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Last Update: May 04, 2020

There are two ways that I do research to monetize my affiliate websites.

1. Do affiliate program research before you build the website, then structure your content around those affiliate programs

2. Build your website first, then find affiliate programs relevant to the content you're creating.

I like to do a mix of both. I'll do some initial research beforehand, but since an authority website is always growing, I know I will discover many new affiliate programs down the road anyway.

I've been talking about home gym affiliate websites a lot this month. I think it's a great opportunity. Even if you don't go into the home gym niche, you can still think about how my comments about home gym applies to YOUR niche.

One affiliate program recently paid me $15,070, and it was for a product which was not super-related to my original niche idea. Just a cool affiliate program I found two years after building my niche website.

There TONS of affiliate opportunities. You can't envision every single one, every single step of the way. Opporotunities will open up as your site grows.

So whether you are just starting to build a website in the home gym niche now, and are looking for potential affiliate products to promote, or you have an established website and are looking to add a new revenue stream to your site, I think these home gym affiliate programs have a lot of potential for making reliable income.

These are just the ones I found that I liked! There are hundreds more gym affiliate programs out there.

1. Rep Fitness

I like the Rep Fitness has "home gym packages", which makes choosing the necessary equipment easy. For someone who doesn't want to spend hours finding the perfect setup, this is an easy sell. Plus, the equipment comes with a very cool aesthetic.

2. Horizon Fitness

I was really looking for a Peleton affiliate program, but it looks like they don't have one. Horizon also makes good cardio equipment though, and they have bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals available.

8% commission on average orders of over $800 is not bad. That's almost $100 per sale. Treadmills sell for almost $2,000, and now you can stream cardio classes live. These aren't your dad's treadmills!

3. Man Flow Yoga

This yoga affiliate program gets a feature here because it's funny, but true. It's a good example of how a niche can be something normal, but for "men" or for "women", and then suddenly it's a different niche audience.

Apparently, yoga is just too girly for men. LOL. Their slogan is "Yoga for Fitness – Not-Spiritual."

Haha. Not-Spirtual. Period.

They've got awesome courses like GuyYoga. Bulletproof Your Knees. Yoga Beast. Cool, right? Whatever you think about the branding, it looks like they've been featured in a lot of places, so definitely have a strong target audience in mind.

Their affiliate programs is actually pretty awesome.

  • Lifetime cookies
  • Recurring commissions
  • Affiliate resources
  • Variety of online courses
  • Dedicated community

MORE Home Gym & Fitness Affiliate Programs

Of course, these are not the only good home gym affiliate programs available. Once you have a more focused niche in mind, you can then research affliate programs specific to your audience.

For example, if you go with yoga for men as your niche, you can then research yoga affiliate programs. If you go with complete home garage gyms as your niche, then you could also swamp cooler affiliate programs since you'll have to cool down your garage in the summer!

Lastly, being in the home fitness industry is a great way for you to benefit as well. Saying fit and healthy is a great goal that many of us fall short on. As you dig deeper into your website to learn more, you will slowly become an expert at what you do.

Why not become an expert at something that's good for you?

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bestleads Premium
I read an article where it states that China is seeking selling to their country friendly buyers. Such as Spain and Italy and some South American countries.

It informs that United States and Canada are not friendly for them.

Would US buyers have any problems buying from China?

What experience have you, as a US buyer, with China suppliers?
Hackerist Premium
I guess your question is not related to this post. I suggest posting that as a question rather than a comment here.
ChrystopherJ Premium
You don't need to ask the same question 3 times, if it is relevant, you will get an answer, but to me, it just looks spammy!
bestleads Premium
Since the post is about affiliate programs, although in relation to gyms, I thought that people involved would know something about any of the points I address.
bestleads Premium
Another hot seller these days are covid19 products. Specially, face masks.

I have been looking for a reliable supplier of face shield masks.

Did a Google search for wholesalers. There are thousands. Most from China. Many are promoted as direct manufacturers.

The thing is that with the huge demand there has been a great rise of scams, fake manufacturers and suppliers, specially from China. Brokers posing as manufacturers.

Even governments have been scammed.

One of the great rip offs was suffered by Spain. The govenment bought mllions of dollars in covid19 tests. They turn to be worthless.

I looked at Alibaba. There are several wholesalers and manufacturers. Offers are extremely low. Face shields that are sold here for $8.00 offered for 39 cents ($0.39) in bulk. With free shipping.

There are offers for 3 cents ($0.03), but shipping is over $2,000.00. Not really an offer.

I have seen reviews on Alibaba, some good some bad.

Have any one of you any good or bad experiences with Alibaba, specially, from China suppliers, and more specially, buying in bulk?
Hackerist Premium
Please read my reply to your previous question.
ChrystopherJ Premium
You don't need to ask the same question 3 times, if it is relevant, you will get an answer, but to me, it just looks spammy!
bestleads Premium
I didn't noticed I had asked three times.

I consider Nathaniell an affiliate marketer expert. I am a frequent visitor to his website.

I have been ripped off so many times as a buyer and even as an affiliate that now I do the best I can to find legitimate and honest affiliate programs.

When I see a post in WA about affiliate marketing I read it, looking at what other marketers have experienced.

One of the questions here is about China accepting US buyers. I live in an US jurisdiction. And the other is about Alibaba suppliers.

Thank you for your patience with me.
basilty Premium
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for a great post you usually post.
But i want to mention something, im in home gym fitness niche since around 1 year, to be honest, it's not easy to make conversions, also their is a lot of competitors, almost near to MMO, you need to spend few hours daily to earn few bucks.

Since a while im trying to find another niche, with less competitors, and better conversion, still not sure, can you pls. suggest something!

dagrinsonis Premium
Great article. Just curious, what was the program that paid that $15,000 commission and what was the product the customer purchased?
nathaniell Premium
It was many product purchases over the month, not just a single product sale! The price point was about $200, and my commission was $50 per sale.
Cfisher80 Premium
Thanks for sharing great post 👍