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Last Update: May 31, 2019

Spending Money VS Investing Money

From 2010 until now, my mind has gone through a fundamental shift in how I look at spending money on my website.

When I first started online marketing, I was definitely on a shoestring budget. I was too cheap to buy a .com domain name for $12.99, so I bought a $1.99 .info domain name instead.

(Actually, the domain ended up doing quite well, and I always regretted not getting a .com domain name because I think it could have performed even better)

Now I'm able to spend money on my business quite liberally because I look at it as investing into my business.

Here's how I see it:

If I spend $100 right now, that investment could turn into $100 per day in the future.

It's kind of like buying money. I spend money now, with the idea that that investment will get me more money in the future.

A great example is outsourcing content. If I buy an article for a hundred bucks, then it ranks, and I add an affilaite link, that initial investment of money will generate money doing the road.

Instead of those dollars sitting idle in my bank account, they are working hard to generate income for me!

Each Dollar You Earn Is Another Employee For Your Business

I like the idea of treating the dollars of your business like employees. Once you start spending money on your business, you can then allocate resources to specific departments.

For example, I might spend $500 per month on content. That's investing in the content-creation portion of my business.

Then I might spend $300 per month on infographics and Pinterest images. That's the visual and branding department.

Even spending money on bookkeeping apps, tax professionals, code customizations, or updating old content could be worthwhile investments.

You don't have to put all your money into one basket though. Put a little money here and there, and of course keep some for yourself.

What To Invest In?

It's hard to know exactly what to spend money on, and what will bring you the best return for your money. When you spend $1, you hope that dollar brings you $2 in return. It doesn't always end up like that, but part of running a business involves taking monetary risks.

I've spent money on lots of projects that just went nowhere.

Wasted money? Not really. Though it sucks to think I would have had more money in my account if I hadn't spent money on that particular project, it's all part of the process of finding out what really does work.

Five failed projects costing me $2500 may seem like a big failure. But if the sixth idea generates just $1000 per month, I break even in three months, and then it's all profit after that.

In my opinion, there are three areas where your money is best spent initially, if you have the cash to help your business grow faster.

  • Premium plugins and themes
  • Outsourced content
  • Small coding jobs

Premium plugins and themes can help you customize your site faster and more beautifully. Chart building plugins are a fun one, and streamlined themes with frequent updates keep your site running fast.

Outsourced content means you can scale your traffic faster. More traffic usually means more sales, or at the very least, more data to work with so you can funnel people to your affiliate pages. Volume of content is important when starting a new affilaite site!

Lastly, sometimes a tiny bit of code can make your site look exactly how you want it. Small things like reducing the logo size to get more content "above the fold" increasing font size could increase the readability and conversion rate of your site (among hundreds of other things).

Rather than learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc, you can pay someone $10-$35 per hour to do these small tasks. The initial $20-$70 investment in two hours of coding work could save you time and help increase your income.

Buying "Future Money"

I look at investing in my business as buying "future money". If I spend some money now, and it gets me more money later, that's a win for me.

Right now I have the time and energy to run a business. In the future, it may not be that way.

If I make a couple grand this month, that's awesome. But I don't want to keep it all. I want to invest a portion into the future of my business so that it continues to earn month after month. Personally, I'd rather have less money now, and more money in the future.

What about you? Are you investing in your business, and what are you investing in?

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drric Premium
Interesting post, the idea of investing instead of spending on your online business change the perspective one would have once the money is gone. And having this idea that investing $1 now can bring back $100 in the future as a return on investment will definitely motivate members who are still on the fence about getting involved more financially on their online venture.

Another great post Nathaniell, it was a pleasure to read.
JJNkadimeng Premium
Hi Nathaniel.

Quick question 😅

Just wanted to ask how I can buy myself a domain worth 1.99. I don't have the finance to buy one that's worth 12.99 so buying a cheaper domain is the smartest choice right now and then later I'll purchase a better domain. I searched for a cheaper domain but I can't seem to find one... Your help would be much appreciated.

Help from anyone else viewing this as well would be much appreciated.
AlexEvans Premium
Spending money, that has no purpose is a slow burn, nothing changes. That shift in mindset where we are investing and it doesn't have to be exclusively money it can be our time is where we set things in motion.

I really like your concept of buying future money, investing time and money compounds the returns that can be expected down the road.

When it comes to investing, live on 30, spend 30, invest 30 and leave 10 for contingencies because they always arise.

A simple formula that can work a treat to grow a business or household finances.
nathaniell Premium
Yeah, I always invest in multiple ways to grow a site, so I'm not dependent on one thing.
skmorrow Premium
This is great, I love to hear the business side of things.

I agree with you on the premium theme. I purchased a theme from StrudioPress and I love the support they offer. I also bought an Amazon plugin.

I have made a little bit of money this year and I really want to start putting some money into my site, but am not exactly sure where. Content creation is the next logical step. Thanks again, I love this kind of stuff.
nathaniell Premium
Sounds like you made some good buys Steve!
BElliott56 Premium
Hey Nate:

Really love all your posts. I have used lots of tips and tricks from you. I have been doing this now for 6 months. So very close to my first sale. I can almost taste it.

My budget is very limited too. I live on disability and am able to do this on a month by month basis. In my opinion anyone can do this. There is really no excuse.

The way I do things regarding my business. I weigh it out and determine how much will it benefit me? Does it take care of just one area or fill more then one need.

I sign up for some free trial things and gauge just how close the company handles customer support. I had one company after I got going. When I asked for help. The tech support said they did not answer concerns unless it was a real major issue. They tried to take my money and run. Needless to say that they no longer work for me.

