How To Get ANY Domain You Want

Last Update: March 21, 2016

One of the most frustrating parts of starting an affiliate website is actually finding a good domain name that you like. If you are doing a keyword based domain, it can seem like EVERYTHING IS TAKEN ALREADY!

I remember when I wanted to start my homebrew website, I wanted to use (three e’s). It was taken. and were also taken! What kind of crazy person was buying all these domains?

Some business buy domains in bulk, and probably based on search criteria. I don’t know how they pick them, but a lot of “taken” domain names aren’t actually used. They’re just squatted on until someone decides they really, really want it.

Instead of the normal $14/year, you could pay anywhere from $50 - $5,000+ for a certain dot coms. Psh. Fuggetaboutit!

There’s a really cool way to bypass these jerks (OK, I’ll admit they are business savvy) and get any domain name you want. Here are a few ways that I’ve used in the past.

Let’s say I want a really short domain name like 99% chance that domain is taken, right?

Here’s a list of variations which are still short, catch, and have your desired phrase in the domain name.Adds something to the beginning:

Words like Mr, Best, Great, The, or descriptive adjectives like fast, red, sweet, easy, etc can work.

Have a website about computers? What about It’s available!

Add something to the end:

Words like zone, online, corner, for men/women/etc or other things that refer to “places” work well.

Have a website about fitness? What about

Add something to the beginning and end:

How do you think I ended up with the domain for my beer site?

But the easiest trick of all is to use your own name. It makes it easy to brand yourself as a person instead of a business, and makes just about any keyword domain available to you.

Even something like can be transformed to If your name is less common than Mike, you could probably find something shorter like


In short, don’t settle for a domain name you don’t like! Get creative!

Oh, one more thing. Last week I wrote about trademark infringement with domain names:

What happens if someone already owns a domain like

Chances are, that’s not a trademarked phrase. If you bought a domain like, I don’t think you would run into any legal issues. I also don’t think you would have any issues with

However, there is the issue of confusion! Don’t worry about how they feel, worry about yourself and your business! If your website turns out to be really good, and a great money maker, do you really want them to be able to ride on your coattails with such a similar domain name?

While there’s no “rule” about choosing similar domain names, and there definitely are a lot of repeats/similarities out there, I personally think you’re better off getting a little creative and finding a more unique domain name.

It can be tempting to get that exact-match domain name, or the phrase you really wanted. But brainstorm a bit and you can probably think of something a little more clever, a little more unique, and something that you’ll enjoy equally as much.

Have a search for some domain names here inside Wealthy Affiliate:

You can also see why SiteDomains is a big deal here:

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GeorgeEkman Premium
I have decided to go branding with an acronym nice and short that people can remember. I'll see how it works before I get too excited about it.
IMc Premium
I've used 'love' & 'my' as prefixes & 'hq' as a suffix. Just a matter of choosing something that suits the phrase you want.
freedom1207 Premium
That's some great thinking 'outside the box' Nathaniell. Very helpful post. Thank you. Warmly, Heather :-)
Loes Premium
Nice thought, I wanted and added thisis before it, because wasn't available
Kimsh Premium
very smart, I like it :)