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Last Update: July 15, 2019

After Wealthy Affiliate added free SSL to the long list of things included with their membership, I removed all my domain names from Godaddy. I still have a few at Namecheap. They've been there a while and I did the whole SSL deal there so I'll just leave them for now.

But the process of moving domains and installing SSL on my websites made me realize how much WA offers for FREE, that you have to pay for in other places. If you've never hosted anywhere else or used another registrar, you might not realize that they are free in WA, but you have to pay for them with other services.

So I wanted to make a post outlining these freebies and how much they cost at other places.

Unlimited Email

You can create as many email addresses and forwards. You can check your email via the webmail app, or as, recommended, forward to a Gmail account and manage email from there.

Namecheap (Registrar)

  • 1 email address = $10 per year
  • 10 email addresses (1 inbox) $30 per year
  • 3-10 GB storage limit

Godaddy (Registrar)

  • unlimited email address = $5 per month ($60/year)
  • limited to 5GB Storage
  • 50GB Storage = $8 per month
  • Upsells for Encryption (+$5/mo), Archiving (+$5/mo)

Both of these services have a "forwarding" option if you don't want to pay for email. But that means you have to use their own DNS, meaning you have to host with them. You only get one forward per domain.

Wix (Host + Website Builder)

  • $5/month Hosting limited to 500MB Storage (insanely low) 1GB Bandwidth
  • "Recommended" plan = $14 per month
  • No Email Included!
  • 1 Email Address Through GSuite = $5-$10 per month

Note: Some other hosts do provide free email, but limit storage to a few gigabytes. If you're running 10 websites, it fills up quickly.

SSL Certificates

SSL is the HTTPS part of your domain name. At other registrars and hosts, this costs money. Here's, it's free through SiteSSL. Installing your certificate is instant unlike with other hosts, which require you generate a certificate, connect it, and reverify every year.

This is a nervewracking process your first time around. I've done it. For complete newbies - I would guess near impossible. Easy SSL installation is another bonus of being a WA member.


  • 1 domain = $9 - $60 per year
  • Must Install SSL By Yourself


  • 1 domain = $56 pear year
  • Must Install SSL By Yourself

I still think it's pretty crazy that WA offers free SSL certificates. I don't know of any other host that does that.

WordPress Optimized Hosting Package (Multiple Websites)

Many hosts do offer "shared hosting" packages that are quite cheap, like $5-$10 per month. Keep in mind, those packages are often severely limited in bandwidth and storage space.

Sometimes, they may label them as "unlimited", but are often not truly unlimited. Though they may not limit the storage space, they will put other limitations on them. I ran into an "inode" limit, meaning the number of files I stored (not the size).

Back in 2010 I started paying Fatcow about $3 per month. Upon renewal, it was something like $15 per month. Out of frustration, I switched to Godaddy and was paying about $10 per month. When I hit the inode limit, I upgraded to about $20 per month. After 3 years of running into various issues with bandwidth and storage space, I was paying $60 per month!

Other, higher quality hosts cost way, way more, and you only get to host ONE website. Here are two examples.


  • 1 website: $29/month
  • 10 websites: $99/month
  • 25 websites: $249/month


  • 1 website: $30/month (20,000 visits / 5 GB disk space limit)
  • 20 websites: $300/month (400,000 visits / 30 GB disk space limit)

Note: The 10-website plan with WP Engine limits you do 100,000 visits per month, which is kind of crazy. Just 1000 visits per day is already 60k visits per month! If you have two websites that get 1k visits per month, you would automatically have to pay about $100 per month for hosting alone.

Note 2: These are very good hosts that specialize in WordPress hosting. They cost a lot of money, but are very good. However, Wealthy Affiliate also specializes in WordPress hosting and the hosting is completely free with your membership.

Spam Filter

There are many free spam filters out there. One of the most popular, Aksimet, recently stopped being free though. This is a risk for any spam filter that gets popular!


  • $5 per month, per website!!


Website security is included with any typical host, but WA goes above and beyond with their proprietary security features. The truth is, I don't really understand the inner workings of WA security. However, I do know that many people pay for added layers of security.

