Last Update: May 03, 2019

A common quesiton I get is how many websites it takes to earn a full time income with affiliate marketing.

The answer is ONE.

I'm a great example of what not to do when you get started with affiliate marketing.

2011. 60 Websites.

I started at Wealthy Affiliate in 2010. By 2011 I had 60 different websites. Things were different back then, so II had a whole "system" of how I ran these websites.

As you might have guessed, 95% of the content on those websites was spun by VAs. Basically copied and reweritten. I'd write one article, then have some software or a person rewrite the article.

For a while, this tactic actually worked, but a few months later some Google algorithm updates happened, and the majority of them tanked.

Anyway, that's just a side note.

The point is that I was trying to run 60 websites. It was a nightmare.

One problem you might not have thought about is that mistakes were repeated across many domains. Each time I learnred something in the training, I had to go update 60 websites. Bleh.

Another problem was just mental exhaustion. Scattering my brain across many different projects was taxing on the mind!

Almost a decade later, I focus on just two websites, and I still have lots of help from VAs (Virtual Assistants).

A Single Website Can Earn Infinite Income

One difficult thing to unserstand for newbie affilaite marketers is that there's no limit to how much your website can earn.

Literally. No. Limit.

$10,000/month sounds like a lot, but $100,000 per month is possible.

Of course, it takes a lot of work and brain power to get there, but it's possible, and that's just crazy.

The weirdest thing is that you don't have to even reinvent the wheel to get there. It's not like you have to develop a new smartphone to compete with Apple, or even think of a new app idea like Fortnite.

A single affiliate webiste with content and affiliate links can earn insane amounts of money. How do I know?

I see how much I earn. Then I see other websites with 10x my traffic and a much smarter team behind the blog. Some folks post income reports as well, and I'm always shocked to see that some people are earning $100k/month from their blog. Wow. Talk about #financialgoals!

There's a Lot You Are Not Doing Right Now

If you take a full 16 hour day, you can work on a single website and never run out of ideas. There's a lot you're probably not doing right now, that you could be doing, to grow your traffic and sales exponentially.

For the very basics, you just have to write articles and add affiliate links. That's it. A simple website like that can earn money online.

But what's next?

  • Start A YouTube Channel
  • Grow A Social Media Following
  • Do Outreach And Joint Venture Projects
  • Add New Styles & Categories Of Content
  • Revamp Old Content
  • Create Infographics
  • Outsource Content And Manage VAs
  • Start A PPC Campaign
  • Research Keywords For New Content
  • Double Down By Creating Videos For Written Content Or Vice Versa
  • Cross Promote With Relevant Peers
  • Collect emails and start an email marketing campaign
  • Develop your own ebooks and online courses
  • Segment your email list and create more targeted promotions for sub-audiences
  • Display ad optimization

There are people that make a full time income on YouTube. That alone could be a source of traffic and revenue to add to your current affiliate website.

Similarly, some folks make a full time income from just email marketing. Or just display ads.

If you do ALL of those things to your one website, that's three or four full time incomes you could be earning!

Now you're going to add a social media presence and grow a single profile? That's a boatload of work too!

On top of that you want to learn how to create amazing infographics that get shared around with your brand name? That takes a lot of time!

The point here is that there will always be something to fill your time. If you've run out of ideas for your webiste, you aren't thinking hard enough. If you have too much time in the day and not enough tasks to fill, well, keep brainstorming because there's something you can do.

Final Thoughts

A single website can fill an entire day with tasks, and provide you with a significant income. You do not need to start multiple websites to be "successful" online.

That being said, once you realize the power and potential of affiliate marketing, it's kind of hard to limit yourself to just one webiste. Any hobby or interest can be turned into a profitable business!

Are you running multiple websites right now, or just one? How does your work load feel - not enough, just right, or too much?

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AllanG2 Premium
Great! and thanks for sharing your experiences, this is a big help for us starting here in WA, at least we know what not to do. This only confirmed that one website is just enough as what Kyle mentioned at the beginning of the training, it's either you start with your niche by Online Entrepreneur Certification or promote WA by Affiliate Bootcamp Training. I appreciate this post.
JKulk1 Premium
Currently I have two websites and one extra domain name. However, at this stage I'm only working in the one site. My aim will be to complete as many of the tasks on your list as possible. Some are going to be very difficult forvme, but hey.. I'll get there. Jim
OrenL Premium
Great post Nathaniell! I hope others will dip into the wisdom you share here. As Will Rogers put it:
There are three kinds of men:
The one that learns by reading.
The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.
AlexEvans Premium
Great insight and thank you for the food for thought, I would probably say it is kind of like one and a half to two full-time jobs.

