What is allowed on WA?

Last Update: March 22, 2014

I noticed recently posts about affiliate links.

Kyle and Carson have a specific policy that there is no advertising. Would you have joined WA, if when you logged in, was populated with articles to buy products or services from our affiliate links. No way.

Kyle encourages us to share links on our website to get comments. If you happen to take an interest in the link, fine but it was not intended to be advertising just to get your comments.

Same holds true if someone discovers a new Wordpress pluggin developed by Dr. DJ. Writing an article here at WA and giving link for us to check out info on the pluggin which links back to Dr. DJ's site. I see no problem. You are not promoting but sharing information. If Dr DJ product allows affiliates and you point us back to Ms. Susie's website to get info, then you are marketing to us and that is a no no.

Lets say your grandmother makes these great pies. You have helped grandma build a website to sell her pies. You let us know about the pies here at WA by writing an article and providing a link to her website. That is promoting directly to WA. That is for sure a no no. If you want to let your friends know about it, post it on Google+, Twitter or other social media. No harm there.

My advise is if there is something you want to share that could benefit a person other than the original company or person do it on social media and not on WA.

Let me know if you think of any other possible no no promotions.


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DNTL Premium
Hopefully many will read your blog! There seems to have been a lot of questioning/wondering about this very issue this weekend. Good work giving clear examples.
kellycarpent Premium
As a new person, I have been coming up to speed for about 2 weeks. What I have noticed is, that I have had to stop at different points in the niche program as Kyle has been walking me through it and decide weather or not I need whats been E-mailed to me or Is it part of my class program, does Kyle want me to check it out get involved with it or what. For now all I want is to do is stay on track, finish the program I started and get the website to the bank. Some of the areas I have ventured off to I could have spent some money there. No college or grade school that I can think off would allow advertizing at the door of the classroom. What could be a good Idea if well thought about is to have all the advertizer people show in one area through WA and not bother the student while Under the watchful eye of Carson and Kyle. To answer your question about the ads on site of WA, not cool at all. No.
Trialynn Premium
You are correct. The rules should be followed. Unfortunately, by lack of knowledge, mistake or disregard for the rules, this is done. I hope we can keep it to a minimum, but with so many members, it has to be monitored by all of us!
dja123rd Premium
You are right. I get really turned off when people continually promote something. It makes you feel like it is all about the sale and not really trying to help you.
Melanie1508 Premium
Thanks for the post, Debbie. You are right. I think that you have it mostly covered. I can't think of anything to add. Have a great day!