My Last Day of Work...Ever

Last Update: September 23, 2012
The day has finally come and gone. I went to work yesterday, and I'm never going back. To any job. Ever.

I'm officially going full time IM, which most importantly means

  1. I don't have a boss
  2. I don't have to wake up in the morning

If you asked me 2 years that I would be have my own online business and be working for myself I would have never believed you.

But that's the way it is.

Thanks Kyle & Carson. Thanks WA. And a special thanks to the WA community.
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Carson Premium
This is great news Nathaniell! I think that for many people just getting started with Internet marketing that it can be difficult to think ahead and realize that if you put the time to learn, that it can be a reality to quit your day job!

What you have achieved is a huge milestone in your IM career and from here there is no limit to how far you want to take things. It can be a scary step going full-time, but let me tell you that there is no other career that could be more rewarding both intellectually and financially, than Internet marketing.

Congratulations on taking this step, and thank you for blogging about it. I hope that others here at WA who are just getting started will read this and be motivated to work toward this themselves.

BIS Premium
Congratulations. To your continued success.
Congratulations! This is when things should take off for you now that you can devote everyday to growing your business!
Ulli2 Premium
Congratulations Nathan, what an achievement, wonderful news for you. This doesn't come easy to be able to finally quit your job and so welldone. The real internet lifestyle is now yours to live.
mama2karsten Premium
Congratulations! It is truly a great day and only the beginning!