It can be so hard functioning everything in, there is just so much to be done, especially when working full time as well which is the case for many that come to this way of life.

One of the realizations that can get us on the right track is that we don't have the time to do it all, and do it justice, especially if we are garage men from garage land.

It can be so easy to create that initial footprint, and then a second and third, far better to focus on one thing, kind of learned that one the hard way, plenty of time to develop alongside the skill set as we move along.
emilyonline Premium
This is so true.
When I joined WA back in 2015 I ended up with 4 sites and not really getting far with any of them.
One of those old sites just makes enough to cover my yearly WA fees, so I've kept them all alive but now I have just one site that is getting all my time and attention, I don't touch the others (though I'm happy to have them as ones to maybe refresh when the time comes to expand later).
Was super tempted to join in the SAC this round, but I promised myself to JUST FOCUS ON ONE.
Tguth Premium
This is great info.

I like to be able to get this one up running right. Befor moving to too or 3. It's hard enough trying to learn the right way as it is.

But to do more then you can handle what will I be learning. How to make a mess. That will not get me anywhere.

I'll stick to just one until I fully understand and see results Thanks.

MelzWrld Premium
Exactly the reason I wanted a lifestyle/imaginative kind of website. I want a record of my stuff I do but I come from a small business owner family and see the ability to make a profit everywhere. For me to make it work, I will have to make sure that I am doing what comes naturally to me and being deliberate in my actions and there is never a shortage of things to do or learn about, including the self.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Great post, Nathaniel! I have taken your previous advice and that of other long-term WA members seriously and I've been focusing on only one website. That's not easy to do when we have a lot of ideas, but you're right, there's a lot to do with one website. So I'm in not hurry to set up another site until the first one is doing what I want it to do. Right now, my other work responsibilities have limited my time available to spend on my site, but that now seems to be changing for the better.

Thanks for sharing your expertise as a successful online entrepreneur. :)
AlanJE Premium
Hi Nathaniell, thanks for sharing your experience and advice. I have been mainly concentrating on one website, but because progress has been slow (gaining organic traffic) I have also tried to get another couple of sites started, thinking maybe that things would happen quicker with a slightly different system. Because of limited time availability I need to constantly prioritise and re-prioritise. I think i need to start using video as a next step, so that is a current high priority, Alan
TheAdvisor Premium
What's good Nathaniell?

What an excellent post! I'm currently only managing one website while I have another one on standby that's of a different niche that I might end up being more passionate about.

Juggling between building a following and trying to increase your social media presence AND working on your website can be draining and making the journey seem longer than it is.

But everyday more, I feel like I'm getting closer to achieving some kind of breakthrough. I don't know what it may be or in what form it may come, but all I know is that I feel at peace knowing that I have the power to change my destiny.

Stay killing it bro!
CowboyJames Premium
Early on I decided two had to be better than one. Two Sites-Two Niches.
I became too busy, too much load, I was still in certification training.
I asked Bo Tipton, and he said what I was doing was a recipe for failure.
I still have the sites, but have basically parked the one until the other makes real money. Just as Bo told me.

I can't imagine 5 sites, let alone 60, got to be insane.

Thanks Nathaniel.
Eloy2007 Premium
Great post. I had the same thought process. I don't want to over stretch myself and get greedy by trying to rush into the Gold Mine. I want to establish one solid website and make that first commission. I need to see first that I'm able to make $1 dollar on this platform and then, well, make $2, $10, $100, etc. (you get the picture). Less is more!
Jessibelle72 Premium
Thanks a lot for this very clear message... it is easy as a newbie to get overwhelmed at first, then a 1000 ideas are emerging and you want to be "all over the place" and have so many ideas for so many sites. Thanks for pointing out that ONE site is all it takes, it is HOW you do it. Brilliant!
Chris181 Premium
Thanks a lot Nathaniell, that's really helpful and interesting!

I'm still working full time and working on my website about 2-3 hours during the week and maybe 4-5 hours on a Saturday and Sunday. I'm definitely realising how much time and work is involved but I am still new and once certain things become easier and quicker that will free up time for other tasks.

I have bought another domain but to be honest, I won't be thinking about that for a long time, maybe never? My main and only focus is on expanding and improving my little website into something that can generate the income I would like. I absolutely understand the power of the many possibilities to monetize my website and am just looking forward to continuing with all the training here at WA and to all the research!
Petra4 Premium
I have four (4) websites and IT IS hard work. They are small but if I had to combine them, then they would be under 200 posts.

