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March 22, 2014
I noticed recently posts about affiliate links. Kyle and Carson have a specific policy that there is no advertising. Would you have joined WA, if when you logged in, was populated with articles to buy products or services from our affiliate links. No way. Kyle encourages us to share links on our website to get comments. If you happen to take an interest in the link, fine but it was not intended to be advertising just to get your comments. Same holds true if someone discovers a new Wordpress
On March 14, 2014, I marked my first six month as a member of WA. Here is what I have done in these first six months: Completed Bootcamp Affiliate training Built a website to promote WA Referred 395 people through my website Received 56 credits Made two sales Had one reoccurring sale My plan for the next six months: Add two pages or posts to my website each week Tweet my articles Follow organizations on Twitter for small business and entrepreneurs Write articles for small business and entrepre
Photo courtesy of Wiktoria Pawlak/ I have been looking to join online business groups to find like minded people to communicate with and are willing share their successes and provide guidance to new business owners. I did some research for less than an hour and found websites that has groups that you can join. Here are my findings: While I was doing my re
For the last couple of weeks I have been going over my earlier articles on my website and revamping them by adding new information or revising them based on the training and articles by members. This weekend I am going to revise my WA Review. With that in mind, I would like your help. I would like you to comment below concerning your experience with WA. You can be brutally honest. This article will be used in my review of WA. First in your comment tell me how long you have been affiliated w
February 25, 2014
For those new and those not so new here at Wealthy Affiliate this is always an issue, Patience. Patience is very much a virtue when it comes to a business. You need to remember that when you begin your journey on Wealthy Affiliate. You will be provided information to begin an online business. Information overload can be experienced. That that is ok. Businesses take time and lots of patience. Our human nature makes us impatient and then add other factors in our lives and not only are we
January 28, 2014
I have attempted to try Vimeo. I am having no luck and just cancelled my account there. What are my needs? Lessons that I record to post on my website. I am a teacher and want to post videos to students online. Further, I want to be paid a small fee when someone views them. I have lessons ready to be videoed but until I can get over this hill. I am stuck as to where to go. At this time, I have a video ready to post. Does anyone know of how I can go about doing this? Is there another plat
I have been reading WA blog posts these last few weeks. Most blogs have useful information we can all use. But it seems lately there have been some that do not contain the information I would be looking for here at WA. Some blogs are posting a quote. Some have a word or two. Others are incomplete questions or ideas. I realize that sometimes we press a wrong button. You can delete those posts. No harm. Blogging just to blog is not beneficial to the community. When you want to write a
Before Kyle posted his article today, I had begun writing this article. Kyle is stressing being more involved in our community this year. There are several ways to become involved and help others. Here are some helpful and courtesy advise to all of us here at WA. 1. If you like an article/blog that is posted, then click on the Like button. Leave a comment at least to say thank you for sharing. Some of these articles take just as much time to compose as pages/blogs for our websites so feedb
January 03, 2014
I am sure those of us who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate find it difficult to get people to complete their account set ups. This has been a problem that has plagued me for a couple of months. This year I wanted to share what I am doing to encourage everyone to complete their account set up. For each completed account set up I will donate the $1 I receive to charity. People like to give to charity especially when it does not come out of their pocket. My hope is that more people will sign up b
I would like to provide some tips concerning your websites. 1. Writing Content. Some people including myself have lost articles by writing them directly in Wordpress. Our fingers can get the best of us and push the wrong button. Maybe your screen freezes and you had to reboot. I have not been able to find a way to recapture the content so I have to retype the information. The solution to this issue would be to write the content in Word, WordPerfect or other similar platform. Most have a