One such service is called Securi. I was hacked a few years ago while hosting on Hostgator, so I signed up for this service. It was great, but pricey.

  • Securi Basic: $200/year
  • Securit Pro: $300/year

Keyword Tool

You should be pretty familiar with the Jaaxy keyword tool! But many people have to pay for theirs!

  • Longtail Pro: $25/month
  • SEMRush: $99/month
  • Ahrefs: $99/month
  • Moz: $99/month

These tools all provide different data and perks, so the price is justified for many of them. They are not a direct comparison to the WA keyword tool! But I just wanted to show you how much other companies are charging for keyword research tools.

Plus, if you look closely, tools like Longtail Pro limit the number of keywords you can get each month!

Image Optimization

There are some free image optimization plugins and tools out there, but the best ones cost money. Why? Optimizing images requires resources, and when hundreds of thousands of blogs are using your resources, you need money to run your business.

The Price Of Running Your Business

Right now, the total cost of running your online business is $49/month + $14/year (domain).

If you're a Yearly, then the cost of your business per month is only about $30.

If you were to use the tools I've listed on this page, that price would balloon to over $300+ per month.

Once you factor in that you are essentially part of an online entrepreneur forum where you can learn how to run your business and get help with your business, Wealthy Affiliate seems even more valuable.

Even if you were paying $300 per month for all those other services, you would still have to pay for online classes or even more for an expert to mentor you!

If a friend told you they learned how to run a business and were handed all the tools they needed under one roof for $30 per month there's no way you'd believe them, but that's exactly what you get with Wealthy Affiliate!

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JoshuaHorton Premium

I absolutely love this post. I wanted to say thank you so much for all this information in one spot. You have actually answered a lot of questions that I had brewing in the back of my mind and made this a clear no brainer for me. (Hopefully anyone else that has seen this as well.)

I appreciate you taking the time to do these comparison's to show the ABSOLUTE value packed package that is Wealthy Affiliate! So grateful to have found this community of like minded entrepreneurs. I will do my best to give to this community like you have done here.

Thanks again,

Joshua Horton
ShirleyAnne Premium
Thanks for all this information. As a newbie I appreciate hearing from an experienced WA member on how and why you are impressed with this site!!
learn2bgreat Premium
You're absolutely right, Nathaniell. I've been looking around for a good web host for a few years. When I found WA and actually learned how valuable a premium membership here is, even excluding the community, support, and training, I couldn't believe it.

This is literally the best web host for starting an online business, but people don't see it.
Marlene2 Premium
I am still in the learning stage so I am grateful for this lesson.
JohnMks Premium
This is why experienced internet marketers join WA also I guess and not only beginners.
ownonlboss Premium
Hi Nathaniell and Dave!

I agree fully to both of your posts.

What WA offers is fantastic and more. I really didn't do much research into WA before I joined them. I just read Nathaniell's site and recommendations. Normally I wouldn't quickly join something like that, but I tell you why I joined it.

I got loads of experience with webhosting. I used to have a business in webhosting myself. So I do know all the inns and outs of hosting and SSL. I also know all the inns and outs of security, backup and email.

It is an entire package of problems you can run into if you do everything by yourself. And it costs tremendously. I have still some VPS's running, but they are more meant for web development on a different level (coldfusion, php, databases etc).

So yeah.. when I joined WA I wasn't quite sure if it was scam or not. And I just jumped into the deal, for only one main reason: It would give me 25 hostings included and on top of the already fantastic course material. At the price that I got in here at WA, it was a no-brainer for the offered support, websites, free SSL, security AND backup.

And well Dave, that what you got there from SiteGround sounds also amazing and fantastic. Right now I will keep myself here at WA. If I would need more than 25 sites, I would probably get another WA account.

But if one of my sites would explode in visitors I would definitely consider going into another (unless WA makes an option for SuperPremium IM's). Because speed and visitors/bandthwidth is going up incrementally when you get a good and popular running website in the end.

And I believe WA is shared hosting and therefore can experience some form of load balancing issues at times, even though they are expert in managing it (way better than free hosts for that matter).