I must admit that you have got me thinking of combining them. How, I don't know yet. I may put the question out on WA for feedback?
gbj35 Premium
Thanks for this post. It is incredibly timely because I have been thinking of starting a second site. I haven't done it yet, because I wanted to focus on the one I already have and I wasn't sure I could give both sites the time and attention they need to be successful.

I am glad I procrastinated on it. I used to run multiple blogs, and work full time outside the home. Needless to say, those blogs died multiple deaths.

So now I don't feel like a slacker. Thanks, bunches!
AnaB7 Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

Thank you for this post. I am currently doing the SAC, and I am working on one website. I have a second one that I want to do, it is all set-up but I have it on hold for now, until I get the main one going. I want to keep only two.

Thank you for the ideas and I will for sure implement accordingly as my website has more content. I plan to do a PPC campaign once I learn how to do the campaign and my website merits the expense.

creating a website and at the same time learning the ins and outs of the business is complicated at times, and not to mention for those like me that has two other jobs. All is good though. I find this post absolutely amazing.

I am soon to be signing up for an email marketing service and it is so difficult to decide for which one.

I have been reading about getresponse, convert kit, AWeber.

at this stage, I will have to go with one that is not that expensive to start.

Thank you again for sharing your experience so the new members have a chance to make it in the business and stay with the program and most importantly achieve success.

All the best,

derekmarshal Premium
Just one site! Just focusing on content. Much more "passive" that way.

However, being a new site and a new project it does need to be beefed up with content before doing something else.

Imagine doing PPC for a site with little content? Or sending Social traffic to a site low on content..not exactly the greatest of impressions branding wise (opinion!).
Bald Eagle Premium
That latter is a good point and I have the same opinion.
However in much of the training they say to get your site social quite early on.
I guess the "they" in this case know better than me. :) :) :)
CDeshpande1 Premium
Very useful information indeed! Thanks for that.
But in another blog on WA ( Don't remember his name now ) I read that you complete 30 posts on one website & go for another website & write another 30 articles on it, & so on. Can you explain the logic behind it?
It is very true that with one website right now, I am able to post 23 articles & no time remains to continue the training videos at WA. Fact is I am full time working on website & WA. GOD only knows how people are handling multiple websites.
Anyway, I have taken a sigh of relief after going through this blog that I don't have to go for making another website. I am giving quality content instead of quantity.
Also please let me know What does it mean to " Create Infographics"?
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Nathaniell,
I have two websites, my hobby website and my passion website. I keep my hobby website as a backup. This means I rarely post anything on the hobby and dedicate full time to my passion. It's impossible for me to work on two websites at a time.
Thanks for this awesome article.;0)
Crazyhaggis Premium
At just over one year in I still have only one website. I toyed with the idea of starting another but decided to stick with one and build it out using some of the strategies you mention. For me coming up with ideas is no problem, it’s having enough hours in the day that is.
Selenityjade Premium
Excellent and I totally agree! I always give the advice to stick to one throughout training, at least. I even got some serious hate for that unsolicited piece of advice once.

You are not the first to share they shouldn't have made so many sites, and I've never seen anyone regret NOT running more than one. I took that to heart, even though I will definitely be focusing on a different niche after training, but for now, I'm focusing on that one.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
skmorrow Premium
I still have so much to learn, just been focusing on content during my time here. Writing quality content is challenging and NOT getting bored is also hard. My niche is hard for me since it can be very technical, but I am living it every day so I take that perspective.

I can definitely see how one site can take all of your time, especially if the niche is broad enough.
Talk2Ray Premium
Great advice Nathaniel, I have two but I realize now that in working on one the other sits lacking. Most of the competitions websites are manned with several all working together. It just makes more sense to focus on the one that I love to do till it becomes a income producer. Thanks
EddySalomon Premium
This is great advice. Too often I'm seeing newbies trying to create multiple sites at once because their WA membership gives them that option.

But they fail to realize they will be making mistakes on their first site they will want to avoid on other sites. And being consistent with content development with one site is very hard especially for a newbie. Trying to achieve this on multiple sites is just multiplying the difficulty as you experienced.

As someone that focused on one site for many years I can attest that the money you can make with one site is great. You don't need to have multiple to make tons of money. But now I'm at that stage where I don't want to be limited to once niche and I want multiple virtual properties because I have a good team of virtual writers/assistants and a good system to manage them using project managing software. Shout out to Jay for that suggestion. It's made scaling up to multiple sites easier. I currently have 3 now. The 3rd should be hopefully be making money consistently by late summer early fall.

