Helping 'YOU' is Helping Me.but I have to take a break

Last Update: Sep 1, 2017


Looks like my ranking is about to drop off the planet and that's okay too. You see it is more about helping than a number anyway. I love helping when I can but it takes a lot of time reading the feeds and comments for help, keeping up with friend requests and more.

My own blogs are in need of me again. That means if you need some help the best way to get my attention is to PM or ask on my profile page. This is the best way to see you when I am busy in my WP offices. :)

Someone once said to me........You don't make any money with your ranking in WA. I get that, and I more than get that taking care of your own business is most important. After all, isn't that why we are all here? To learn and grow an online business?

I guess my reply has to be, yes, that is correct but remember when you first got here? That day you walked thru the big doors of WA and into the back end where you picked up your 'books & assignments'. Where you paid your dues if that was your route and where you wished like hell you didn't feel like such a dummy!!! Where you didn't feel like you were in over your head and afraid to ask for help for just that reason...the dummy mode!

Yup, been there, done that and that is why helping YOU is helping ME. I am still learning. It doesn't stop..........the learning that is. My main point is I have to Help Me so I can Help You more. That means getting back to business.

I have set new goals which are daily-weekly goals. In order to achieve success those goals are my focus as your goals are. I will jump in when I can, and of course, like I said, send a PM or profile message and I will see your question much faster.

Recent Comments


You have to do what you have to do, Merry. I agree with your words. Best wishes

Thank you, Carol. It really helps to have you and others understanding this.

Thank you for all your help so far. I look forward to your participation even if it is decreased. Have a great day

Oh, thank you, Pablo. Like I said, I love to help and I will continue to be there for others when I can.

Thank you for your help the other day. I appreciate it. I managed to change my web page from your advice x

Thank you, Marie. This always makes it so worthwhile! I truly love to help and will get back on track for sure.

By helping others it makes things sink in with me, it's easier to remember stuff, but first things first, your website is most important

Yes it does, doesn't it Loes. The other is when you are not sure and you type in the search bar and find all kinds of training or tutorials on something! I love it. I love helping, but just need to cut back a tiny bit for now. Did get some great ideas on how to do that too. Thank you for reading and sharing.


Yes, the reason we are all here is to make money, so we need to do the things that accomplish that, directly. That is not being greedy or self-centered, however, it is self-interested and this is the only way to succeed.

Oh, Mickey, you hit it right on the head! Thank you so much.

That's a great analogy, Merry. There may not be financial rewards to helping others, but definite tremendous gain.

All the best in getting back on track with your site, Merry.

Thank you Veronica

Good luck... :)

Thanks, James! I think it is going to be about me re-setting some goals for each day so I am not losing ground again. Got some good ideas to use, so that will help for sure.

Resetting goals as needed is not a bad idea. I do that as well. Having good ideas to use is half the battle won already :)

do what you have to do to build your business that comes first

Thank you Davida

Stamp your helping goals into a regular routine. Assign numbers to their completion to continue the comfort of progression from the ranking system if you need to. Have fun on the journey Merry!

Good idea Michael. Thank you.

I couldn't agree with you more in regard to helping people. I don't make a dime helping people most of the time but it does something to my character and happiness knowing that I was able to help someone where I once struggled.

I try to balance it all by just helping 2 or 3 people a day on here and those are usually the most fulfilling moments of my day. Most of my website posts, music, and videos all stem from me reaching down to pick someone up because once I do that, I feel better about any situation I'm in.

Looks like this comment is turning into a blog, best of luck to you in getting back to business! Love the logic and drive!

Thank you Jaron for 'getting it'. I like the idea of 2 or 3 which could fit right into Michael's idea above. I just found it so hard to stop helping as it is so fulfilling and then 1/2 your day is gone. :) It will all work out and with the suggestions coming in, very soon I think.

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