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August 24, 2018
My site has been coming along nicely over the last 3 months and today i hit my first $100/day. And best of all i did not even do anything today (bit lazy). But it's all about doing the work now and seeing results later especially with SEO/affiliate marketing.
November 28, 2017
So i went into my amazon account today and saw that i made a sale. It's only $3.60 but i feel like i have broken a barrier, it feels so good. Time to keep grinding it out.It was a bit surprising because it was from one of my below par pieces of content. I want to ask is there training on how to look at your amazon reports and see how/what piece of content converted?thanks
September 17, 2017
HI everyoneim deciding to pop in and let everyone know where im at in terms of my journey with WA.I joined a couple of weeks ago and realised straightaway that all the value is in the premium account, no doubt about that. I love the certification course as it easily guides me through what needs doing step by step. It also keeps me focused.I'm currently working on my website which is in the dental hygiene niche. I have made alot of progress with it, created 10 pages so far. Although i think i ne