I like being able to be in other niches. Sometimes certain niches get hit hard for whatever marketing or trend changes. But now because I'm in multiple niches and categories I have more protection against that. Although if you follow what WA teaches you shouldn't be impacted by changes like this. At the end of the day there is a lot you can squeeze out of one site. And some of the successful super wa affiliates can attest to that.

Although I have more sites now. I'm working on expanding in other areas with my main site like you said by doing email marketing and getting back into YouYube. So thanks for the affirmation that's the right track.

Lots of jewels in this article that newbies should follow.
nathaniell Premium
You focusing on your one site all those years, even after traffic dumped for a short while is definitely a bit of inspiration I carry with me all the time.

I think having a team in place is one thing that you are absolutely right to invest in at this point. Managing three big sites like you do would be an impossible task as one man, with a job, and a family to look after as well!
EddySalomon Premium
Indeed. It's made life so much easier with my busy lifestyle and has allowed me to scale up which was impossible before.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Nathaniel,
I have 4 websites right now and two of them are dormant due to not being able to spend time on the two because I spend time on on the other two.

This is such great advice.

Why pay the yearly hosting fee if the sites are doing nothing?

BobMargroff Premium
Wow! I barely have time for just one with my already full time job. I cannot even fathom trying to do 60. Yeah, that would be mentally taxing...

Your advice is wise and I see it is definitely from experience. I have a plan for a second but it isn't going to be a lot of work because it is going to be more of local SEO for my wife's pet sitting business.

It's going to be mostly static pages but once I have my website producing income for me, then I may add a few blog posts to my wife's site.

I wish you the best and will heed your advice.

nathaniell Premium
Yes! My advice is to work out the kinks with the first one before you start grinding on the second. You'll actually *save* yourself time by avoiding the beginner mistakes the second time around.

I'm still learning new stuff every day, and my sites get easier and easier to build!
BobMargroff Premium
Like I said about my wife’s website, it won’t be anything like mine. Not even a niche site exactly. But the possibility will be there one day.

It’s going to start out with about 5 or 6 static pages. Just for her business info. I’ll have to create enough on it though for local SEO.
MiaL Premium
Hi Nathaniel,
Thanks for posting. All I can handle is one right now! I figure that when (if!) my website really does take off, then in the future I may make another but I don't have the bandwidth for more than one at this stage. I can't even imagine how mentally taxing it must have been for you to have 60!
lakbar12 Premium
Thanks for sharing those great post.

I have one website that I am running and just that one website seems like a I know I have 24 hours in a day however, it seems like I need more hours.

I feel like I have too much to do. I never can get everything done in one day even of I worked 16 hours in one day, something is always left undone.

I guess its best too have too much than not enough.
nathaniell Premium
You'll get use to stuff too, and be more efficient as you practice things like writing and troubleshooting. You won't always have to work a 16 hour day!
Swangirl Premium
I am glad you are posting this since so many of us get tempted to start too many sites. I only have 2 still so I have done pretty well at resisting temptation. 2 is still more than I can handle however. I have had to just let my second one sit for awhile. If we have a "regular" job still it is pretty unreasonable to expect we can do justice to more than 1 website! I have a regular job and my husband and I already have a side business so 2 websites is really more than I can keep up with on top of all that.
nathaniell Premium
I'll be you have lots of ideas you want to work on too!

With your two side businesses, sounds like you have your hands full.
ophyax Premium
Interesting perspective, thanks for providing this, Nathaniel. I'm very new, 6 weeks into the training, and I already bought 9 domain names and started websites on 7 of them, as I try to find my niche. Your post made me realize that my many attempts will surely not survive for too long, and eventually just one or two websites will stand out to be something viable, i.e. that I can write enough about, and that get traffic and then conversions. Thanks again, Phil
nathaniell Premium
Nothing wrong with keeping the others on the back burner for now. They might come in handy later, or be something you can flip!
ophyax Premium
Thanks, and congrats on your positive attitude, to see how the good things that can come out of any situation!
Kemdi12 Premium
Woow 60 websites 👀
I can't imagine what you went through
Two websites is more than enough for me
But I plan on having 4 when I have more time
I certainly agree with your opinion that "Any hobby/interest can be turned into a profitable business". That's because all it takes is Time and Perseverance and eventually you'll be successful 😎.
nathaniell Premium
A lot of the stuff was just garbage I copied and pasted. Sounds like you are doing quality content, so it's taking you longer, understandably. That's the way to do it!
cld111 Premium
"If you have too much time in the day and not enough tasks to fill, well, keep brainstorming because there's something you can do."