I have had real success with newbies providing me content .In return I gave them FREE advertising For there website on my website and visa versa. All I have had to do is tweek the article with ads, videos, links, and images. Maybe some spelling too but it worked out great.

The ones that crack me up on the web are those webinar gurus. That burn through an hour of your time to lead into there product. That does everything but make you coffee. Then they tell you it is normally 54k but for today you can get started for just 1500. But you have to act NOW there are only 8 seats left, Then you look at the page and it says 11 seats left.

I bail and let them chase me and then drop them to the curb about a month later. BE LEARY OF THE SHINNY OBJECTS!
keishalina9 Premium
Kind wishes to you and hope your query was a rhetorical one ... keep well, keep happy! ... all the best, cheerio .. :)
nathaniell Premium
LOL. Normally $54k but now reduced by 80%! Sounds legit, right?
TDomena Premium
That's great insight you gave here. I love the paradigm shift you talked about here. It reminds me of Rich Dad's theories. They're true. Return on investment is much more important than cost. I believe that too, so I don't care as much about the cost as I do the return. It's also important not to be just optimistic and emotional about the return, but to be logical as much as possible.

The business can really add a lot of stability to your life when you continue thinking the way you do. In the future, things can come up you hadn't expected: family illness, weddings, storms, and so many other things, so if you stay disciplined earlier in life, then you can set aside a great cushion for times like that.
nathaniell Premium
I think I got the idea from a Rich Dad book LOL, so you might be right.

You're also spot on about future problems. Right now I'm healthy, have time, and ability to work on this business. There may be a time in the future where I have to walk away from the biz for a while, or spend less time on things, or make other big changes in my life, and the idea is to get things running at a point where I can do that without worrying about things tanking in the background.

I may end up just living my life and be able to log in every day to do work. That would be great. But I'm definitely a "prepper" in the sense that I try to prepare for worst-case scenarios!
EricBaglio Premium
Exactly the mindset of all successful companies. UBER just announced their earnings today and it turns out they're still down $1 billion dollars.

I don't think anyone would say they are a failure company. When you invest in your business with a plan, a vision, and determination, you will eventually reap the rewards of success.

Great post.
nathaniell Premium
That level of business is beyond my understanding at this point. I don't get how they can lose a billion dollars, and still be such an "exciting" investment. I guess we'll see how things turn out.

But yes, they are definitely spending big amounts of cash to create future profit for investors!
Pedrone Premium
Hi Nathaniell,
certainly, it makes a great deal of sense all that you have written,
and like in every other business or matters that we are building is required some money investment to start, to maintain and to progress futher and even faster toward the goal,

thank you for sharing with us this money buying strategy, I like it!

have a good day
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Pietro!
Pedrone Premium
You are welcome!
Hey Nathaniell,

Yes, I am investing in my business.

However, traffic is still low.

I am here for 10 months and I should be doing much better.

Do you have any tips?

nathaniell Premium
There are many resources here that can help you narrow down your traffic problems Maxine!
RKingsley Premium
Excellent post.

I also find investments in tools to be worthwhile, IF they make money (for example, autoresponders)
nathaniell Premium
IF they make money is right! Tough to predict what's going to happen though.
seodoc26 Premium
Great way to look at this business. You break it right down. Thanks Nathaniell.
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Brian!
Andrew888 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree that it is a lot more time efficient to do what you are good at and love doing, and pay money to others whose business it is to do the things that we cannot yet do or are not interested in.
nathaniell Premium
I certainly am not going to learn how to code at this point, especially when I only use the skill from time to time. I used to know GIMP really well, but fell out of practice, so that was a lot of time learning something that ended up not being that useful.
roydio Premium
The biggest thing to break through, is the persistence of staying the course, no matter what you are doing. That is also the hardest thing to do, be consistent every day, not just once in a while. Thank you Nathaniell. Roy
nathaniell Premium
Consistency is key! It's tough, but an important part of success in the business world.
LuigiCappel Premium
I agree, there are lots of things that I don't know how to do or which are just really time consuming.
I have paid people to design book covers and format my books into Kindle. I pay REV to put text under my videos for YouTube. It costs $1 a minute of video. Last time i did it myself it took me almost 2 hours to get it exactly right. Won't be doing that again.

Personally I really enjoy writing content. It's not a chore and when people read my content on my site, I am trying to develop a relationship and trust, so it's good that it comes from me. But then if it wasn't a strong point for me I would happily pay someone else to do it:)
nathaniell Premium
Haha. I have been in the same situations where something costs me hours and hours, but I can pay someone else to do it faster and better. That's when outsourcing makes sense!
CandP Premium
Always love reading you, Nathaniell. Really like the analogy of thinking of dollars as employees for your business.
We are investing in good quality items for doing YouTube videos which we are starting soon. We have had several brick and mortar businesses so we know that you need to invest now for return in the future.
Thanks for an excellent post. You always motivate us.
Colette and Philip
nathaniell Premium
I'll bet your YouTube stuff is really going to work out. There's so much opportunity there!
Vickic3 Premium
I sure am Nathaniell and loving it as well
Traffic has tripled in the past week
Go well
nathaniell Premium
Tripled?! Wow. That's amazing!
Vickic3 Premium
I know right!!
I am so excited Nathaniell and thanks for all your support with your great posts my friend
bonzo124 Premium
Nice post, I like your ideas! I already invest money in premiun plugins and themes but I have not outsourced my content yet.

These days I consider investing on websites. Your thoughts on that?
nathaniell Premium
I love the idea of investing in websites, and plan to do so. I haven't found one I really liked yet though, and even if I did, I need to save a bit of money for the tier of website I'd like to get.
Luke Jr Premium
Hi. Where do you get Pinterest images and infographics from?