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Last Update: Jul 4, 2018

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I don't feel too happy when the technology is not working as expected.

I am trying to access my site for several days and no success so far...

It is not a problem on my side since all other stuff is working perfectly.

I know what advice I will get from the support team - I have implemented it already.

I agree things can go wrong but this time it lasts for too long...

Still hoping that things will be resolved.

Wishing all a great day ahead.

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Hi, Nadja, I am glad you solved the problem

Did it solve?

YEES... I did... Sometimes, it takes time... to think and analyze what is the real reason.

Have same problem... doing nothing all slows dowN... and have to redo everything to speeed up... very tiring... bug here i am afraid... never had that before. It erases what i do after a while...

I have noticed quite unstable performance after on WP side recently.

Yes... true
Typical for worspress wIth updates and upgrades, plugins and themes... big bugs


I hope the problems has been solved. Please let us know.

Yes... it is resolved... thank you for the following up.
I had to do some adjustments on my site...


I know the frustration-been there. hope the problem is solved soon

Thank you... I hope it will be solved today...

My heart goes out to you. I find technical problems very stressful. You feel so powerless when you have already tried everything that has been suggested. It might be a good idea to send a private message to Carson.

Thank you for the advice... I decided to wait for few hours and then I have to contact Kyle or Carson.
Appreciate your attention to my problem.

I have checked with my local provider... It is fine... Let see what will be happening after few hours

There were a few of us that weren't able to get into our sites Monday I believe it was.
SiteSupport had to fix the issue for us. There wasn't anything we could do. It was up to them.
I hope it gets resolved for you my friend.
Lee Ann

Thank you for the reply... If my site stays unaccessible till the end of today, I will be contacting them.
Thank you again.

As Lee says, I was onme who couldn't get in, but it was resolved within minutes, if not seconds : 0

Thar sounds yuk!

Had it too, happened to be plugin (and sometimes theme)
Did you make major changes before it happened?

No major changes...Actually, I wanted to edit my latest post...

Ok... lee Ann pointed at others wIth same problem.
I had it lately too with posting... but was solved wIth just a refresh in site mnager

Probably cache stuff

Strange it did not solve.

yes, I have done all this... no result

Have you tried to access outside wa, that is your login panel?

Contact your provider, and ask to check your line
Once had it and it was my box that needed replcement

All my sites are running ok... check your side...

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