What if you have the opposite problem? lol

I have so many ideas for my current site, but then I always am thinking about starting new sites too. Like you said, there's just so much interesting things you can do.

Focusing is definitely important though. :)

- Christina
nathaniell Premium
Write down all the ideas. Eventually you'll start to pick away at your idea list! I have a notepad with hundreds of notes for the future.
cld111 Premium
Oh yea, I have a notepad next to me at all times!

- Christina
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Nathaniell for sharing this valuable post.

I am mainly focusing on my SAC website this year and planning on add YouTube videos to it shortly.

I have other websites that I update to keep fresh but most of my time is my SAC website.

Thank you for your tips I feel encouraged

Have a great day and wonderful weekend

PeteWeaver Premium
Hey Nathanielll,

You're right about full time job. I'm bookmarking this page but I don't know how to this here on Wealthy Affiliate.

Years ago, I watched all of your Youtube videos.

I want to use your blog post as a reference. I'm going to lead some of my leads to this page. Very valuable stuff here.


Pete Weaver
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Nathaniell, thanks for sharing your experience. I am only focused on one niche site right now. I don’t plan on doing a second site any time soon, as one is busy enough for me. My niche site is my passion and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas for it.
Kiranoppa Premium
OMG, 60 websites?? Even the thought makes me stressed. I do n´t even know what virtual assistants are. But I´m running my website because I love writing. I want to continue writing my own content, because writing is what I can do best, and I get to fulfill myself by writing.

Everything else about keeping up a website is new to me, and I´m learning it here. But I´m not going to outsource the one thing I can do best, writing. So I can only run as many websites as I can write content on. For now, one website is more than enough for me.
Benjamin89 Premium
Great to get some perspective about affiliate marketing from somebody with true experience and success online! I'm just running 1 site, that keeps me busy enough. Starting to get the odd referral or two here and there, but they don't even want to fill in there bio/pic. Last 7 referrals are no shows :( I don't mind though as I know by continuing thing s will get better... Great post!
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Benjamin! Hope it helps you in your journey to creating online income.
dj-drea Premium
This is so on point for me now, after just buying two more domain names HAHA. I have one main site I make money with, and then I have, ummmm......four other websites, with an idea for another one.

The problem I have is I began with a website in a lower price point niche, so getting to a full-time income is taking me years, and I am still not there yet.

I agree though, there is lots more I could be doing with just my one main site to bring in more income. And you have given me lots of good ideas.

Last year, I started a side project site in a much higher price point niche, and I am seeing the benefits of that.

So now I have the problem of wanting to continue working on my main site, but seeing the amazing potential of higher earnings with another side-site.
nathaniell Premium
I look at it like this. Some people make a full time income with email marketing. Some do it with affiliate marketing. Some with YouTube. Some with display ads.

If you do ALL of those on one website, that's four full time incomes!
CandP Premium
Thanks for that affirmation, Nathaniell. We have just the one site right now and that is more than enough work for the two of us. We are amazed by the number of members who seem to be running multiple sites, we just don't know how they do it.
We do plan to start another website but not until we have reached certain financial goals with our current site and, even then, we anticipate having to hire someone to help us.
Colette and Philip
nathaniell Premium
If you really want to grow multiple sites, you gotta have help from VAs...unless you focus solely on publishing content. If you could do one article for one site in the morning and one article for the other site in the evening, then you could grow significant content on two sites.

Beyond that, there's not enough time!
Hudson Premium
Good post Nathaniel. I have two WA sites, but concentrate on one only at the moment. Another which hasn’t had much love for about three years and one just started on another niche I want to grow. You are quite right it is a lot of work. I try to use ideas across all of them if I can to reduce thinking time. I think once you start and have a site for a while it is hard to drop it though, kind of admitting you were wrong to start it?
nathaniell Premium
Using similar ideas across your websites is a great strategy! I do the same thing when I discover a style of blog post that's getting results.
AmyHD Premium
I joined SAC a few weeks back. But I found out that it is too hard to run two websites at a time. I'm still a newbie. So maybe it is better to focus on one main site right now.
I'm not going to quit the SAC but just starting slowly with my own pace.
Great point, Nath. Thank you for sharing.
nathaniell Premium
You can always go back and restart the training when you have more time Amy! Plus, by then you'll have more experience with affiliate marketing, and more to say on your SAC site.
AmyHD Premium
Absolutely! : )
JackieSmith Premium
Couldn't agree more Nathaniell.