Shalini1234 Premium
Very interesting and informative! Thank you Nathaniel.
kathyuk Premium
I'm brand new, so this is really good info - thank you.
leitah Premium
Excellent information. Thanks for providing this breakdown.
adreyna Premium
This is great to know - thanks!
Belden Premium
Totally agree. Wealthy Affiliate is the best.
CWhiteley Premium
This is a great blog post Nathaniell!
NemiraB Premium
Yes and yes, I feel it that WA is great because without anything to brag about I want to be here till the real success will show up:)
Chrissies Premium
I totally agree Nathaniell, WA is incomparable!! :)
Bimby Premium
Very informative. Thanks
Cindy624 Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. This is very helpful.

mrbill6771 Premium
Sometimes we don't realize how much Kyle and Carson provide for us at no cost! Thanks, Nathaniel

dembler Premium
Thank you for listing this out!!! WA is the best all around
johnwnewman Premium
Awesome Nathaniell! Thanks :-)
EddySalomon Premium
I was just talking to Kyle about how we need to do a better job of showing all the benefits of having a WA membership provides outsider the training. Because I've run into a few members that think by moving their sites to these cheaper options they're actually doing themselves a favor. But you've done an an awesome job of laying out all the great things included in WA that folks will miss by trying to save a few bucks.

I'll be bookmarking and referring people to this anytime I hear folks doing this. Great job!!!
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Eddy...

Hosting your websites here is not a bad option at all, but there is one better that I have found if you are doing e-commerce...I added a comment below on the subject and an explanation...

Other than that, I think you are spot on - this post and discussion can be used as a testimonial to show potential referrals succinctly what they get in ADDITION to the training...

Dave : )
I-Pedro-I Premium
Great article Nathaniell.

Wealthy affiliate it's undoubtfully a great value for the money!

Cheers m8
Ivine Premium
Hi Nathaniell, thanks for the info. Irv.
Loes Premium
Wow, I didn't realize it cost that much, we sure are lucky to host at WA, thanks for your info Nathaniell. I think I am going to use a link to this on my WA review.
iscool78 Premium
Thanks for the breaking down this info for us, Nathaniel.

It really shows why WA is the most complete platform right now.

Thanks you have assisted me to learn more since I have never tried else where, I only know WA
DKretzman Premium
Awesome and very informing post. Thank you for posting. Donna
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for sharing information.
mickeyb123 Premium
For all of those reasons and a few intangible ones, I figured out that WA was the answer!

AlexEvans Premium
The benefits of WA are many the thing that means the most for me is that they are under one roof it is such a time saver and the added advantage is that the platform just keeps evolving and introducing new aspects that just keep making our individual journeys so much easier, the big thing is to keep focused on our outcomes. Great post thank you for sharing your thoughts much appreciated.
RoyMolyneux Premium
Yes, we certainly have so many benefits for such a small monthly cost. Thanks Kyle and Carson.
Catwoman1459 Premium
This is some great information and would be good to add it to your WA niche site as another way to promote WA. This shows people how beneficial the membership is and how much they can actually save here.
ChrisGoralsk Premium
Thanks Nathaniel,

Premium membership at WA is a no brainer.

Thanks Kyle and Carson for building what we have here. There really isn't anything like it, anywhere. Keep up the great work!

MKearns Premium
I could sit down and write over 100 benefits and not so obvious benefits of WA Nathaniel!
petervcrisp Premium
Thanks for the information . Always great and informative
JuliaDee Premium
I knew WA is rocking!!!
PatsyC Premium
Interesting, thanks for sharing. We have it made here :)
MozMary Premium
Did you have to pay fees to move your domain names/websites to WA from godaddy?
DKretzman Premium
Good question? Did you get the answer on your question? Im curious also..... Donna
MozMary Premium
No answer, ...yet!
DKretzman Premium
I will try to find out the answer to that because I would like to know also for future reference. Donna
nathaniell Premium
Sorry, been gone for the weekend.

No fees to move the site to WA, but keep in mind that if you move your domain registrar you have to renew the domain for a year, even if your current year isn't up.

WA will move one website for free (support will help). There are various tutorials in WA to help you move the rest.
CrRat Premium
Good stuff Nathaniell.
minitrio Premium
Thanks for sharing :)