From $3k to $12k to $42k to $126k. Is This Even Possible?

Last Update: Dec 28, 2020

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Wouldn't it be crazy to earn $126,000 per month from a website? Although that number seems incredibly insane, I guess 10 years of affiliate blogging has made me an insane person, so I think it might be a realistic possiblity at this point, and I'll show you why.

Just by coincidence, I started tracking the earnings of one of my websites on a biennial basis (every 2 years) during the month of December, when earnings peak.

The first year I shared the earnings, it earned $3,000 during December 2016. Two years later, that same website earned $12,000 in December 2018.

This year, that same website earned a whopping, and unbelievable $42,000+ (4 days left in the month).

For those counting:

  • 3 x 4 = 12 (2018)
  • 12 x 3.5 = 42 (2020)
  • 42 x 3 = 126 (2022)

A lot can happen between now and 2022, and I'll admit, it would be pretty idealistic conditions to continue this rate of growth, but why not? My website gets a tiny fraction of traffic compared to some of the bigger sites in my niche get, so the traffic isn't the issue.

There are tons of affiliate programs and products to review as well, and I don't have an email list, and I don't have any social accounts, so there's no impediment to increasing my affiliate sales either.

Honestly, $126,000 per month is not something I would have considered possible, even just a few years go. It seems crazy. But I keep going back to this idea of WHY NOT.

More people are shopping online. More people are selling stuff online. What Wealthy Affiliate teaches OBVIOUSLY WORKS. There's no reason why you can't earn $100,000+ per month from your website.

Keep in mind this website was started in 2015. That's 5 years ago. 5 Years of keyword research. 5 years of blogging. 5 years of Google Analytics. A lot of work went into this website. I've also been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 10 years, so a lot of knowledge went into this website too.

That being said, you have the same tools available as me. You are a Wealthy Affiliate member. You have the training. You have the tools. You have the support. You can do this.

Speaking of training and tools, on Jan 11 I'll be launching a new class series called Easy To Follow And Effective Article Templates where I share 5 different types of templates I use in all my blogs, including the one featured above. This class will be available to Premium Plus members, and each new session will launch on a Monday at 5PM Pacific starting Jan 11.

Hope to see you there!

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So thankful to you Nathaniell I am following all your emails and learning many things which otherwise I was confused about though I am in the training and at the same time am trying to improve in what I do ,a big thanks again, you are doing a great job for people like us, god bless.

Thank you for this confirmation Nathaniell that a site can still be successful without social media presence.

i just started the level 4 lesson on social media and my head was already hurting on figuring out how to set up pinterest and twitter.:)

this article is definitely a reminder for me to focus on writing quality contents than focusing on social media.

I am so glad to see you don't really use social media or email lists! I don't either. I feel like there is more to do that I can keep up with just focusing on organic search traffic (especially since I still have a "regular" job). I have tried Facebook, Twitter and many more and I never get the return on investment of my time on social media that I get from just focusing on content with great long tail keywords and organic traffic!

It is great to see someone doing so well who is also focusing on content and organic results!

Thank you!



I totally agree, Jessica!

Although I do have a SM presence for my businesses, it is not what occupies my time.

Nathaniell is my WA Sponsor and mentor and I follow his lead.
Good quality, consistent content.


Wow, Nathaniell! This is a very encouraging read!!! Thank you so much for sharing.
I shall be on the lookout for your training (along with 2 million other members - no pressure, lol!). Really, I can't wait.
I am amazed that you do not have an email list or social accounts linked with this website. Is that part of a strategy?
Look forward to your response.

Nathaniell, you're so awesome! I've been a silent but a consistent follower of yours. I've learned so much from you and love the genuine and authentic way you help people.

I think nothing is out of reach online if you truly put your mind and effort into it and as I also slowly start seeing the results, this kind of posts certainly motivates me to keep pushing higher.

Very well said, Parmi!

Nathaniell is awesome!


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