I have 2 websites but focusing on one at the moment - that's more than enough to fill my day with all the tasks I need to be doing and, I'm not even doing half of what you have suggested.

You are right, you can be successful with a single website and once you have that earning income, you can outsource and then start another. Until that time comes, I'll be sticking to one.

Thanks for this reminder.
nathaniell Premium
It's a lot of work creating a comprehensive strategy for a single website! Every day I feel like I'm leaving money on the table by not doing task X or Y.

I guess the good news is that there's plenty to work on in the future!
JackieSmith Premium
My philosophy too. I only want to leave money on one table and not many ....
cris1018 Premium
Totally agree, Nathaniell. Interestingly enough, I have two active websites; one niche site, and one WA site for the SAC.

With the demands of staying caught up in the SAC, I have been putting all of my time into that site. I love it SO much (contrary to my initial thoughts on it), that I have not been putting much effort into my niche site. I'd say an honest 95% to 5%.

Lo and behold, in the process of building my SAC site, and neglecting my niche site, my niche site has started to finally get some organic traffic. What are the odds!?!

So, I am, in fact, trying to create a little more balance. I am doing just enough on my niche site to let Google and readers know I have not abandoned it, but my efforts right now are completely focused on my WA site. I've had it just over three weeks, and I think I may have my first sign up (via personal referral) next week!

Weird how things come about, huh?

I actually have a third site, for an offline business, that I have intentions of using for local marketing, but have been so busy here that I haven't even built it out yet!

BTW, I can't imagine for a second having 60 websites. Ugh! The headache! Thanks for this post. Excellent read.

Take care,
PaulREvans57 Premium
Lol! My thoughts too! 😀
nathaniell Premium
It's super weird that happened to you, because it happens to me all the time. Sometimes I feel like if I give my website "a breather", then it starts to gain traffic.

I know that sounds like some SEO superstition, but that seems to be the case!

Glad to hear you're seeing results though. Keep up the good work Cris!
cris1018 Premium
Thank you. (And that is weird!)
Eliz65 Premium
I started out with one site and then got swept into the excitement of SAC! So I started a site to promote WA too.
I am swamped and paddling like crazy to keep my head above water just writing for both sites.
From my experience so far, I have to agree with you - ONE site is better than two.
With a full time job it’s been difficult to spend the time to ‘monetize’ either of these sites well.
I do have 2 months off this summer where I hope to have more time grow my businesses.
nathaniell Premium
With a full time job, you definitely are feeling the time crunch! Even with a full day at home, I think there's not enough time in the day to get done what I want to get done.
CMo Premium
Great read man! And perfectly timed for me. I have 3, and today I'm cancelling 1 or 2 of them and doubling down on focusing on a good niche I can get behind. I'm going to copy and paste that list just as a reminder. Plus, sometimes you get tired of spinning content, and need to work on other channels.

nathaniell Premium
I love the double-down method Chris. Focus on what's working instead of fixing what's not working!
texasprinces Premium
I agree! I started with several websites going from site to site to work on the one that I was most interested in for that day. No results really!

Now, I am focusing on my site promoting WA because I see that as the most promising! I am determined to make this work and giving it my full time effort!

Thank for the post!
maikingm Premium
Great post because a lot of people would think to create as many websites as possible, but that is simply not the case. Causes you to spread yourself to thin managing too many sites at the same time causing content to not be as strong.... Glad to see that you are suing your experiences to help others on here!
danijel95 Premium
Great blog Nath! I am totally focused on one website and I strive to earn a full-time income with just one. I also have one Pinterest profile when it comes to social media.

Now I am a little confused and overwhelmed as people say you should start email marketing, others say you can't without YouTube marketing, etc. because everything is important but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

I want to earn firstly with my blog and the affiliate links that are in there without YouTube or Email marketing as that is something new (for me) and it also takes some hard work and time to master.

I think it is best to focus on one thing first and later when I achieve success I focus on PPC, Email marketing, YouTube, etc.

What do you think about it?

Best regards!
nathaniell Premium
You can make a full time income with a website alone. You don't need anything else.

However, YouTube and email marketing can ADD income to your site when you are ready for it.
LLettau1 Premium
Thanks for the solid advice my friend. You are the one that brought me in to WA.
nathaniell Premium
You're welcome Larry. Keep up the good work!