Home Gym Affiliate Research & Website Rough Draft

Last Update: April 30, 2020

Continuing with my series about home gyms, I wanted to highlight some interesting keywords I found on a variety of home gym related typics.

    There are many excellent opportunities and even if every single person in Wealthy Affliate decided to build a home gym affiliate website, it would still not be "saturated".

    Home Gym Low Competition Keywords

    Keyword Series Potential

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about the series method of blogging I frequently use to discover keywords which are not found in keyword tools (or show low potential).

    If I were to start a home gym website, here's some series of ideas I would explore.

    *typos have been fixed!

    Best [Type] Protein Powder Reviews

    • best pea protein powder
    • best Hemp Protein powder
    • best Pumpkin Seed Protein powder
    • best Brown Rice Protein powder
    • best Soy Protein powder
    • best Sunflower Seed Protein powder
    • best Sacha Inchi Protein powder
    • best Chia Protein powder
    • best flavor of whey protein powder
    • best chocolate protein powder flavors

    Best Bodyweight Exercises For [Muscle Group]

    • best bodyweight exercises for big bicepts
    • best bodyweight exercises for ripped abs
    • best bodyweight exercises for a tricepts
    • best bodyweight exercises for a strong back
    • best bodyweight exercises for a wide chest

    10 Home Excercises For [Gym Equipment] At Home

    • 10 excercises you can do with a bench at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with a squat rack at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with a power cage at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with kettlebells at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with a dumbells at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with a pullup bar at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with just a couch at home
    • 10 excercises you can do with your door frame at at home

    Home Gym Website Rough Draft Plan

    When deciding on what to call your home gym website, you can go with a kewyord-focused domain name like bodyweightexercisesforhome.com, or you can go with a branded domain name like rippedathome.com. Either one works.

    Since fitness is such a popular topic, you may run into a lot of walls when it comes to finding a good domain name for your website. Here's some tricks you can use to to get just about any brand you want though.

    How would I plan out a home gym website at this point? Pretty much exactly how the Wealthy Affiliate training shows you.

    In the diagram above, the Subtopics would be my main "pillar" or "cornerstone" pages. Then, following each topic, I'd do keyword and topic research to find:

    • affiliate products to reviews
    • individual low competition kewyords I think would be good to rank for
    • series of kewyords I could go through one by one to cover a topic extensively

    I've given examples of both styles of kewyord planning above, but they are just the topic of the iceberg of what's available out there.

    In the next post I'm going to highlight some of my favorite home gym affiliate programs you could potentially promote to earn money with your website!

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    JeannineC Premium
    The topics sound okay, but don't use those as titles, as they all sound like keywords rather than a conversation which would invite someone in. I would not trust a site which had every article beginning with "best xxxx". I'd feel like you were manipulating your content just to try to sell me something. I would not feel like you were my friend, trying to help me by answering my questions.

    Remember, write for your reader, not for Google. Google will never, ever buy anything from you.
    nathaniell Premium
    I completely disagree Jeannine!

    Most people probably wouldn't be going through a list of their blog posts though. They'll be searching in Google, and will only see one article at a time.

    Also, if you see someone who has clearly investigated ALL of those types of protein, or ALL of those types of exercises, I think that can show expertise, persistence, and authority.

    I think most of those titles would be great for blog post titles (assuming they are grammatically correct), but of course, adding a bit of interest and twists helps create uniqueness as you say. Trouble is, you only have so many characters you can fit in a SERPs title.
    DianneBee Premium
    This really puzzles me. Another WA member posted a few times about "10 best" sites and he has gotten excellent results.
    JeannineC Premium
    Yeah, those individual posts can work well, but don't make every post a top 10 unless that's the theme of your whole site.
    JeannineC Premium
    If people like your content, they will check out what else you have. I would never click on an article called "10 exercises home you can do with a bench." It sounds like it's been written by someone who doesn't speak English as their first language. At a subconscious level it is less trusted; that's why running posts through something like Grammarly is so important. I would read "10 exercises you can do at home with a bench" or "10 exercises you can do with a bench at home". Those sound like you are talking to me like a friend, rather than talking to Google for rankings first.
    nathaniell Premium
    That was a typo. I'll fix that. I didn't realize that's what you were noticing :)
    zydegeaux Premium
    Well thought out plan. I wouldn't use either domain name. One is too long and the other it doesn't say how much but it's a great name so could be expensive.

    I'm going to register an new domain to more accurately represent what my site is about. First one I thought of was available - for $4500. I played around trying different names and hit on one for regular price that is just as good as the $4500 domain. Same number of letters and syllables dot com and conveys the same message.
    nathaniell Premium
    A domain name for $14 is just as good as one for $4500, especially in affiliate marketing. Glad to hear you didn't dump that much money into a domain Neil!
    zydegeaux Premium
    I wouldn't have. I'm not Mark Cuban. He paid $500,000 for democracy.com
    Eiramarie Premium
    Wow incredibly good information. Many thanks!
    nathaniell Premium
    Thank you for reading Marie-chantal!
    anjumshahlla Premium
    It's really helpful. Is this your niche or it is an example to help us all?
    Thank you.

    Love and best wishes,
    nathaniell Premium
    This is not my niche. Just a niche I think is super interesting, and one that I would do if I had the time!
    anjumshahlla Premium
    That's great. Thank you.
    anjumshahlla Premium
    I think this post can be used as a template to work with any niche. Thank you so much. You are a good guide!
    SGerhart Premium
    Great info
    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and efforts.