Hit My First $100 a day

Last Update: August 24, 2018

My site has been coming along nicely over the last 3 months and today i hit my first $100/day. And best of all i did not even do anything today (bit lazy).

But it's all about doing the work now and seeing results later especially with SEO/affiliate marketing.

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Tiimm Premium
Put in the work and the it will pay off in the end!
Good job buddy!
Stella2 Premium
That's awesome, congrats to you, and here's to many more of those days! :-)
keishalina Premium
Wonderful! ... :)
littlemama Premium Plus
That's awesome!! Congrats!
btwilkins Premium
Congrats! How many posts do you have up? Has it been a gradual rise or a sudden breakthrough?
Mubs1 Premium
It's been a gradual rise, i started pumping out 2-3 posts per week and the blog has just steadily increased in traffic since June. I have 50 posts on my site at the moment.

The breakthrough is that some of my review posts are on page 1 of google, but they tend to move up and down the Serps quite regularly which is annoying.
btwilkins Premium
Oh really? That's encouraging to hear. I have 41 posts on one site and around 14 on the other, but I don't feel anywhere near $100 a day.

I post every day so hopefully I should start seeing some results soon.

Thanks for getting back to me.