This week's WA Addictions

Last Update: March 05, 2015

Okay, here is the next set! Enjoy!

When all your children and pets are all named Carson, Kyle, and Jaxxy. - Moz

When there are so many signs you stop numbering them. - Gappleby

When you find yourself replying to a 1:18 AM post at 2:01 AM. - Gappleby

When you post multiple symptoms because one isn't enough. Gappleby

When your eyes are closing, your mind is shutting down, and you can't type, but you keep posting, anyway. - Lindon

When you have 4 hours for your computer to be fixed and you go crazy.- Loes

Your breakfast is always burnt because you have to answer your WA emails first. - Moz

When your fingers automatically type"welcome" without thinking about it. ChristaBelle

When you attempt to start a WA Anonymous club but no one wants a "cure" - Sui_Generis

When you have multiple computers set up so you never have to worry about one computer going down.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and automatically start reading blogs and posting welcome messages

When bad weather and being sick only means more time for WA.

When your family finds you sleepwalking to the computer and logging on to WA

When you find yourself looking for a donut and coffee shop that will deliver.

When you take your computer to the coffee shop so you can keep working.

When you start scheduling appointments around your WA time.

When your Doctor uses private message to talk to you while you're sitting in his office.

When the local fire dept sends you a daily food basket to save them a service call.

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eeohome Premium
I am officially in the club. In a dream I was telling someone how to remember WA. I told whomever " A wealthy philly ate...". That is all I recall of the dream!
Oh, definitely bad weather meant more WA time today when my 5am client cancelled me for this morning. But when I was sick , I was exhausted from ... I won't go into detail. If I had been up to doing WA, I am such a workaholic I would not have stayed home.
HaroldStone Premium
DannyH517 Premium
You are Hilarious!!!!! Get out of my brain! Thanks so much for this blog!
Caraid Premium
I don't think I would want to call my children or pets Jaxxy. Jacksie pronounced the same, is British slang for Butt(US). Don't think Kyle considered British Slang when he thought this one up. ; ) So I tend to just refer to Jaaxy as the keyword tool at home, it saves a lot of embarrassment.

I know what you mean though, I have already set WA as my home page. Shouldn't it really be one of my own sites!
floridajf Premium
Very funny Debbie, WA is addicting for sure :D